The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 25 - Because I’m Cute (3)

Ch.25 Because I’m Cute (3)

Zhou Peiyun’s office was at the end of the hallway. She escorted Su Yaya to the entrance and took out the key to unlock her office door. The manager pulled Su Yaya in before closing the door and locking it. Then, she turned around to look at Su Yaya.

Zhou Peiyun stared at this actress with a confused expression. Su Yaya left her feeling perplexed. ‘Did this woman finally become smart? Does she no longer believe that love is everything? She wanted to work now? Or, President Chen didn’t want her anymore so this was the compensation he had given her for breaking up? But this wasn’t right. President Chen was a very generous person. If they broke up, he wouldn’t just give her a second female lead’s role in a TV show! Could there be other reasons?’

“Tell me. What exactly happened? President Chen really gave you a second female lead’s role in a TV show?” Zhou Peiyun asked.

Su Yaya didn’t know that Zhou Peiyun had thought of that much. She nodded her head and delivered the contract to her. She said, “Sister Zhou, this is my contract. I just got it this morning. You know that I don’t really understand these things, so can you take a look at it for me?”

Zhou Peiyun scrutinized her before taking the contract. She lowered her head to glance at the TV show’s name on the cover and was soon stunned. “This is the drama directed by Zhou Tongguang, called《Flourishing Palace》?”

She flipped through the contract to see that it was really Zhou Tongguang directing this.

Director Zhou Tongguang was an expert at filming historical dramas. The TV shows that he had filmed before all had great ratings. In short, as long as he was part of the TV show, nothing could go wrong.

In this 《Flourishing Palace》which was one of Sheng Shi Entertainment’s important investments, everyone revealed their talents and best abilities in order to obtain one of the roles in this drama. These people were about to fight each other.

From what Zhou Peiyun knew, the female lead of the drama appeared to be the actress who won both the Thousand Flowers Award and Best Actress award, Cheng Yan. The male lead hadn’t been decided yet but there were two potential ones. One was from Starlight Entertainment, Xu Chaoran and the other was the popular celebrity, Yan Junyi. The two had their special talents and were good at acting. Both had the chances to obtain the male lead.

With such a great configuration, Zhou Peiyun was really suspicious as to how Su Yaya obtained this role. She looked at her and asked, “Why would President Chen give you this role?”

Su Yaya laughed and said, “Because I’m cute!”


It would be strange if Zhou Peiyun believed her. She said with a gloomy face, “Be serious. What exactly happened?”

She didn’t believe her words so Su Yaya stopped smiling. She told Zhou Peiyun the truth, “I slept with him.”

Zhou Peiyun was slightly stunned before she reacted. Su Yaya and Chen Xiuqi were in a relationship anyways. Instead of saying that they were a couple, why not say that Chen Xiuqi was Su Yaya’s sugar daddy? It was normal for him to sleep with her.

“Isn’t it a parting gift?” Zhou Peiyun crossed her arms over her chest and asked.

Su Yaya widened her eyes in shock, unable to understand why Zhou Peiyun would say this. She hurriedly shook her head and said, “No, no. How could it be? We’re pretty good together.”

“Really?” Zhou Peiyun confirmed again.

“Of course!”

The moment she finished her words, her phone rang. She opened her bag to take her phone out. Seeing the name on the screen, she smiled happily and waved her phone at Zhou Peiyun. She indicated for her to look at the name on the screen.

She said proudly, “See, President Chen called me.”

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