The National Sweetheart Livestreamer Is A Pro!

Chapter 37 - Untitled

Chapter 37: Untitled

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Yuan Wei put down his already sore arm and recognized that one of the two men was the one who made the rules in their house, their dear Captain, and the other was the chosen little reserve.

Hence, he said with a pleasant countenance, “IndefiniteFuture? Here to visit the base? Welcome, welcome!”

Ji Zhiyao looked at Yuan Wei feeling that he did not look like any of the Mix battleteam’s members that he had seen before, but he also did not know why this person would call out his stage name right away. Hence, he was a little hesitant. “You are…”

Yuan Wei seemed to have realized something, and the smile on his lips suddenly went stiff. Then, he desperately threw meaningful glances towards Mo Huaifeng.

Fi-god, since you don’t want to bring up the signing of contract now, help explain to him why I would know Ji Zhiyao!

To think he accidentally spilled the beans…

Ji Zhiyao with a whole face of confusion looked at Mo Huaifeng along Yuan Wei’s line of vision.

Mo Huaifeng had no expressions. “This is Mix battleteam’s manager, Yuan Wei. He’s your fan and often watches your livestream.”

Ji Zhiyao was suddenly enlightened and after hearing Yuan Wei’s relieved “Yes yes yes,” picked up his phone. “Nice to meet you, Brother Yuan Wei. You are my fan, so you should be following me on Weibo? Tell me your account. I’ll follow back.”

Yuan Wei replied with panic in his eyes. “… I think that’s not too good.”

Ji Zhiyao continued, not noticing Yuan Wei’s horror. “It’s fine, fan’s benefits.”

Mo Huaifeng was getting impatient. “Tsk, just do it.”

Yuan Wei tried to explain. “That um, actually as the team manager, I’ve always been using the Mix battleteam official account, so, perhaps, following each other may create a not too good effect. You guys eat the food first! I remembered I still have something I haven’t done, so I’ll leave first. Have a good time and come again next time!”

Yuan Wei finished a whole long chain of words without stopping, then placed the takeaway bags on the floor, turned around, and walked towards the front door at a speed that was comparable to a hundred-meter dash.

Baffled, Ji Zhiyao watched at Yuan Wei’s back view that seemed like he was running for his life. “What’s with him?”

Mo Huaifeng sat up and opened the takeaway bag. His leisurely action was exceptionally attractive. He replied while opening. “Maybe he needs the toilet.”

“Are there no toilets in the base?”

“He recognizes the toilet bowl, and if the toilet changes, he can’t pee.”

“Don’t try to fool me! Even though I wasn’t educated much, I’ve lived for so damn long, and I’ve only heard about recognizing beds?!”

“It takes all sorts to make a world, and there are all kinds of fish in the sea. Don’t bother with him. Eat.”


He stayed for an entire four hours at Mix battleteam base. Ji Zhiyao played Chinese checkers for two and a half hours and took half an hour to eat the takeaway. For the remaining one hour, the other members of the team appeared downstairs almost at the same time as if they had set a time to do so. Ji Zhiyao (Mo Huaifeng) thus managed to fulfill his beautiful dream of playing 5v5 rank game face-to-face.

The mid-laner Heng went to guide his reserve in playing a new champion. Xiao filled up Heng’s spot, and Ji Zhiyao used Xiao’s account.

Thus, when it came to picking champions…

Ji Zhiyao said, “Brother Xiao, why did you lock in this champion?”

Xiao replied. “Habit…*coughs*, although this champion is an assassin, his ability in roaming the mid-lane is very strong, so he’s great in defending turrets too.”

“Brother Xiao, I hope you firmly keep in mind these words and stay away from my jungle. If you want to wreck the jungle, you can too: go and steal the opponent’s. I don’t care if you steal it all, and I will even clap for you.”

“You’re really arrogant. At the very least, I’m still an ethical professional player and also your senior. I don’t need you to remind me.”

“When we begin in a while, I will start to record a video, so I hope you remember your ethics.”


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