The Queen of Everything

Chapter 220 - Look Back And The Shore Is At Hand!

Chapter 220: Look Back And The Shore Is At Hand!

Su Cha wasn’t really getting angry and Bo Muyi watched her with amusement.

He seemed to enjoy Su Cha being this way. The smile on his lips became increasingly obvious, as he opened Su Cha’s suitcase beside the bed.

The suitcase was filled with things. Su Cha didn’t have much luggage from Yonggu Town. She chose to have the more troublesome items delivered.

She was here, but the courier hadn’t arrived yet.

Her intimate clothing was placed in a small section in the suitcase. When she saw Bo Muyi giving it to her without shying away, she didn’t know how to describe her feelings.

She would get used to these things sooner or later, right?

Su Cha thought about it, feeling awkward.

When putting them on, Su Cha drove Bo Muyi out. After getting dressed, she walked into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Su Cha’s set of toiletries were all prepared for her, some of them were still unopened, and there was a stark difference between the man’s and the woman’s.

In addition to the huge mirror above the hand-wash basin, there was a whole wall cabinet standing next to it. Su Cha originally thought it contained some private items, but when she opened it, she saw that it was full of skin care products…

This was obviously prepared for her. There were various small drawers underneath. Opening the dazzling lipstick tubes, she saw the logos of various luxury brands. The collection range included eye shadows and eyebrow pencils. Whatever cosmetics were present at the backstage of “Dreams in Progress” which Su Cha participated in were there.

It was obvious there wasn’t only one brand.

Su Cha believed, if any of these brands were randomly taken out, it would drive women crazy.

It definitely wasn’t for Bo Muyi’s use. She was stunned for a moment, and she simply took pictures of a few bottles of skin care products and sent them to Le Anqi.

Anqi, how do you use these?

Le Anqi responded to Su Cha soon after.

Le Anqi: My goodness Su Cha, You are crazy. I don’t know the smallest bottle, but it looks unaffordable… The biggest one is a set of Hebrew Blue Crystal skin care products, this set costs hundreds of thousands! And it is limited edition!! Did you rob a bank? Otherwise how could you afford it? These are all exclusive luxury gifts for VVIPs!!!


From Le Anqi’s words, Su Cha could know how precious the things Bo Muyi prepared for her were.

She didn’t recognise a lot of cosmetics, but she still knew the rough differences between skin care products. There was obviously more than one set here…

And the cabinet was full of them…

Rubbing her forehead, Su Cha began to feel that she had latched onto a tycoon.

No that isn’t right, the two liked each other, how could it be considered as latching on?

Then the question came again, how blind was she… to have loved Zhai Yao?

With a sigh, Su Cha picked one of the sets that was probably suitable for her and started washing her face and brushing her teeth.

There were some things she didn’t want Bo Muyi to help with. Bo Muyi could give in to her in these respects. When she used these she too felt no pressure. After all, if the two separated their matters clearly, that wasn’t dating, at most it was just proving Bo Muyi’s financial ability. To him, these things were probably small gifts.

If she didn’t use it, she didn’t know how he would blow up.

After washing her face, she replied to Le Anqi’s message, not keeping her in the dark.

-My boyfriend gifted them.

Le Anqi: …

Le Anqi: My dear Su Cha, you must not go astray, look back and the shore is at hand!!

Seeing her response, Su Cha couldn’t help but want to laugh.

Le Anqi, where had her thoughts flown to?

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