The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 32 - Hubby, You’re Amazing! (2)

Chapter 32: Hubby, You’re Amazing! (2)

Because she was suspicious of Wang Wenhao, Su Yaya wasn’t at ease while eating. Facing the dishes that she enjoyed eating, she wasn’t able to taste anything in her mouth. She ate a bit of everything then used the excuse that she needed to maintain her figure.

Seeing that she stopped eating, Wang Wenhao didn’t have the appetite to continue eating either. He placed his chopsticks down.

Su Yanyi saw this and hurriedly said, “You can continue to eat. If we don’t finish it, we will be wasting food. I just stopped eating because I need to lose weight.”

They had spent so much money but only ate a bit. They’re really wasting money!

Wang Wenhao laughed and said, “There’s no worries. After all, I ate here a couple of times already. If you can’t finish it, then don’t eat it.”

Ok. Those are wealthy people’s thoughts. Since he had said this, Su Yaya couldn’t really say anything else.

“I want to go back.” Su Yaya felt it was awkward being with Wang Wenhao. It was mainly him. He seemed to have other motives around her but he didn’t state it explicitly. She didn’t think much about it either. It’s safer if she was away from him.

She knew that some men just liked to flirt with women naturally. Maybe he just wanted to tease and play with her, yet she didn’t want to play with him. After all, she had a husband, even if it’s by contract.

She had transmigrated and found a husband beside her, but Chen Xiuqi was scarier than Wang Wenhao. Although Chen Xiuqi may seem warm and harmless when he pampered her, if he were to discover that she made a cuckold, he will definitely skin her alive. The original book talked about the methods he used against the original host. Such methods were enough to make people wish they were dead!

Su Yaya was a coward so didn’t dare to go over her boundaries, nor did she have the courage to. She wanted to stay alive and earn enough money to return to her hometown. That way, she could plant crops and enjoy her time.

When Wang Wenhao heard Su Yaya’s intentions to leave, he offered to bring her back. Su Yaya rejected and said she will be going to her boyfriend’s place.

Wang Wenhao was stunned by this. He slightly squinted his red phoenix eyes and said, “You have a boyfriend?”

“Yes.” Su Yaya answered quickly, her voice clear and pleasant as though speaking of her boyfriend made her happy.

Actually, the boyfriend she was referring to was Chen Xiuqi. Because the original host and Chen Xiuqi had married by contract and didn’t hold a wedding, no one else knew about them except a few important people in the Chen Family. Chen Xiuqi said that if other people asked about them, she was to say that they were a couple which is why Su Yaya had said this. Of course she said this now to get rid of Wang Wenhao so that he would stop flirting with her.

Thankfully, this idea was effective. After Wang Wenhao heard that she had a boyfriend, he wasn’t as enthusiastic. He didn’t persist on bringing her home but he accompanied her out of the private restaurant. The man watched as she got in the car and only when her car disappeared into the distance did he get in his own car.

After Su Yaya arrived home, she was restless at the thought of Wang Wenhao. Thankfully, she was smart enough to say that she had a boyfriend so he knew what was best for him. Half of this had to do with Chen Xiuqi.

When her husband came to mind, she wondered how he was doing in S City. Her original intention was to please Chen Xiuqi and strengthen their relationship, so it was necessary for her to ask how he was. It was also a chance to gain a favorable impression.

Su Yaya decided to call Chen Xiuqi but he didn’t pick up. She thought that he was definitely busy so she stopped calling him and took her clothes in to shower.

Once she came out, she got three missed calls. It was all from Chen Xiuqi. Su Yaya hurriedly called him back.

“Why did you call me?” When the call connected, Chen Xiuqi’s tired voice rang. He seemed to be still busy.

Su Yaya said, “Hubby, I got an advertisement with a pay of 350,000. I’m so happy! I wanted to share my happiness with you.”

Chen Xiuqi chuckled softly. She was so happy at earning such little money and wanted to share this with him. Who knew how many times more money he earned than her? Wouldn’t she end up fainting from happiness?

“Do you know how much money the project I just settled with someone is worth?” Chen Xiuqi asked in his low and deep voice.

“How much?” As expected, Su Yaya asked in curiosity.

Chen Xiuqi laughed since he was in a pretty good mood. He said happily, “More than 3.5 billion.”

Completely stunned at this shocking number, Su Yaya was unable to react for a moment. Then, she started to scream ecstatically. Her delightful voice was filled with admiration for him as she gleefully praised, “Whoa, hubby, you’re amazing! You’re outstanding!”

Chen Xiuqi didn’t think that she was being too talkative when he heard her screaming and yelling through the phone. Instead, he was quite pleased. The fatigue from negotiating this project immediately vanished.


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