The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 38 - A Big Surprise (3)

Ch.38 A Big Surprise (3)

Su Yaya took a nice warm shower and washed her hair. When she was cooking, the smell of soot caught onto her hair. After she was done with her shower, she felt fresh and clean.

Su Yaya’s wet, jet-black hair was scattered on her neck and back; under the light, it was bright and flickering. She paid careful attention to wiping her hair with the towel until it was about half dry. Afterwards, she took care of her skin by carefully applying a layer of body lotion, which made her skin glossy, smooth, and delicate. When she was done taking care of her body, she put on a face mask on and patted some essential oils on herself. She also applied eye cream and many other kinds of products, all of which took quite some time.

Chen Xiuqi came out of his study and stopped by the door, where he watched Su Yaya put on a variety of skincare products. He didn’t understand why women liked to do this. Didn’t their face feel weird from being layered over with so many things?

When Su Yaya finished, she turned around and noticed Chen Xiuqi. How long had he been standing there for? She smiled at him and said, “Why are you standing there?”

Chen Xiuqi stared at her and walked over. He reached out and touched her face; it was indeed glossy and smooth, just like an egg white that was peeled from the egg. He didn’t want to let go of her face. It seems that a woman’s thoughtful care of her face was quite effective.

“You’re beautiful today,” He complimented.

Su Yaya looked up at him with a smile and asked, “Am I not beautiful in the past?”

Chen Xiuqi quickly replied: “No, you’re beautiful in the past too. But you’re even more beautiful today.”

The answer was good enough. Su Yaya was happy in her heart so she didn’t argue with him.

Chen Xiuqi brought his clothes to the bathroom to shower. In the meantime, Su Yaya used a blow dryer to dry her hair. It was getting late by the time she had finished. Feeling tired and a bit drowsy, Su Yaya climbed on the bed and prepared to go to sleep.

When Chen Xiuqi came out from the bathroom, he saw Su Yaya’s butt sticking out as she laid on the bed. Her pajamas were folded up, exposing her white thighs. If it went up any more, she would’ve exposed herself completely. His eyes darkened and he walked over quickly, patting her butt.

Shocked, Su Yaya hurriedly turned around and said in surprise, “Why did you hit me?”

“What are you doing then?” Chen Xiuqi raised his eyebrows. She wanted to pretend to be stupid while seducing him?

“I was fixing the bed sheet!” Su Yaya said, feeling wronged.

“Who fixes the bed sheet like you?” Chen Xiuqi didn’t believe this. Lying on the bed and fixing the bed sheet? Very good. She successfully aroused his interest.

“Hey, don’t…”

Su Yaya wanted to stop him but Chen Xiuqi had already pressed her down. The difference in power between men and women was huge. She wasn’t his opponent at all. Quickly, she begged for mercy.

The whole night, Chen Xiuqi was overly excited. He had her lying down the whole time, not letting her turn around. There was no use in begging for mercy. In the end, she didn’t have the energy to even talk. She felt as though she was about to die but Chen Xiuqi remained unmoved. He held her slender waist with his hands and continued his action. He had her say ‘Hubby, you’re so handsome’ the whole night…

The next morning, Su Yaya was woken up by Chen Xiuqi touching and rubbing her. The moment she opened her eyes, she recalled their lovemaking session last night. Her face was red from anger and embarrassment. Chen Xiuqi was overstepping his boundaries, as he spared no pains or effort in bullying her. She was just fixing the bed sheet! And yet he claimed that she was seducing him. It’s too infuriating!

Humph! Su Yaya shoved the arm on her waist away and unhappily turned around. Why did she suddenly felt something on her neck? She reached for it and her instinct scared her. She looked down. Oh my god! What a huge diamond necklace!

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