The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 736 - Interview in the finance department

Chapter 736: Interview in the finance department

Spring left and autumn came, and it was Midsummer again. The air was filled with the fragrance of camphor trees. The airport in a city was crowded with people and the plane was buzzing. Although they were all pedestrians walking in a hurry, everyone looked at the family not far away in unison. There was a slender young lady and a few tall young men. Her parents were standing at the side, reminding her in a gentle voice. It was the start of the school season in September, and it was not uncommon for a family to surround a child who was about to leave. However, the rare thing was that this family was too good – looking! Let’s not talk about the girl who was standing in the middle of the family, biting on the straw of milk tea. The most important thing was the few teenagers standing beside her. One was helping to carry a pink rabbit bag, another had a small red leather band around his wrist, and there was also a long – legged brother with big eyes and a high nose bridge who was carrying two suitcases. Who wouldn’t feel a blow to their hearts when they saw this? they lamented that the sister who was surrounded in the middle had saved the Galaxy in her previous life! At this moment, the girl who had saved the Galaxy in everyone’s hearts was wearing a black baseball cap. Her usually cold eyes seemed to have a hint of gentleness in the hot air. She coaxed the woman in front of her in a gentle voice,”it’s just for show at the finance department. I’ve already handed over my position to the principal. You just have to go to class once a week. You can see each other at other times.” “But city a and the capital are separated by mountains and seas. It’ll take a long time to go back and forth. How can I be at ease when a beautiful girl like you is out?” Xu Wei leaned on Lu Jingqing’s shoulder. Her eyes were red and swollen from crying. She held her daughter’s hand tightly and looked like she was about to cry at any moment.”What if the principal buried your body in the field? What if your roommates put Mercury in your water? If you get into a conflict with the children of the officials and they push you down the stairs, then I …” “Weiwei!” Lu Jingqing’s mouth twitched when he heard that and he quickly interrupted,””Weiwei, this is a society ruled by law. Qing University is filled with top students and high – Quality talents. It’s not that dark.” Besides,”Weiwei, we’ll be able to stay in the capital for a long time after we’re done with our work tomorrow or the day after. We don’t have to look like we’re going to be separated forever.” “…That makes sense.” Xu Wei used a handkerchief to wipe the red and swollen corners of her eyes before she looked at Lu Jingqing with Starry Eyes.”Hubby, you’re so smart. You can see through everything.” Lu Jingqing was speechless. You don’t have to praise me like this. Even if you don’t have eyes, you can see through it. Thank you. Although Lu Jingqing would be able to bring Xu Wei to live in the capital city after settling the company’s matters, this was Fu Zhi’s first time in University after all. Xu Wei was definitely worried and reminded her a lot before finally looking at ye Jiu and Lu Yushen and saying,””When you go to Qing University, you two are the older brothers. You must take good care of your younger sister, okay?” Ye Jiu, the experienced giant baby, pretended to be innocent and whined,”but the waters in the capital are so deep. I’m also unfamiliar with the place and want to be taken care of and protected~” Xu Wei,”…” Compared to ye Jiu’s pretense, Lu Yushen was obviously much more normal. He held onto Fu Zhi with his small hair band and promised Xu Wei seriously,”I’ll protect my sister.” This is more like it! This was mother’s good big son! Lu Yumo, who had gone to the capital’s gaming base for training, was clearly not in the category of a mother and a son. Xu Wei only hoped that Lu Yumo could take care of himself, be self – reliant, respect, love, and produce and sell his own products! The four people who boarded the plane were all in business class. After boarding the plane, Fu Zhi took out her phone and started playing games. Lu Yushen took out a book filled with French words. Ye Jiu held the steam eyepatch and closed her eyes to rest. As for Lu Yumo, he was drinking a bottle of happy nectar. As visual animals, humans would always be curious and pay attention to beautiful things. Fu Zhi and her group, who sat very close to each other, quickly attracted a group of curious eyes from the business class. If it was someone else, they might feel a little uncomfortable being stared at. Fortunately, Fu Zhi and the others had strong hearts and were completely immune to the eyes of the outside world. They didn’t care about other people’s eyes and took out the Bluetooth in their pockets, continuing to play ranked games with their heads down. Lu Yushen asked for a glass of warm water from the air stewardess and placed it beside Fu Zhi. He considerately asked Fu Zhi if she wanted to eat something, looking at the mother and daughter sitting opposite them with disdain. The plane was flying steadily in the air. After the stewardess delivered the in – Flight meals, the sound of people eating could be heard in the cabin. Although they were taking a flight and there was data in business class for them to play with their phones, it was normal for people with close acquaintances to chat about their daily life. With her sharp ears, ye Jiu heard the mother and daughter beside them talking while eating noodles. The girl tied her hair up with a hairband and said,””Mom, did you see the girl in the cap just now? She looked pretty good and knew how to tidy herself up. No wonder there were so many boys around her! It would be great if I had this face!” “What face? this face!” The woman glared at her daughter and said,””It’s always troublesome when girls are beautiful! Ordinary looks were good, and ordinary people didn’t have the mood to torment themselves. They knew that they had to work hard and change their fate with their studies! Otherwise, he could only become a lowly person in a restaurant and wash dishes for others! Look at her, she only knows how to play games and her eyes never leave her phone. How can she be a good student?” “A belly full of poetry and books is magnificent! Mom thinks that although you’re not as good – looking as her, you’re better at studying than her, so you’re destined to be more distinguished than her! Just look at her leaning over there and playing games. In the Qing Dynasty, she would be dragged out and shot to death after smoking. I’m telling you, you can’t copy her, understand?” The girl’s originally envious eyes became complacent after hearing her mother’s words. Her eyes wandered around Fu Zhi’s side face, and she slowly straightened her back and said,”Mom, don’t worry! I understand what you’re saying! Wasn’t I just thinking about something else? I wouldn’t play those games even if the developers paid me to!” “That’s the right way to think. Don’t learn from those shady girls outside. This kind of girl doesn’t have her parents with her when she flies out of the province at the start of the school term. She doesn’t look like she got into university …” As she educated her daughter, the mother nagged a few more words. In short, most of them took advantage of Fu Zhi’s shady ways to educate their daughter to be diligent and studious. Ye Jiu’s eyes turned cold. The next second, she stopped eating and turned to look at the mother and daughter.”If I may ask, is your daughter going to study at a University in the capital?” “Of course!” The mother didn’t intend to talk to strangers, but the other party mentioned her daughter’s University. She immediately said,””My daughter got into Qing University! I brought her from n city to a city to relax, isn’t it because Qing University is about to start? I’ll take my daughter to the school to apply for a major. ” “Oh, Qingda?” Ye Jiu’s eyes turned even colder, but her tone became gentler.”You must have gotten quite a few marks, right?” Which mother didn’t like others to praise her daughter to raise her status? she immediately raised her chin and said,”The questions this year were difficult. My daughter got into the National exam and got 638 marks. That’s how she got into Qing University.” The woman’s voice wasn’t soft, and many people in the cabin looked over. When he glanced over the students of Qing University, there was a hint of admiration and love in his eyes. The woman and her daughter were greatly satisfied. After a pause, the woman continued,”The little girl beside you is your sister? Are you two going back to Beijing to work?” Ye Jiu shook her head.”No, we are students from a city. We are also taking the college entrance examination this year.” “Is that so? that’s quite a coincidence. You guys took the first national paper, right? I heard that it’s quite difficult to get one volume across the country! If I don’t work harder and spend all my time and energy on dressing up and playing games, I definitely won’t do well!” As the woman spoke, she realized that ye Jiu was only smiling and didn’t seem very angry. Her eyes turned, and she said,””Don’t blame me for talking too much. At your age, you should pay more attention to your inner self. If a boy doesn’t study well, there’s still a way out. If a girl doesn’t study well, she’ll just wait to get married and have children.” “You do have a lot to say.” The chattering finally made Fu Zhi look in the direction of the woman and give her honest evaluation. “You …” The woman was a little dissatisfied with Fu Zhi’s attitude. She thought that she was doing this for Fu Zhi’s own good. Honest words were unpleasant to the ear. Why didn’t children nowadays understand? Ye Jiu was still the easiest to talk to! Fu Zhi turned her head after she finished speaking. Thus, the woman could only suppress her evil thoughts and ask ye Jiu,”I haven’t asked yet. Which school did your sister get into?” It’s finally here! Ye Jiu looked into the woman’s eyes and said slowly,””Her? she doesn’t really like to study. With some additional points from the college entrance examination, she scored 770 points. I was lucky and scored 700 points. This is my third brother, who was admitted to the chemistry Department of Qing University in advance. The other is my second brother, who relied on e – Sports and barely got into a 985 University.” “……” “……” Silence. Not to mention the mother and daughter in front of him, even the entire business class was so quiet that one could hear the sound of a pin dropping! What a good fellow! They must have poked Qing DA’s nest today, right? So many Qing university students had popped out all of a sudden! The passengers in the cabin looked at the mother and daughter who had scored 638 points and still scored third in the National exam. They awkwardly picked out a Castle for them! “What do you mean by” not only did you fail to slap me in the face, but you were also slapped in the face “?” “You even mocked girls for playing games. Just because you’re good at studying, you can’t play games?” “Taking advantage of your seniority, how can there be such a low – Class person in the cabin?””is he a nouveau riche?” When such voices entered the mother and daughter’s ears, it was like a loud slap that shattered their pride! The woman, who used her seniority to call herself an Auntie, finally blushed. “Impossible! You’re lying!” Her daughter, li Linluo, bit her lip and looked up at the girl who was playing games in the cabin. She questioned,””There’s news on the official website this year that there’s only one person who scored 770 points, and it’s Fu Zhi from a city! Who is your sister? How can you take the credit of others?” OHO! There was still a reversal? The staff working in the business cabin stopped what they were doing and naturally looked over. It was not a glorious thing to claim the claim under false charges! Li Linluo’s mother also reacted and quickly said,””Right! My daughter is right! Not just anyone can get 770 points, how can you steal someone else’s score for the sake of your face …” Before she could finish speaking, she saw ye Jiu unhurriedly pull out the acceptance letters for the three of them. Qing University’s acceptance letter was different from other schools ‘. It was written by the principal and a few directors using a black carbon pen. A blue fountain pen worth 10000 Yuan was also included. Whether it was true or not, one could tell with a glance. Li Linluo was dumbfounded. Her mother was also stunned. She subconsciously muttered,””You guys have an Admission Notice too?” “Of course, we’re not as lucky as your daughter. She got into Qing University by taking the third Test and stepping on the 630 test papers.” Normally, ye Jiu wouldn’t mock li Linluo for her low score in the simple test. After all, the quality of teachers in each province was different, and their requirements were different. However, those who humiliated others would be humiliated as well. With ye Jiu’s sarcastic jeer, the mother – daughter pair quickly wilted. With her head lowered, she was not even in the mood to eat, especially li Linluo. Under the meaningful gazes of the business class passengers, she had made a big joke of herself. She only felt that everyone was mocking her grades and behavior. But was she to blame? She had always been focused on her studies, so she didn’t pay attention to the internet or Fu Zhi … It was only after the college entrance examination that she had seen the news report and learned that Fu Zhi had scored 770 points. She was really lucky! She did not study every day, yet she could still get such high scores. Also, her family had used some connections to add 20 points to her college entrance examination. Even if she did badly, she could still enter the entertainment industry with this face … Li Linluo and her mother, who didn’t know much about Fu Zhi, didn’t know anything about her other identity. After they got off the plane, they took a taxi to Qing Da. Seeing that li Linluo was in low spirits, Mrs. Li quickly grabbed li Linluo’s hand and said,””Don’t think too much. Points can’t represent everything! Doing well in the college entrance examination doesn’t mean that she can choose the most profitable major in the future through the interview!” “Luo luo, there are many ways to suppress a person. You may not be as good as her in your studies, but Qing University’s best major is finance. There are only about 40 students out of hundreds of students. As long as you can get in before her, you’ll still be better than her when you come out!” The woman’s words probably encouraged li Linluo. Li Linluo thought about it and realized that it made sense. She nodded and vowed,””Mom, don’t worry. I heard that the interview for the finance department tests the student’s all – Round development. The results only account for a small part. I’m well prepared, there’s no problem!” —— On the other side, in the Office of the Dean of Qing University’s finance department. The cicadas chirped, and the heat wave swept through the entire city. After Fu Zhi drove Lu Yushen and ye Jiu to their respective majors, she parked the car in the parking space in front of the teachers ‘building. It was the start of the school season, and most of the people on the road were seniors who helped the female students move their luggage and introduced them to the school. The entire school was filled with the aura of youth. The summer sun was scorching. Fu Zhi took off her Bluetooth and went into the building with a cap and a specially – made Black Face Mask.

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