The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 39 - She Never Thought of Capturing His Heart (1)

Ch.39 She Never Thought of Capturing His Heart (1)

Hahah. Around her neck was a necklace with a large droplet-shaped diamond in the middle. Surrounding this diamond were layers upon layers of smaller diamonds, which slowly extended and formed a necklace with the two chains. The big jewel hung around Su Yaya’s neck and seemed to blind people’s eyes with its sparkly appearance.

Never in her two lifetimes had Su Yaya ever obtained such a beautiful diamond necklace. Now that she suddenly had a valuable diamond accessory hanging on her neck, she was shocked and ecstatic. She was even worried; it was too valuable!

“Do you like it?” came Chen Xiuqi’s deep and pleasant voice, like the notes played on a violin string. It was also a bit hoarse in the morning. Just like a hook, his voice captivated Su Yaya, causing her heart to tremble upon hearing it.

“I like it,” Su Yaya turned around and looked up at him lovingly. She was in a very good mood. Although she was bullied a little too much by Chen Xiuqi last night, anyone who received a valuable diamond necklace in the morning will end up being in a beautiful mood. She smiled at Chen Xiuqi and sweetly said, “Hubby, you’re so nice to me. I love you.”

Enjoying her admiration and compliments, Chen Xiuqi smiled and looked extremely relaxed. He patted her head as if he was patting a puppy.

Su Yaya touched the diamond necklace on her neck and held on to it as if she couldn’t bear to let go. It emitted a sparkling and bright light, reflecting her smiling face. She laid on Chen Xiuqi’s chest and asked in curiosity, “Hubby, how much did this necklace cost?”

When he heard her asking about the price, Chen Xiuqi was stunned. Of course he had gifted his wife with many valuable items in the past, but Su Yaya had accepted them without ever asking their prices. What was wrong with her? Why did she suddenly want to ask about the price? Did she become a money grubber?

But that didn’t seem to be the case either. Back then, whenever he asked if she wanted him to bring home gifts, she would turn down his offer, saying that she had everything she needed and wasn’t in need of anything. This time around, he thought the necklace was beautiful so he decided to buy it for her. Su Yaya didn’t know that he had bought this necklace beforehand either, so then… did she just want to know the price because she was curious?

He looked towards her in confusion. Speaking of which, she seemed to be different now.

She never cooked in the past but she actually cooked dinner last night. What was surprising was that the dishes tasted pretty good too.

In the past, she never looked at the price while buying items. As long as it looked nice, she bought it. That day, although the dress was only 5880 dollars, she even messaged him saying that it was a bit expensive.

What was even more strange was that she wanted to stay home in the past, claiming that work was too tiring and that she didn’t want to be exhausted. Based on his memory, Su Yaya simply wanted to live a relaxing and wealthy life; she wanted to wake up in the morning naturally without time constraints and her hobby was to go shopping. Yet for some reason, she wanted to work now. Not only did she ask for a second female lead role, she even went to film an advertisement. She was even happy that she had earned 350,000 yuan and had called him afterwards to share the happiness. Su Yaya had changed. Did something happen to her?

The said person was frightened by his gaze. Su Yaya pursed her lips and said, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Are you ok these days? Nothing happened, right?” Chen Xiuqi stared at her. If she didn’t look exactly like how she did before with the same familiar body, he would’ve thought that she was another person.

Su Yaya paused and wondered if he noticed something. But what could he find out? Her soul had transmigrated but it was the same body. It would be peculiar if he found out something was different. At most, he would just think that she had a different personality than the original host.

But according to the original host’s personality of screwing herself over, she might not be able to support herself until the female lead came back. That was why the current Su Yaya wanted to change her routine, but she couldn’t say this to Chen Xiuqi. She needed to find another excuse, one that could convince him.

Su Yaya thought about it for a moment and said, “I’ve been fine these days and nothing happened. Why are you asking?”

Chen Xiuqi observed her and believed that other than her strange actions, there was nothing different about her, so he probably thought too much about it. He reached over to pat her hair and smiled. “I just think that you are acting differently than usual.”

As expected, she had guessed the same.

Su Yaya prepared her excuse. She rubbed against Chen Xiuqi’s chest like a little kitten. With a careful tone, she tried to please Chen Xiuqi, “That’s because I already married you. I can’t be as unruly like before. You’re outstanding and I want to be an outstanding person too. That way, I can be a match for you.”

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