The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 34 - She Has Talent for Acting (2)

Ch.34 She Has Talent for Acting (2)

As she thought of how staff members had their own difficulties and how they were all doing this for their work, Su Yaya decided to wait. After all, she only needed to film this advertisement for today and she didn’t have any other anxious matters.

Su Yaya replied to the staff member, “You guys can go ahead. You don’t need to worry about me. I can wait.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The staff member thanked her and hurriedly left.

The makeup artist had other work to do as well so she left after packing up her makeup box.

There was only Su Yaya left in the dressing room. Zhou Peiyun had not yet finished handling the matter with her artiste, Xiao Xin. The phone call she had received earlier was a bit serious. After informing Su Yaya about it, she hurried over to check out Xiao Xin.

Su Yaya sat in the dressing room by herself. She took out her phone and started to play a game called Fruit Smash, which she had downloaded just yesterday. That night, she won quite a bit of rounds. Of course, it got more and more difficult as the levels increased. She eventually got stuck on level 72, where she tried hard to analyze how to surpass her current level.

Time flew as she played the game. Without paying attention, almost two hours passed. At first, Su Yaya thought she wouldn’t have to wait that long for the staff members, but the time on her phone indicated it was almost one in the afternoon.

Su Yaya had the habit of napping in the afternoon, so she couldn’t help but yawn. But looking at how late it was, she wondered why the staff members didn’t come to call her to film. She put her phone away and walked out of the dressing room to look for a staff member and ask about the situation.

There was no one in the hallway. It was very quiet. As Su Yaya passed a staff room, she heard voices inside, which caused her to stop on her tracks. Just as she was about to knock on the door to inquire, she heard Vice President Huang’s voice from inside. “That Su Yaya doesn’t know the rules at all. I’ll let her see who is in charge today.”

Right after, there was another voice. “But it isn’t suitable to keep her waiting in the dressing room. It’s almost one in the afternoon. If we don’t arrange for her to film, we probably will have to wait until tonight.”

“It’s good that she will film tonight.” Vice President Huang said with a hint of vulgarity in his voice. “We can have her join us for some midnight snacks. After that, we can go to the hotel and rent a room. She has a nice figure and a curvy and smooth butt. Her waist is slender and she looks quite charming. Just looking at her, I can tell that she’s good at serving people. Yesterday, she accompanied Wang Wenhao, so today, it should be my turn.”

Su Yaya, who stood outside the door, had heard their words clearly. She held her phone in her hand and looked at the screen. Afterwards, she smiled and knocked on the door.

“Who is it?”

Su Yaya stood outside and remained silent. She knocked on the door again.

The two people in the room waited a bit but failed to get a response. They turned to each other and Vice President Huang gave the man a meaningful look. The man nodded his head in affirmation and proceeded to open the door.

Su Yaya held her phone outside and leaned against the door. She smiled mockingly at the two men before pressing a button on her cellphone and Vice President Huang’s voice resounded from the recording.

“It’s good that she will film tonight. We can have her join us for some midnight snacks. After that, we can go to the hotel and rent a room…”

“What do you want to do?” Once Vice President Huang heard the recording, his expression changed.

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