The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 35 - She Has Talent for Acting (3)

Ch.35 She Has Talent for Acting (3)

“What do you want to do?” Once Vice President Huang heard the recording, his expression changed. He angrily rushed over, trying to grab Su Yaya’s phone.

She moved a step back and quickly said, “I already sent a copy of the recording to my manager. If you dare to touch me, I promise you that you will end up bankrupt and homeless.”

Vice President Huang who was on the verge of exploding successfully stopped his footsteps after hearing this. He stared at her in an unfriendly way. “What do you want?”

Su Yaya raised her eyebrows. “I should be the one asking Vice President Huang what you want to do. I’m just an artiste and I just want to complete my work and leave after I get paid. Why must you make things difficult for me? You probably don’t want me to send the recording to your wife and President Wang, right?”

“Ok, you’re good.” Vice President Huang clenched his teeth and said. “Film. We’ll film right now. After that, scram after you get your money.”

Su Yaya waved the phone in her hand and she smiled. “Sorry for troubling Vice President Huang then.”

Because Su Yaya had information against him, Vice President Huang didn’t dare to do anything. The filming process was very successful and Su Yaya did an amazing job as well. However, the photographer had high standards. He wasn’t satisfied and had her film again, and then again. She ended up filming this multiple times.

The first time she filmed this, she was quite happy to eat the white rabbit. She had a natural smile and didn’t need to act to portray how delicious the white rabbit tasted.

But after she filmed multiple times, she had eaten too much white rabbit. She tasted the white rabbit in her stomach and in her mouth. It was too greasy. The muscle on her face became stiff from smiling as well. She posed according to the photographer numbly. In order to film the advertisement, she was basically using her acting to support this.

After filming for a few more hours, who knew that the photographer liked the first one the most when they completed filming. He decided to use that one.

Su Yaya complained in her heart. Since the first was good enough, why did she have to film so many times? And he had made her eat so many white rabbits. It was so greasy.

After the filming was complete, Su Yaya chugged down water and finished half a bottle in one gulp. This suppressed the sweetness in her mouth.

Wang Wenhao came at this time. Seeing that the filming was done, he came over to congratulate. Then, he represented the company and gifted her two boxes of white rabbits as gift. This was the usual courtesy so Su Yaya couldn’t reject it either. Although she ate too many white rabbits today, she could bring it home for other people to eat.

Wang Wenhao continued to say, “Let’s go out to eat today and celebrate this.”

Su Yaya rejected politely. “I’m very sorry, I already made an appointment with someone else. It’s also for work.”

Wang Wenhao could tell that she rejected him. He glanced at Su Yaya with his red phoenix eyes and revealed a bitter smile. It’s hard to pursue a beautiful woman. “Then let’s do it another time.”

Su Yaya didn’t reply. She went to chat with the staff members and then said goodbye to Wang Wenhao. Then she got in her car and left.

On the way back, she passed by a supermarket. Su Yaya recalled the empty fridge in her house and stopped the car. After putting on her sunglasses, she got out of the car and went to buy some food and daily items.

When she carried the food to the cashier counter to check out, Su Yaya noticed a finance magazine on the side. The cover had Chen Xiuqi wearing a gray suit with a tie on. He sat on the black leather sofa with folded arms and a look of certainty, just like a business elite. She couldn’t shift her gaze from him.

Feeling touched in her heart, Su Yaya took the magazine and added it to the list of items she was checking out at the counter.

After she got in her car, she took out her phone and messaged Chen Xiuqi. “Hubby, you’re so handsome! Love you.jpg”

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