The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 37 - A Big Surprise (2)

Ch.37 A Big Surprise (2)

This was the interview last week for the finance magazine. Every month, Chen Xiuqi would accept one or two interviews. The questions were basically the same so he could even memorize them.

However, he was surprised that Su Yaya would actually buy a magazine that featured him, and couldn’t help but feel delighted.

Chen Xiuqi recalled how obedient she had been and how she tried to please him every day. She probably fell deeply in love with him.

He subconsciously smiled at this thought. Not everyone was as outstanding as him.

Chen Xiuqi shifted his gaze to the side where two boxes of white rabbit candy caught his eye. It wasn’t from a famous brand but it looked appealing to him. According to his usual habit, he didn’t like to eat sweets; he didn’t know what was wrong with him today since he actually opened the box and placed a white rabbit candy in his mouth. The smell and sweetness was just right. The flavor stayed in his mouth and was actually delicious.

As Su Yaya brought the corn porridge and cucumber salad out from the kitchen, she noticed Chen Xiuqi standing by the table and eating a second white rabbit.

“You’re back.”

Chen Xiuqi didn’t know that he would be caught eating a white rabbit. He murmured in his heart and pretended to act proper on the surface. The man expressionlessly said, “Yes, I just got off the plane so I’m feeling a bit hungry.”

Su Yaya guessed that he ate the White Rabbit candies out of hunger because he hadn’t eaten anything earlier. She nodded in understanding.

“If you’re hungry, come and eat. I made some corn porridge and a cucumber salad as well as stir fried green pepper with lean meat,” she said. “I think it should taste pretty good.”

The white and yellow corn porridge, along with the fresh, green cucumber salad aroused Chen Xiuqi’s appetite. He felt like he was about to drool.

Based on his memory of her, his wife had never cooked before. In the past, Su Yaya said that she will, but he thought that she was simply saying this without truly meaning it. He wondered if the food she cooked was even edible. But looking at the corn porridge and the cucumber salad on the table, it looked pretty good. But how would it taste? He decided to give it a try.

Su Yaya went to the kitchen and came out with another bowl of corn porridge. She also brought the stir fried green pepper with lean meat out.

The couple sat down by the dining table, and Su Yaya passed a pair of chopsticks to Chen Xiuqi.

“Let me try out your cooking.” Chen Xiuqi smiled and placed a piece of cucumber in his mouth. Crunch, crunch. It was crispy and fresh. A pure cucumber taste spread through his mouth that was exceptionally tasty. It was even better than when Aunt Liu cooked it.

When he was doing business discussions abroad, every meal he had was accompanied with meat, fish, and some alcohol. Now that he suddenly tried out this crisp and fresh cucumber salad, he felt that the taste was delicious. Chen Xiuqi couldn’t help but eat a few more.

“It tastes very good, right?” Su Yaya smiled. She was confident with her cooking skills.

Chen Xiuqi nodded his head. “It does taste pretty good.”

“Then eat some more.” She was happy that he liked it. She had successfully pleased him, right?

Chen Xiuqi thought the cucumber salad was tasty and crispy and felt as if he had never eaten such a delicious cucumber salad. He ended up having two bowls of corn porridge on the side as well. Yet compared to his servings, Su Yaya simply ate one bowl and half a bowl of cucumber salad. Most of it went into Chen Xiuqi’s stomach.

After they finished, Su Yaya cleaned up the bowls and brought it to the kitchen to wash. On the other hand, Chen Xiuqi went to his study to handle work. When Su Yaya finished washing the dishes, she glanced at the glowing lights in the study where she could faintly hear Chen Xiuqi speaking. He was probably in a video conference with others.

Su Yaya quietly went to her bedroom and took out her clothes from the drawer to shower.

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