The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 7 - A Beauty

Ch.7 A Beauty

Once Chen Xiuqi’s car had driven far away and could no longer be seen, Su Yaya let go of the curtains and walked back to her bed.

When she saw the platinum card on the bed, Su Yaya picked it up with a sweet smile and kissed it again.

She lied back on her bed leisurely and recalled the time when she was impoverished.

At that time, she was busy working her ass off for the sake of her meager income. Whenever she made a mistake at her job, she was scolded by her team leader, and to add salt to the wound, she could barely earn enough to live paycheck by paycheck each month. At the end of every month, Su Yaya had to pay rent, water and electricity bills. She didn’t dare to buy new clothes or expensive cosmetics because she had to save money. But no matter how much she tried to budget, there was still not much money left at the end of each year. Each day she lived was miserable.

Sometimes, she would spend her free time reading romance novels while fantasizing that one day, a rich and handsome guy will descend from the sky and give her a gold card. He would tell her, “Spend as much as you want and swipe the card as many times as you wish.” She always thought that if that had actually happened, she would surely jump for joy.

And this fantasy was exactly how her current situation is playing out at the moment; even the idiom ‘to be over the moon’ could not describe her how happy she is right now.

Su Yaya, who had been lying in bed for a while finally got up after she felt like she had stared at the platinum card long enough. She hummed a tune as she cheerfully bounced towards the bathroom.

Su Yaya twirled into the room, locked the bathroom door, and walked to the sink. She could barely hold back her scream when she saw herself in the mirror.

The reflection was too beautiful! She had never seen someone as beautiful this image in her entire life. What’s more, the beautiful reflection in the mirror belonged to her!

Below her dark, willow-like eyebrows was a pair of big sparkling watery eyes. Her eyelashes were thick and long like a small curling fan; whenever she blinked, it would tremble like a butterfly’s wings.

Su Yaya turned left and right to examine her face; she discovered from the reflection that her face was a perfect shape from her forehead to the tip of her nose. Her nose was straight and small, just the kind that she had always wanted.

The nose Su Yaya had before was a little flat. Even though it wasn’t ugly, it just didn’t reach the beauty standards in her heart. However, she had always been a little regretful because she didn’t have the courage to get a nose job.

But now that she had transmigrated here, she had obtained the nose that she always had dreamed of. Her nose was natural, without any signs that she had surgery done on it in the past. She was exceptionally happy; her happiness was similar to how a person would feel after their long awaited dream had finally come true.

Her rosy lips were like sakura petals, as if she had applied on a layer of lip gloss. With a small smile on her face, Su Yaya couldn’t help but use her a finger to trace her lips, her chin, and then all the way down to her slim and fair collarbone of her neck…

The face of the person in the mirror was flushed peach pink and the corner of her eyes was radiating charm. It was obvious from her appearance that she had been fiercely loved by someone. There was also a hickey on the left side of her collarbone. Chen Xiuqi was especially fond of her collarbone, so he would always nip and bite there, leaving behind traces of love.

The woman in the mirror was extremely beautiful and her whole body exude charm. She appeared to be innocent, sexy, and charming all at the same time. Not to mention men being attracted to her, even she couldn’t stop her heart from rapidly pounding and her face from flushing red when she saw her reflection.

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