The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 40 - She Never Thought of Capturing His Heart (2)

Ch.40 She Never Thought of Capturing His Heart (2)

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Any man would feel both pleased and proud at Su Yaya’s flattering words, and Cheng Xiuqi was no exception.

Even if the two married by contract, people like Chen Xiuqi wished for their wife to be an outstanding woman who could be a match for them. That way, the man could maintain his good reputation while bringing his wife around with him in public. In the past, Su Yaya could only be Chen Xiuqi’s girlfriend at most. This is one of the reasons why he didn’t make their marriage public.

He was willing to pamper and soothe her only because she pleased him, but if she asked for more, he wouldn’t allow it. But now, Su Yaya was willing to change herself for him and become more outstanding. This satisfied his vanity as a man, and he accepted her excuse openly.

“If you think it’s too tiring, you don’t need to work that hard. You can just stay at home and rest like before.” Chen Xiuqi patted her back, soothing her.

Su Yaya thought: it’s not tiring at all. She needed to use this chance to please him and make their relationship stronger. For her purposes, she needed to work harder for resources and earn more money so that when the time comes for divorce, her life wouldn’t be too bad. She could go back to her hometown and plant crops, where she will have a relaxing life with the money she earned.

The two thought differently and had different motives, yet no one exposed it. It was like a strange harmonious feeling.

“I’m hungry, go make me something.” Yesterday night, after Chen Xiuqi ate Su Yaya’s food, he discovered that he really enjoyed her cooking. After thinking about it, he decided that he wants to taste her food again. Before this, he was deeply suspicious as to whether or not Su Yaya’s cooking was edible or not…Who knew the change came so quickly. That was really a slap on his face.

Su Yaya was really happy that Chen Xiuqi had gifted her such a huge diamond necklace. Of course she wouldn’t go and offend him right now. What he asks for is what he gets. He wanted to eat so she quickly tidied up and endured her back pain to cook for him.

Su Yaya walked to the kitchen and looked at the ingredients she bought the previous night. There were tomatoes, eggs, pork, eggplants, etc. She decided to make egg and tomato soup, stir fried lean meat and cold eggplants.

Su Yaya scooped a bowl of rice and rinsed it with water before pouring it into the rice cooker. When the water was deeper than the palm of the hand, she switched the rice cooker on. Su Yaya sliced the meat into small parts and prepared the green papers, which she will be using in her stir fry soon. She then sliced the eggplant in half and placed it in the pot to steam it. Afterwards, she went to prepare the dipping sauce which she will use for later. She also removed the skin of the tomato and beat the eggs in the bowl with her chopsticks, mixing it clockwise until the egg yolk was broken apart. She was almost done in her preparations.

Su Yaya was agile in her movements. She finished cooking the two dishes and soup quickly, and the rice was done steaming as well. Afterwards, she brought the dishes over to the table and placed two pairs of chopsticks on top. Su Yaya also scooped two bowls of rice and carried both over to the table. As she did this, Chen Xiuqi happened to be walking down the stairs. She smiled and greeted him, “We can eat now.”

Chen Xiuqi walked over quickly and complimented her after seeing the dishes on the table. “It looks pretty good.”

“It tastes even better.” Su Yaya was confident in her cooking. She picked up the chopstick and handed it to him: “Taste it.”

Chen Xiuqi accepted the chopsticks and sat down on the spot next to her. He gave the stir fried lean meat a taste–it was magically delicious. The moment he started to eat, he couldn’t stop. In the end, he had two bowls of rice and one bowl of soup. Two-thirds of the food went down his stomach.

After eating the meal, Chen Xiuqi patted his round belly and felt regretful. If he continued this way, within a few days, his six packs would be gone completely. He needed to go workout some more. What a sorrow!

Although he knew that Su Yaya was good at cooking, he would always eat too much if he didn’t pay attention. Chen Xiuqi couldn’t control himself, as if he was under a spell. If he didn’t eat what she cooked, he would miss it.

Originally, Chen Xiuqi wanted to restrain himself, but he failed to in the end.

Before heading off to the company early this morning, Chen Xiuqi reminded his wife, “Remember to bring me lunch. The minced meat with tofu from yesterday was very good, and the dessert as well.”

After he finished, he just realized what he said. He told himself he wouldn’t eat it. Why did he forget again? Chen Xiuqi couldn’t express this in front of Su Yaya, so he walked out the door with a cold face.

Su Yaya curled herself up on the sofa and chuckled at this. What was the saying? ‘In order to capture a man’s heart, one must capture their appetite first.’ She never thought of capturing his heart. She knew her place. The male lead was made for the female lead. Su Yaya simply wanted to have a harmonious relationship with him so that when the time comes for divorce, he could think about how good she was and give her more alimony. Heh…

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