The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 33 - She Has Talent for Acting (1)

Chapter 33: She Has Talent for Acting (1)

Su Yaya rested for a day at home and prepared for the white rabbit candy advertisement she had to film tomorrow. She didn’t have a lot of filming experiences. In order to learn, she searched up advertisements filmed by celebrities on the internet, whether it be white rabbit candy, jello, chocolate, or cake, as long as it was related to food. She paid close attention to their actions, expressions, and looks. Afterwards, she tried to mimic them.

However, one must admit that she was great at imitating these celebrities. Her expressions, actions, and gaze were about the same as the others. It could even be said that she did a better job than them.

Su Yaya soon realized that she had a natural talent in acting. Whatever she wanted to act, as long as she tried a couple of times, she was able to replicate it perfectly. She also added in her interpretation so whatever she tried to act, it looked exactly like it.

Su Yaya knew that this didn’t belong to her talent. This was probably an instinct left behind by the original host. She was able to enter the entertainment circle not only because she was beautiful, but also because she had a natural talent in acting. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to obtain the second female lead role in 《Pamper before marriage 》if not for her superb acting that made her stand out under intense competition. After all, she was just an ordinary newbie.

With the original host’s acting talent and Su Yaya’s hard work, after only a day of learning and analyzing, she had a certain preparation and understanding for the white rabbit candy advertisement for tomorrow.

The advertisement time begins filming the next day at ten in the morning. Zhou Peiyun went to pick her up at nine in the morning before driving her over to the filming studio.

By the time they arrived, it wasn’t even ten yet. The other staff members were preparing the site. Zhou Peiyun brought Su Yaya to see the photographer, but who would’ve guessed that Vice President Huang would be there as well.

When Vice President Huang saw them, he looked at the time and smiled insincerely, “You guys came on time.”

“Of course. We need to be on time for work.” Su Yaya replied, indicating that she will take her work seriously. She was always like this. She was the kind of person who worked hard and made sure she did her best in her work without ever resorting to tricks or cutting corners.

Upon hearing her words, Vice President Huang revealed a faint smile. Will she resort to tricks and cut corners or will she not? Will she take her job seriously or not? They’ll find out later.

After they greeted Vice President Huang and the photographer, Zhou Peiyun brought Su Yaya to the dressing room to apply makeup.

Su Yaya had really delicate, soft, and moist skin. Her complexion was tender like a baby’s, without a single flaw. When the makeup artist saw her skin, she praised her endlessly and complimented how soft her skin was.

“Miss Su’s skin is very good. I can’t even see hair on it and it’s very smooth and soft. I am so jealous of you! How do you take care of your skin?”

Su Yaya smiled and said, “Does it count if I am naturally beautiful?”

She said the truth. Her body was naturally beautiful. Although the original host spent a lot of money in taking care of her body, she had a great foundation. That was why she was able to maintain her smooth and delicate skin like a baby’s.

But, in the makeup artist’s ears, she didn’t think that. She felt like she was overly confident but her skin was indeed good. She had the ability to be proud and confident. She couldn’t retort.

The makeup artist believed that this woman was straightforward and cute. So was it good or not for someone like her to enter the entertainment circle?

After quickly applying makeup on her, they proceeded to filming. However, a staff member suddenly ran over and informed Su Yaya that there were problems at the filming studio. A piece of equipment unexpectedly broke so they needed to go and buy a new one. For now, they could only ask her wait patiently.

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