The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood

Chapter 674 - Insight into the Early Stage Gravity Domain

Chapter 674: Insight into the Early Stage Gravity Domain

“If my Heart Transcendence was oppressed, then how come my body was wounded?”

Indeed, his body was under real pressure.

“I was wrong… but I get it now!” Ye Mo thought to himself. “My Heart Transcendence was influenced by the Gravity Domain and confined my body. The Domain generated all the force from different directions and reversed heaven and earth. Yes! It was the power from my heart. ”

By understanding the internal relation, Ye Mo opened his eyes and cast out a Zhu Immortal Magical Formation. The Rune Barrier started to spread out, covering up the whole gray sphere.

“Zhu Immortal Magical Formation, help me generate heart power!” Ye Mo shouted.

But the strong forces pouring at him from all directions didn’t disappear.

Once again, Ye Mo tried to control the Zhu Immortal Magical Formation and made it shrink, bit by bit. The Rune Barrier still didn’t interact with the Gravity Domain and his body was still under great pressure.

The sharp pain didn’t make Ye Mo cry out but helped him destroy the shackles of pain completely.

“Haha, that’s why! That’s how the Gravity Domain works! How could I miss it! The Gravity Domain is actually a sprit attack. It was actually my illusion. The pain in my body was nothing but an illusion too.”

If the forces around him were real, they would oppress his Rune Barrier too. The Barrier should crack, but it didn’t.

“Alright then, let me use my Heart Transcendence to sort out all the rules of the Gravity Domain. I’m gonna resolve the power bit by bit.”

Ye Mo closed his eyes again. Eventually, Ye Mo sensed the forces weakening. In more precise words, Ye Mo’s Heart Transcendence took control of the Gravity Domain. Ye Mo used a counterforce to neutralize a part of the gravity power.

With an insight into the Gravity Domain, the forces around him disappeared.

“Hmm?” Feng Wu opened his eyes looking at Ye Mo, surprised. “Oh boy, you broke out from my early stage Gravity Domain already? How is that possible? A senior cultivator like myself took more than a hundred years to gain insight into the Gravity Domain.”

“Much appreciated, Society Head Lord,” Ye Mo said cheerfully falling on the ground with a big smile on his face.

“Lad, don’t be too happy,” Feng Wu said gruffly. “This trick is only the early stage of the Gravity Domain, meaning it only attacks spirit. Therefore, if someone has a strong spirit, the trick won’t cause too much damage or none at all.”

Feng Wu’s spirit energy was far more powerful than Ye Mo’s. That’s why he could exploit the early stage Gravity Domain to its fullest power.

“Society Head Lord, if that’s the case, this trick is useless to me and it won’t do any good to my power cultivation,” Ye Mo yelled.

When encountering the weak enemies, he could just use his fists to attack them. There was no need for him to generate the Gravity Domain. It was only worth it to generate the domain when fighting with the top experts, such as the experts of Profound World Realm. But top experts like them had far more powerful spirit energy than Ye Mo. In such a situation, generating this trick was just a waste.

“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten the Heart of the Continent I just gave you!” Feng Wu lectured. “By combining the pebble with the early stage Gravity Domain, you can form the complete Gravity Domain. Then it can attack the spirit and the physical body at the same time.”

That changed Ye Mo’s tune. He smiled.

Desolate Mountain!

Xiao Yue, in a flowy white gown, spread her emerald wings like a dancing phoenix, flying to a great mansion. A few moments later, she landed in front of its gate.

“Xue Can, where the hell did you take Ye Mo?” Xiao Yue yelled at the mansion coldly, a long sword in her hand.

When she first learned that Ye Mo had been caught, she panicked. But now there was no turning back. Ye Mo meant the world to her. In the past, the only thing she wanted was to avenge her master. But, after learning Ye Mo had been sent to the Legal Division, she was consumed by anxiety and fear.

She felt nothing was worth it anymore. Ye Mo was the only one she wanted. If it was possible, she was willing to go back to the Tianwu Kingdom and be the respected daughter of the Xiao Clan in Limestone City.

“Do you really want to know?” Xue Can stepped out and glanced at Xiao Yue with her beautiful smiling eyes. ” Finally, you’ve exposed your identity. How dare you have an affair with another man behind the young society head’s back? You’re so screwed.”

Xue Can caught Ye Mo and left him in the dungeon to provoke Xiao Yue. She was eager to fight her. If this plan worked, not only would the young society head give her credit for killing Ye Mo, but she could kill her competitor for his affections as well.

“Xue Can, you almost killed Ye Mo with your tricks,” Xiao Yue shouted in a rage. “And you’ve already gotten the Mountain and River Diagram. Isn’t that enough? Why must you insist on taking his life?”

Xiao Yue didn’t get angry easily. She seldom revealed too much emotion. Only with Ye Mo could she put down her guard and simply be a girl.

At the moment, she was furious. Her face reddened.

After Xiao Yue finished speaking, Xue Can replied, “Xiao Yue, with Ye Mo’s cultivation, he could have escaped easily and made even the Legal Division suffer. But do you know why he chose to surrender himself to us?”

Xue Can smiled gently and continued, “Little Can [1] told him if he refused to surrender, I’d tell the young society head about the affair between you two. Guess what! He gave up his weapon immediately and put on the sealing shackle voluntarily. How stupid he was! He knew that Little Can wouldn’t make your life easy afterward, but he still confessed.”

Xue Can’s words made Xiao Yue shiver and her eyes turned red.

“Such a stupid man, isn’t he? But are you lucky enough to have someone like him?” Xiao Yue said, with tears swirling in her eyes.

“Little Can doesn’t need that kind of man at all,” Xue Can said calmly and moved her slender fingers playfully. “Little Can’s man must be like the young society head. A man born with the charisma of a king. If you break up with Ye Mo, you’d be the society Madam for sure. No chance for Little Can. But the story is different now. Your behavior disappointed the society head and you’re nothing to him but a tool to suppress the poison curse.”

“Where the hell is Ye Mo now?” Xiao Yue shouted with the power of the Sky Phoenix Poison Curse tumbling around her.

The urge to fight was stirring. Xiao Yue stepped up into the air. She was so powerful that even the sky and stars trembled.

Xiao Yue was at the peak of her rage.

“Even if Little Can tells you where he is, he’s probably already dead.” Xue Can chuckled. “I reckon you’ve heard of the heir of sky demon? The Legal Division locked Ye Mo up with him.”

She pulled out a pair of white knitted gloves from her belt. The gloves were called “Heaven Silk Glove”. With a high level of both attack and defense, it was no doubt a High-grade Bejewelled Weapon. She gently put on those gloves and said, “if you want to kill Little Can, Little Can will accept your challenge. Right here, right now, Little Can would love to see who’s the stronger, the Sky Phoenix Poison Curse Physique or the Profound Silkworm Poison Curse Physique.”

[1] Little Can: a nickname that Xue Can calls herself in conversations.

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