The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 767 - Yin Yang Passages

Chapter 767: Yin Yang Passages

Within the big Palace, apart from the Primordial Shenrui statue, there were also two passageways, one on each side of the statue.

“The two passageways on the left and right are the Yin and Yang passages,” Gu Xingyue explained to the group. “The Yin passage is the road of death, while the Yang passage is the road of survival. But these two passages change, like the Taiji Eight Diagram. No one can predict which side is the Yin passage and which side is the Yang passage.”

“Then doesn’t it mean that, no matter which passage we choose, we could be choosing death?” Huang Wuji’s face was still a bit pale. It was obvious that he was greatly injured by the Immortal Music Spell earlier.

“No,” Gu Xingyue continued. “The so-called death isn’t a real death, but a passage that is extremely difficult to go through. As for the passage of Yang, it is an unobstructed passage. After going through these two passages, you’ll arrive at the real Shenrui Mysterious Land. The three resource Palaces should be there.”

Of the two unknown paths, one was extremely difficult, while the other was unobstructed.

Everyone hesitated. Even Invincible Ta Ba eyed both passages a little nervously.

Within the Mysterious Primordial Shenrui Land, the Mysterious Land would get weaker and weaker with the passage of time.

At first, even experts in the Divine Realm wouldn’t dare to break in. Now that 10,000 years had passed, it could still be dangerous for seven-star Castellans to break into the Mysterious Land.

“I’ll choose this one!”

Suddenly, Invincible Ta Ba stepped toward the passage on the right of the statue.

Seeing that Invincible Ta Ba had chosen the passage on the right, Man Tianhao and Man Tiancheng’s expressions turned serious as they followed behind him and rushed in.

As for Huang Wuji, because he had fallen under the Immortal Music Spell, he didn’t follow after them. Instead, he stayed within the Palace.

“Which one will you choose?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

“Of course I won’t choose the same passage as that Invincible Ta Ba.” As Gu Xingyue spoke, she walked to the passage on the left of the statue. Then, she disappeared inside.

“Xiao Jing, let’s follow her and take a look.”

Naturally, Ye Mo wouldn’t choose the same passage as Invincible Ta Ba, either. He followed Gu Xingyue and went into the passage on the left.

After entering the passage, there was only a little bit of light in front of their eyes. Ye Mo could vaguely see Gu Xingyue’s figure.

“Are you not afraid that I chose the path of Yin?”

When Gu Xingyue saw that a man and a Demonic Beast had followed her, she couldn’t help but taunt him.

“It’s safer to be with you than to be with them, isn’t it?” Ye Mo smiled helplessly.

A howling noise sounded. The sound grew louder and louder within the passage as Gu Xingyue, Ye Mo and Xiao Jing went further in. The passage became emptier and emptier, and it became more vague and hazy in front of their eyes. Ye Mo saw the huge shadow of the Primordial Shenrui.

They saw the Primordial Shenrui’s head roar, as if to vent his inner unwillingness. This was the roar of anger, the roar of death.

The so-called Immortal Music Spell was the roaring sound from the Primordial Shenrui. Streams of strange floating runes were also emitted from within the sound.

When Ye Mo looked at those runes. He felt a sense of familiarity. Those were Immortal Runes. The current Ye Mo was absolutely certain that this Primordial Shenrui was indeed an Immortal Beast.

The sound was getting louder and louder. It made Ye Mo’s brows become tighter. Not only Ye Mo, even the willow eyebrows of Gu Xingyue were also getting tighter. It was obvious that this Immortal Music Spell was powerful and not so simple to resist.

On the other hand, Xiao Jing looked very at ease. It was as if the sounds made no impact on Xiao Jing at all.

The two of them slowly approached again. The runes shook around Ye Mo and Gu Xingyue. The runes then invaded their bodies. It was as if they were being stabbed by needles, as it felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Damn it. We chose the Yin Passage,” Gu Xingyue said immediately. “Quickly, block off your ears.”

Only at that moment had Ye Mo finally noticed that the power of the Immortal Music Spell was getting stronger and stronger.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Inside the Xu Mi Ring, Ling’er also cried out in pain. This Immortal Music Spell could even invade the Xu Mi Ring. That made Ling’er extremely uncomfortable.

Right now, Ye Mo’s Rising Dragon Pillar could absorb the Immortal Music Spell, but Ling’er didn’t have that to help her. Gu Xingyue’s expression also turned pale. Her beautiful face was covered in beads of sweat.

It was obvious that this Immortal Music Curse wasn’t so easy to bear as the first one. Even though Gu Xingyue was an expert in the Profound Heavens Complete Realm, she couldn’t resist it.

This Immortal Music Curse was indeed not that simple.

“Ye Mo, quickly, display your Zhu Immortal Domain,” Hong Ling said anxiously. “This is the Immortal Music Curse. Only the Zhu Immortal Domain can help you resist it.”

Hearing her words, Ye Mo immediately displayed the Zhu Immortal Domain, wrapping it around the two of them.

The Zhu Immortal Curses all bounced off the Zhu Immortal Domain’s Rune Barrier after hitting it.

“How are you feeling now?” Ye Mo said gently.

Looking at the person who saved himself from crisis many times, Ye Mo felt a kind of unspeakable feeling inside.

Both her strength and appearance were the best in the Zone of Chaos. But that meant nothing to Ye Mo. It was just looking at a beautiful woman suffering and in pain that was difficult for Ye Mo to bear.

“I’m okay now,” Gu Xingyue whispered softly. “But the Immortal Music Spell has entered my body. You should leave me here and go find the Palaces yourself. You haven’t gone near the Primordial Shenrui yet. Once you get close to it, that’ll be when the Immortal Music Spell is at its strongest.”

Her body became weak and she fell to the ground. Ye Mo caught her with one hand.

She was very strange. Ye Mo’s strength was obviously very weak. Even if he had killed Song Gang, he only had the strength of a five-star Castellan. Gu Xingyue had also tried using her Domain, but it was useless. Yet the Domain displayed by Ye Mo was able to resist this Immortal Music Spell.

“If we’re going, then we’ll go together. Although we’ve chosen the road of death, I’ve also heard of the saying ‘narrowly escaping death.’”

Ye Mo supported Gu Xingyue as they walked deeper down the passage, healing her at the same time.

When the Light of Glorious Sun was poured into Gu Xingyue’s body, Ye Mo found that the runes of the Immortal Music Spell had covered the insides of Gu Xingyue’s entire body. If she were to absorb more Immortal Music Spells, then she would explode and die.

“Damn it. Although the Light of Glorious Sun can heal the wounds, it can’t dispel these Immortal Music Spells.”

Ye Mo couldn’t help but frown. This Immortal Music Spell was the anger of the Primordial Shenrui. It was violent and impossible for ordinary people to bear. If Gu Xingyue hadn’t reached the Profound Heavens Complete Realm, then she would have exploded and died a while ago.

“What kind of power is this? The Light of Glorious Sun?”

Feeling the warm Will in her body, Gu Xingyue was surprised, and she said, “I didn’t expect you to have refined the Light of Glorious Sun. It’s just that this Immortal Music Spell can’t be dispelled by the Light of Glorious Sun. It’s better if you stop wasting your energy.”

“If this Immortal Music Spell isn’t dispelled soon, then I’m afraid it will be difficult for this Gu Xingyue to advance to the Cosmos Realm in the future,” Hong Ling said. “Even though the Immortal Music Spell can’t kill her, it will do a lot of damage to her.”

“Is there anything else I can do?” Ye Mo asked anxiously.

“With your current strength, it’s impossible for you to help her dispel the Immortal Music Spell,” Hong Ling said in an unnatural tone. “But, there is another method.”

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