The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

Chapter 9 - Rely on Yourself (2)

Ch.9 Rely on Yourself (2)

The financial status of this body’s owner can only be regarded as normal. Her parents were ordinary company employees. However, they had spent a large portion of their salaries on their daughter, who in turn used this money to buy skincare products. Before she met Chen Xiuqi, the original host would only eat once once a day to save enough money to buy La Mer. After she met him, he was very generous towards her, so she could buy these products without holding back.

The owner of this body had taken such extreme care to maintain this body by spending large amounts of money and effort. So even though Su Yaya had transmigrated over and took over the body, she still regarded this body as something that truly belonged to the original Su Yaya. Just like how she was taught since little that it was wrong to destroy other people’s things, she can’t just treat the body too casually. A beauty needed to have a beauty’s conscientious attitude, so she needed to take good care of the body just like the owner did.

Of course, Su Yaya also has her own selfish motive; she finally became as beautiful as she had always dreamed to be, so she needed to work hard to be worthy of this beauty. She needed to make her beauty more long-lasting, more fragrant, and more attractive.

Su Yaya decided to take good care of her body according to the memory left behind by the original owner. She tried her best to imitate the owner’s routine, only finishing up when she finally felt satisfied.

After she completed her routine, Su Yaya opened the closet and chose a white dress. This was the latest dress from the Chanel brand–simple yet graceful. It seemed like the dress was tailor-made for her body when she put it on, as it perfectly outlined her exquisite curves.

Su Yaya twirled in front of the mirror, and stared at her own reflection, unable to look away.

After she finished dressing herself and admiring her appearance, she walked out the room and came down from the second floor.

It appears that she was the only person in the house at this time. The household’s maid, Liu Ma, had a son whose family welcomed a newborn son a few days ago. Liu Ma resigned from her position to help raise her newborn grandson a few days ago, but a replacement for a housemaid had yet to be hired.

Su Yaya checked the refrigerator and couldn’t find anything to eat. There was no one else at home to cook for her either.

As a result, Su Yaya can only bring her purse and go out to look for food.

Su Yaya knew how to drive, and the owner of the body also had a driver’s license. She went to the underground garage and drove a white car towards the closest shopping mall.


Chen Xiuqi was having a meeting in the conference room. The marketing manager was reporting this month’s marketing sales with vivid explanations. Chen Luqi listened to his report without any expression on his face when he suddenly noticed the screen of his phone light up from the corners of his eyes.

Yaya: Husband, I saw a dress that I like a lot, but it was a bit expensive. *Dress Image.jpg*

Upon seeing the message, Chen Xiuqi’s heart began to pound at the thought of how obedient and clever she was earlier that morning. He picked up his phone and opened WeChat to check out the image she sent. The style of the dress was quite ordinary and he couldn’t see what brand it was. This dress was different from the usual style of clothing she bought. Chen Xiuqi didn’t think much of it since he didn’t lack money, so he responded with: buy!

After he sent the message, Chen Xiuqi waited for Su Yaya’s response. Earlier that morning, when he gave her the card, she smiled sweetly at him and said, “Husband, *muah*.” Now that he agreed to buy the dress, she should have some appreciation, right?

Chen Xiuqi thought that Su Yaya would reply immediately upon seeing his straightforward response, but there was still no response at all even after 10-20 minutes.

He couldn’t help to check his WeChat a few times. Seeing that she still hadn’t replied, his handsome face suddenly darkened. He pointed his finger at Su Yaya’s profile picture and thought while gnashing his teeth, heartless little bastard, I gave you the card but you won’t even reply with a simple thank you. I will sort you out when I return home later!

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