The Path Toward Heaven

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Departure

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Jing Jiu was quite dumbfounded by this, blurting out, “What?”

“If you are a spy from another sect, then you should leave quickly; I won’t tell anybody,” Liu Shisui said nervously.

Jing Jiu finally understood what he meant and shook his head with a smile, putting down the sands held among his fingers.

A year ago he had asked Liu why he still wanted to stay with him.

Liu didn’t answer his question at the time and didn’t quite seem understand the question either, but Jing Jiu knew he understood it.

At that time Liu, had already become suspicious of him, even deliberately arranging that Q&A spectacle in an attempt to score more credits with the sect to pave a smoother road for himself. Such ideas and planning were indeed naïve, but what would you expect from a small kid?

After that day, Liu had never mentioned anything related to the topic until today, and now he finally asked about it.

This was because he was about to enter the inner sect and became a true disciple of the Green Mountain Sect, and not just an attendant of his anymore.

Jing Jiu was not disappointed, nor was he angry. On the contrary: he thought Liu’s idea was kind of lovely.

This had nothing to do with betrayal, but everything to do with growing up.

So he laughed.

His laugh looked very beautiful, just like an ancient piece of ice that was finally being melted by the warm spring sun, and from whence came a lotus too beautiful to describe.

Affected by his beautiful smile, Liu sighed, “The young master is still so good-looking.”

“Yeah, it’s been two years, and I’m still not used to it,” Jing Jiu looked at his own reflection in the ceramic plate and said.

“Then, what kind of a person are you, Young Master?” Liu asked with an uneasy feeling.

“I don’t want to tell you,” Jing Jiu said.

“Oh,” Liu Shisui said, somewhat dejected.

“Don’t worry; I’m not a spy,” Jing comforted him.

Liu thought it over with some effort and found it to be the truth, so he wasn’t worried as much.

How can someone as attractive as the Young Master be a spy? Besides, he was…so lazy.

How can a spy be so lazy? How could he collect any information staying in this small courtyard all day long?

All the external disciples at the South Pine Pavilion came to the training hall, along with all the caretakers.

Liu Shisui looked back while standing on the stone steps, feeling somewhat nervous; it was not because of the attention from others that bore a hint of both expectation and jealousy, but because Jing Jiu did not show up as he had expected.

“No problem,” Master Lü encouraged while patting his shoulder.

He knew that he was not the first to discover that Liu possessed a natural Dao quality, but he was the one who had brought him here from that small village, who had cared for and protected him over the past year. He thought he understood him very well; Liu was not only extremely talented and special, but also had the temperament of sincerity and diligence, as well as a solid foundation, so he should have a good chance to pass the day’s inner sect examination.

He thought of another person whom he had high hopes for as well: that person was Jing Jiu. To him, though Jing Jiu was neither that talented nor that special, he was very intelligent, and his comprehensive ability was far better than that of the ordinary disciples, far better than even his own, but…that young man was simply too lacking in ambition; he had checked him out with his Piercing Discernment once about half a year ago, and found he had not developed any Dao quality yet. It disappointed him very much.

Master Lü stopped thinking about it. “Remember, it’s very important to clear your mind of all distractions,” he told Liu.

Liu nodded forcefully and walked in a seemingly ordinary room at the deep end of the training hall, watched by the masters and other disciples.

The Master responsible for the examination was from, Xilai Peak, the Sixth Peak, plus another Master, Ming Guoxing, responsible for recruitment at the South Pine Pavilion when Liu and Jing first came here.

“Hello, Master Ming. Hello,, Master.”

Until then, Liu had never been to the Ninth Peak, but his reputation had already preceded him there.

Who would dare look down on a natural Dao quality favored by the whole Green Mountain Sect?

That Master from Xilai Peak nodded warmly, and Ming Guoxing was very happy, smiling and patting his shoulder.

It was him he wrote down Liu Shisui’s name in the registry; it would be his glory if one day this kid became well known around the world.

“How is your young master lately?” Ming Guoxing inquired when recalling that good-looking but empty youth at the gate.

Liu Shisui didn’t know how to answer.

The master from Xilai glanced at Ming Guoxing and inquired with his eye.

Ming Guoxing made a gesture on his face with the right hand, and the master realized who Ming was referring to right away, and he smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Regardless of whether you pass the examination or not, you are not allowed to tell anyone about the content of the examination and what you understand of it.”

The master from Xilai Peak looked at Liu and spoke solemnly.

Ming Guoxing became serious as well and added, “Including your Young Master.”

Liu stayed silent for a while and then agreed.

Ming Guoxing and that master closed the room door behind them and walked out.

Liu Shisui strolled to the desk and nervously took a breath.

There was a shelf with an object on it that resembled a belt of dark color with a smooth surface, and a hint of chilliness coming from it.

This WAS the Sword Embryo.

Liu quieted himself and placed his hands on the Sword Embryo with his eyes closed, and began to cause the zhenyuan in the meridians to flow.

The Sword Embryo could sense the volume of zhenyuan inside the practitioner and travelled upward, shining light on his Spiritual Fountain in great detail as it did.

Only after the Spiritual Fountain was filled could Dao quality could be provided with enough nutrients and lead to the formation of the . Sword Fruit.

Those who had no hope of forming the Sword Fruit did not have what it took enter the inner sect of the Green Mountain Sect.


The sound seemed low and dull, but it was extremely lucid, like numerous swords hitting the walls at the same time.

Outside, Ming Guoxing and the master from Xilai glanced at each other, full of surprise and delight.

The natural Dao quality was indeed as strong as spoken of! He could even make the Sword Embryo release such strong resonance!

Though he is only twelve years old and has practiced for just over a year!

Half an hour later, Liu walked out of the training hall.

Outside, Master Lü and all the other disciples and caretakers heard the resonating sound, but still looked at him nervously.

Liu Shisui nodded and then laughed happily.

Master Lü was very pleased, and the external disciples were so excited that they couldn’t help shouting out, the cheers being heard faraway.

In the small courtyard, Jing Jiu heard the cheers and smiled.

He never doubted that Liu would pass the examination and so was too lazy to go . .A natural Dao quality, a foundation built for half a year, and the help of a Zixuan pill… He had no reason not to succeed.

Unless this person is like himself, with a bottomless Spiritual Fountain, but where in the world can you find another person like him?

Liu Shisui pushed open the courtyard door, running but unable to talk.

He didn’t know how to express his feelings.

It was rare for Jing Jiu to get up from the bamboo chair.

He looked at Liu with his hands behind his back and said evenly but seriously, “The road is long and dangerous, and very few on the same path can reach the end; you are on the road now, so you must focus on it. Years from now, you will forget; it’s natural. Don’t try too hard to remember; there’s no nothing appealing in that..”

Liu Shisui didn’t catch what he had just said but soon understood, then exclaimed angrily, “It’s impossible for me to forget.”

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