The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex

Chapter 1221 - Are You Afraid That You Wouldn't Have a Future With Him?

Chapter 1221: Are You Afraid That You Wouldn’t Have a Future With Him?

He Xiyan felt a little uncomfortable as the woman stared at her.

She pursed her lips into an awkward smile, but she shook her head instead of responding to the woman’s question.

She didn’t have a husband and it had been a long time since she last had a husband. She had only visited this place because she hoped to get some help and advice so that she wouldn’t feel so conflicted.

“Sigh…” the woman heaved a sigh, “Men these days are so unreliable!

The woman sounded as though she was talking to herself. She was 38 years old that year and a mother of two. She had been married to Chen Zhi for the past 15 years. They had gone from having nothing to having a house, a car, and starting a company together. She thought that they would be able to enjoy life now that their living standards had improved but to her surprise, her husband had gotten a mistress two years ago and even had a daughter with her. He was constantly going on about a divorce these days, so she was hopping mad. She had come to seek an expert’s advice on tips on how to keep her marriage and win her husband’s heart.

He Xiyan saw the anger and anguish on the woman’s face but she couldn’t offer any words of comfort.

She checked the time and saw that it was almost 2:30 PM. She looked in the direction of the elevator and prayed that the doctor would arrive soon.

Professor Lan’s full name was Lan Xin. She was 42 years old and she was considered a relationship expert who was well-known domestically. She was also the most well-known relationship expert in the hospital. She would only see patients at this hospital twice a week, it was terribly difficult to get an appointment with her.

The elevator door pinged open five minutes later and three psychologists, including Professor Lan emerged from the elevator. Professor Lan wasn’t wearing a white coat like the rest of the doctors, but she was dressed in plain clothes.

He Xiyan studied Professor Lan and saw that she wasn’t considered a beauty and her features weren’t that exquisite either but she gave off an elegant air. She wore a light blue knit top paired with a gray pencil skirt and black heels but her simple outfit seemed very classy on her.

“Are you my 2:30 PM appointment?” Professor Lan asked with a smile as she walked up to He Xiyan.

He Xiyan nodded and said, “Yes, Doctor Lan.”

She addressed her as ‘doctor’ because to her, everyone who saw patients in a hospital was considered a ‘doctor’.

“Come on in,” Professor Lan said as she opened the door to her consultation room and invited He Xiyan to enter.

He Xiyan entered and sat on a black leather sofa.

This consultation room seemed more like an office than a medical consultation room. There was a sofa, a coffee table, and even a television.

Professor Lan held a set of documents in her hand that she had just printed. Every patient who made an appointment to see her would have to send her an email explaining their situation and the issues they faced.

Professor Lan knew what kind of situation He Xiyan was in and the problems she faced in her relationships.

She poured He Xiyan a cup of warm water.

He Xiyan accepted the cup and thanked her.

Professor Lan sat diagonally across He Xiyan and she still carried the documents in her hand.

“Ms. He, I’ve managed to get a basic understanding of your case. You said that you’re reluctant to start another relationship at this juncture. Is that because you’re afraid that this relationship wouldn’t turn out well?” Professor Lan asked warmly as she looked at He Xiyan and waited for her reaction.

He Xiyan nodded and she didn’t feel so guarded in front of a doctor.

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