The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 8 - Rely on Yourself (1)

Ch.8 Rely on Yourself (1)

Su Yaya filled the massage bathtub with hot water and took off her pajamas, revealing her perfect body. She lifted her straight, long, and skinny legs and stepped into the bathtub. Then, she lied down in a comfortable position.

While she was bathing, Su Yaya immersed herself in the warm water and began enjoying the comfortable massage after she pushed the massage button. Su Yaya let out a soft sigh, it was very comfortable.

It was no wonder that everyone wanted to live like rich people; they lived so comfortably.

Su Yaya lied in the bathtub and took a warm and relaxing bath. A slight dizziness overcame her at this moment, and in her drowsy state, she seemed to hear a voice telling her: Enjoy your comfortable life right now, since you’ll have to rely on yourself in the future.

She was startled awake when she heard this, but when she looked around, there was no one else in the bathroom. Was she just dreaming?

When she recalled the words she had heard in her dream, she couldn’t help but think deeply.

Enjoy your comfortable life right now, since you’ll have to rely on yourself in the future.

She really wanted to enjoy this life. After all, who didn’t want to enjoy a rich and relaxing life where there was someone who’ll dote on them? She had almost completely sunk into this lifestyle and was unable to get out. But her rationality was telling her that this life was too unrealistic.

Right now, she had transmigrated into the novel and had become Chen Xiuqi’s wife. She was living a rich and relaxing lifestyle, but a dream will always end. One day, she might transmigrate back to her old life, so she can’t indulge herself and become blinded by this glorious and wealthy life in front of her. It was hard to become frugal after becoming accustomed to luxury. She was afraid that she won’t be able to adjust to her original lifestyle once she transmigrated back.

Even if she didn’t transmigrate back, she still couldn’t continue to live this luxurious lifestyle. In the near future, the female lead, An Yutong will return from abroad. An Yutong was Chen Xiuqi’s destined wife– the female lead and the male lead was destined to be together. She was a cannon fodder that could only maintain her current lifestyle for two more years. After that, she will have to return back to her original lifestyle.

In the original novel, the female supporting character, Su Yaya had courted disaster by herself. She fell into her own traps and offended Chen Xiuqi in every way, and she ended up being detested by everyone just like a street rat.

Since she already knew the ending in the novel, she can’t do anything to offend Chen Xiuqi and An Yutong. She could only hope to change Su Yaya’s ending in the novel and live until she was old.

But since An Yutong had yet to return, and Chen Xiuqi was still nice to her, all she could do was to please him and serve him well so that she could leave a good impression behind.

When An Yutong returns, she will take the initiative and hand over her position. She won’t do anything that will harm the female lead and the male lead’s relationship, and will stay as far away from them as possible.

Yes, that’s right. Su Yaya was more and more certain of her plan.

After she finished bathing, Su Yaya stepped out of the bathtub and used a towel to wipe away the droplets of water on her body. Relying on the original character’s memory, she opened the cabinet that contained all her skin care products, and was then greeted by the sight of various skin care products that filled up the space. There were skin care products for the body, for the face, skin care products in Chinese and in foreign languages. There were also brands that she had heard of, but never used such as La Mer and Pola, and many others.

(TLN: La Mer and Pola are luxury skincare brands. The smallest bottle of La Mer (0.5 oz) cost around $100 and can go up to several thousands of dollars.)

Her current body was already born with such good skin; her complexion was smooth and soft, without any blemishes just like a baby’s skin. It seemed like with just a soft pinch, water will come out from her pores. In addition to the natural beauty that this body was born with, it was also maintained by using those expensive skincare products.

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