The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 31 - Hubby, You’re Amazing! (1)

Ch.31 Hubby, You’re Amazing! (1)

Zhou Peiyun originally planned on joining them for dinner, but who would’ve expected her to receive a call along the way; there were some problems with on of her actresses, Xiao Xin. She needed to rush back to the company to take a look. In the end, Wang Wenhao and Su Yaya went to dinner together.

Wang Wenhao brought Su Yaya to a private restaurant. It was located in an unremarkable alley in the flourishing city. The restaurant was interesting and appealing, with tables, chairs, and utensils that all mimicked the ancient styles.

“The dishes in this private restaurant taste very good. I came here a couple of times. Yaya, you’ll know after trying them out. You will definitely like this.”

Naturally, the owner of the private restaurant was acquainted with Wang Wenhao. As Wang Wenhao escorted Su Yaya to the entrance, the owner enthusiastically welcomed them along with his staff. They greeted Wang Wenhao and brought them to the private room behind.

The two sat down and the owner had the waiter bring them tea. They then asked these guests what they wanted to eat. Wang Wenhao passed the menu to Su Yaya and asked for her opinion. “Yaya, what do you want to eat? Order it.”

Su Yaya glanced at the menu and was shocked by the prices. They weren’t eating food. They were basically eating money!

What sort of prices are these? A picked tofu water spinach costs 55 dollars. She could buy a bunch of water spinach at the supermarket for just two dollars. Oh, what else? Minced pork with egg costs 85 dollars. Is the egg a dinosaur egg? And is this minced meat dinosaur meat? Su Yaya continued to flip through the menu, but the prices further behind were even more expensive. She didn’t dare to order any dishes because it was way out of her expectations.

While she was complaining internally about how expensive the dishes were, Wang Wenhao commented, “The food tastes delicious here and the prices are reasonable too. It’s not expensive at all. After having a taste, you’ll discover that the food is worth its price.”

Su Yaya glanced at him. How did he know that she thought the prices were too expensive? Could he read minds?

Wang Wenhao obviously couldn’t read minds. He watched as Su Yaya didn’t order anything so he thought that she didn’t like the dishes because the prices were too cheap. That was why he said this.

Su Yaya clearly misunderstood. But since she sat here, it didn’t look good if she didn’t order so she chose two dishes that she liked. The dishes were slightly cheaper for her.

“Ok.” Su Yaya placed the menu back.

“You’re done?” Wang Wenhao looked at her. “Just order whatever you like. It’s fine if you order a lot.”

Su Yaya laughed and said, “I need to maintain my figure.”

Wang Wenhao observed her and said, “You’re not fat and in fact, you’re quite skinny. You need to eat more.”

“I’m going to film an advertisement tomorrow and I will have to eat a lot of white rabbit candies. I will be gaining weight for sure. In order to look good on camera, I need to restrain myself.” Su Yaya found a very suitable excuse.

That was the truth. Celebrities tried their best to maintain their figures so they would look good in front of the camera. Wang Wenhao understood this so he didn’t force Su Yaya. He ordered a few more dishes himself then handed the menu to the waiter.

While waiting for the dishes, Wang Wenhao and Su Yaya started chatting about their memories. “When we were in elementary school, you were the literature and art committee member and the most beautiful girl. You were great at singing, dancing, and everything else. Everyone liked you. At that time, I sat behind you. Every day, I would look at your ponytail and I would tug on it sometimes. Do you still remember this?”

Su Yaya was speechless.

To speak the truth, she didn’t remember. The original host didn’t leave this portion of the memory for her either. The original host was a beautiful person and there were many people who liked her in school. Some guys were naughty and wanted to attract her attention like tugging on her hair, teasing her, and pulling pranks. There were others who wanted to please her by buying things for her. This happened frequently and there were many who were good to her. She obviously can’t remember everyone and Wang Wenhao was clearly one of the people who she didn’t remember.

Seeing that she didn’t react, Wang Wenhao was a bit upset. “So you really don’t remember this.”

“Ah…I have a bad memory.” Su Yaya found an excuse and said, “You know, almost a decade had passed.”

“Right. After all, I transferred after I finished sixth grade. After separating for so many years, it was normal that you couldn’t remember.” Wang Wenhao said this, wanting to save himself some embarrassment.

The dishes quickly came up. Su Yaya looked at the dishes on the table. It was all the food that she liked. She couldn’t help but be stunned.

“These are all the dishes that you like. Eat more.” Wang Wenhao said.

Meeting his gaze, Su Yaya was a bit frightened. She remembered that she only ordered two dishes and that Wang Wenhao ordered the rest. This meant that he remembered what she liked to eat. He really knows how to flirt with her!

If this man really took her to be elementary classmates, why would he say such ambiguous words to her? Why would he order dishes that she liked? What motives did he have?

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