The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 36 - A Big Surprise (1)

Ch.36 A Big Surprise (1)

Chen Xiuqu didn’t respond to her call, so his phone must be off at this time. At this thought, Su Yaya pursed her lips and gave up.

After driving home, she placed the business magazine and the White Rabbit candies that Wang Wenhao gave her on top of the table. She then organized the food and items she bought from the grocery store, distributing some of the items in the refrigerator and placing others in the kitchen within their designated places. Once she finished, she heard the phone ring.

Su Yaya opened her bag and took out her phone. Upon seeing Chen Xiuqi’s name on the screen, she hurriedly answered it.

“Hubby,” she sweetly called. Her natural way of affectionately calling him showed that she was completely used to Chen Xiuqi. This probably had to do with her natural acting talent.

Chen Xiuqi said, “I just got off the plane so I will be home in about half an hour.”

At his words, Su Yaya replied with surprise, “How are you so quick? Didn’t you say that you won’t be home until tonight?” She thought that he would be returning at 9 or 10 pm in the evening at the latest.

“It’s nighttime now.” Chen Xiuqi laughed and said, “It’s already seven at night.”

Ok. Seven pm was also night time. Chen Xiuqi was right.

“Was the filming successful today?” Chen Xiuqi asked.

“It was pretty good.” Su Yaya responded, not planning on telling him about Vice President Huang. After all, she was done filming it and she had solved the problem. They won’t see each other in the future so it’s best to avoid unnecessary trouble.

The two chatted for a bit. Then, Chen Xiuqi said, “I received your message.”

“Hm,” Su Yaya laughed softly.

“I’m going to hang up now.”

Su Yaya blinked her eyes. Why is he hanging up so quickly? She looked down at the black screen and smiled.

Earlier that afternoon, Su Yaya had eaten too many white rabbits so her stomach now felt greasy. At this moment, she just wanted to drink some porridge.

Su Yaya placed her phone down and walked into the kitchen. She took out the rice she bought and ladled out half a bowl of rice, after which she prepared some minced corn and mixed it into her bowl. She held the bowl containing the uncooked rice and corn and rinsed its contents. Afterwards, she placed it into the pot, added some more clean water, and turned the fire on to a moderate amount in order to boil the corn porridge.

While the corn porridge was cooking, Su Yaya made a cucumber salad. She added some salt to marinate the vegetables. Since she couldn’t stand spicy food, she simply added light soy sauce, minced garlic, and chicken bouillon powder for seasoning.

If she was simply cooking for herself, the serving size was already enough for her. Having cucumber salad with corn porridge was quite tasty.

However, she knew that Chen Xiuqi would be arriving home soon, and he probably had not eaten yet at this time. At most, he just had a meal on the airplane. However, Chen Xiuqi was picky; how could he like the meal on the airplane? He probably didn’t eat much.

At this thought, she decided to cook another dish — stir fried green pepper with lean meat.

Su Yaya took out the newly bought green pepper from the refrigerator and got rid of the seeds. She then washed it and chopped it to shreds. Afterwards, she took out the lean meat she bought today and washed it, chopping it to shreds as well.

Su Yaya turned the fire on high and poured a bit of oil in the pan. Once the oil was warm, she placed the garlic grains into the pan and stir fried it. She placed the lean meat in there as well and fried it until its color changed before adding the chopped green pepper. Su Yaya stir fried all of these ingredients for a minute or two before seasoning the dish with light soy sauce and chicken bouillon powder. Now, a delicious dish of stir fried green pepper with lean meat was complete.

When Chen Xiuqi arrived at home and changed his shoes, the very first thing he noticed was the magazine on the table. The cover was himself wearing a gray suit, sitting on the black leather sofa and talking with the host. He was the typical business elite.

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