The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

Chapter 1 - Can't help it, he's part of the scene after all

Chapter 1: Can’t help it, he’s part of the scene after all

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Midsummer, the asphalt roads were steaming hot, and scorching temperatures were almost climbing into each household through chinks in the windows.

Yet, in the corner room on the second floor of the little townhouse, the floor-to-ceiling windows were shielded completely by thick curtains.

The air-conditioner indoors was set at 24°C, making the messy-headed Ji Zhiyao sitting before the computer desk oblivious to the terrible conditions outside. He was drowsy and struggling to hit the key to turn on the computer. Thereafter, he casually pushed his hair back and opened the mini-refrigerator beneath the desk, grabbed a can of Coke, and gulped it down.

Throwing away the can, he seemed slightly more awake and walked to the bathroom to wash up.

About ten minutes later, an innocent youth reappeared.

Ji Zhiyao ably opened a streaming software on his desktop, and in the few seconds of waiting to log on, he gently grabbed his hair again while posting a new status on his Weibo.

IndefiniteFutureV 1 : live streaming for two hours.

Probably due to the fact that there had been no earlier reminders, there were not many people online in the streaming room. Only about a thousand people were there. Ji Zhiyao put on his ear-mic, made a ‘tsk’ sound, and mocked. “Such bleak popularity.”

Just as he finished speaking, the streaming room named IndefiniteNoHomo 2 began to fill with comments.

[What am I seeing? Shouldn’t my MelonRind 3 be lying on his bed having wet dreams?]

[Red rain is falling from the sky, even Brother NoHomo has begun going early to bed and early to rise.]

[A has-been broadcaster who doesn’t even go on livestream for three consecutive days, shouldn’t being described as bleak be normal?]


Watching the number of people entering the stream room escalating rapidly, Ji Zhiyao smiled a little while pursing his lips, revealing a small half of pointed little canine teeth.

Dark pupils beneath the single eyelids narrowed like a cat waiting to be stroked. “The reason for waking up early is because life is not easy. I somehow have to earn some school fees and all.”

He smiled at the camera, and as if it came with a soft light diffusion filter, evoked many calls of approval from more than half of his female fans in the streaming room, excitedly sending in diamonds and flowers 4

[I will be responsible for your smile!]

[I want to have your children!!!]

[How gay…]

[Let me be responsible for the contentment of your lower body! 5 ]

Ji Zhiyao read the comments, narrowed his eyes, and spoke slowly. “Although I use quite a lot of obscenities while gaming and the development of my body has been rather mature, I am still a child who has just graduated from middle school.”

[Alright, alright, we will be gentler. LOL]

[Even if little MelonRind is a child, you would also be a king amongst children capable of causing chaos alone!!]

[Using dirty tricks again? Is it not okay to simply peacefully be a gaming broadcaster?]

The number of people in the streaming room had already exceeded six thousand, almost breaking the huge seven thousand mark. He stopped reading comments, minimized the window of the livestream room, and went straight to click on the Heroes interface on the desktop. “I’m gonna stop talking. It’s gaming time.”

In next to no time, numbers in the room started to surge rapidly once more.

If it was not for an older lady who had continuously sent him ten yachts once when he was gaming, he would not use such a gay username to go around everywhere.

Can’t help it, he’s part of the scene after all.

Ji Zhiyao knocked on the surface of the table with his index finger, and in the interval of waiting to be assigned opponents, he got up and grabbed a bottle of water from the mini refrigerator.

As his lifted his head to drink, dark pupils beneath his thin lashes casually swept across the screen that was now loading a match, and he promptly spit out the mouthful of water.

Opponent, Mix.Fi???

How is it that a leisure game in the morning led to meeting the publicly known local top ADC 6 in Heroes, Fi-god?

Ji Zhiyao licked his lips. Excitement could be seen in his eyes.

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