The Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Tit for Tat

“Unfilial granddaughter, get down on your kneels!”

Shen Miao did not move even with the Old Shen Furen’s words.

Everyone looked at her in shocked. Shen Xin were not in the residence due to battles thus Shen Miao was brought up by Old Shen Furen. Old Shen Furen was that severe to her and with Shen Miao character of being weak and cowardly, she had never refuted Old Furen’s commands before. She actually did not kneel today?

It was indeed that as long as the matter was related to Prince Ding, she would have tremendous courage?

“Zu Mu, Fifth Lady (referring to herself) mistake did one made.” Shen Miao calmly said.

“Is the fever making Fifth Younger Sister confused?” Shen Yue was the first to speak with an anxious expression on her face, “Zu Mu was only in the moment of anger and would not truly punish you. As long as you admit your mistake then the matter would be concluded. Why are you being stubborn?”

This sentence had already place the fault of knowing one’s err and unwilling to change and going against eldest onto Shen Miao’s head.

“Impudent! The skies has fallen!” Old Shen Furen was so angry that she suddenly sat upright and her voice became sharper. Shen Yuan Bo who was eating the sweet steam milk pastries was frighten by Old Shen Furen sudden action and the snacks he was holding accidentally fell onto the ground, causing him to burst into tears.

“Seventh son mustn’t cry.” Ren Wan Yun saw that her youngest son was crying and immediately took a few steps forward to carry him in her arms as she looked at Shen Miao with an unfavourable manner, “Fifth Lady, are you crazy? Who taught you to go against one’s elders?”

Shen Miao looked at Ren Wan Yun.

Second Furen, Ren Wan Yun, was full-bodied and wore a blue silk dress with a rosy and fair plump face. When one saw her, she look kind and benevolent as she usually had a smile on her face. She had the authority of the household in her hands and everyone in Shen residence respected her fairness in handling matters. She was entirely worthy to be a good daughter-in-law and wife.

Shen Miao also thought the same until later when she was married off, Shen Xin almost added half of his assets into the dowry but at the end only a few ended up at Prince Ding’s residence. Why was it like that? It was naturally swallowed up by Ren Wan Yun.

Ren Yan Yun confiscated the more valuable items in the dowry and since the owner was change with the addition of Shen Xin not in the capital, she was married foolishly into Prince Ding’s residence. It was because of her dowry that she had lost her standing in the entire Prince Ding’s residence. It was all due to this good Shenshen’s ‘fairness’.

“Second Shen’s remark meant that Fifth Lady is wrong?” Shen Miao softly said, “But Fifth Lady did not know where did one went wrong.”

“Stupid thing!” Old Shen Furen did not hold back and immediately cursed, “Such a young age and still do not know what shame is. To steal a look of His Highness Prince Ding. You have shame us all in the Shen residence! And to even dare to rebut at me. Who taught you the rules to be this disrespectful!”

Shen Miao sigh softly in her heart. Old Shen Furen usually had an air of arrogance but once she open her mouth, it was the style of a songstress. Which old furen of a noble family would curse like this? It was exactly like a common prostitute lady. In Shen Miao’s past life, she did not feel that way but after being an Empress and seeing this, she felt that Old Shen Furen’s words had brought down her status.

“Steal a look at His Highness Prince Ding?” She tilted her head and asked in confusion.

Shen Yue could not help but say, “Fifth Younger Sister, although it is known that you are in love with Prince Ding, but to fall into the water just to steal a look of Prince Ding is detrimental to this residence’s face. Moreover His Highness Prince Ding would not be happy in his heart. Fifth Younger Sister, you did better find a chance to apologise to Prince Ding.”

Being in love with Prince Ding and apologise to Prince Ding. Which female would be willing to lose her face in front of her beloved man? In the last lifetime Shen Yue also said like that and Old Shen Furen thought likewise but Shen Miao felt that it was embarrassed to death and was then confined by Old Shen Furen in a rage.

One sentence of because of being in love with Prince Ding and did not know any shame and thus ruined own reputation and also implicated the entire residence. Shen Yue looked gentle and elegant but her mind could turn and twist things. Shen Miao could not help but look at her.

Shen Yue just finish speaking when she saw Shen Miao looking at herself. That pair of black eyes like grapes was exceptionally clear as if they contain some special intention, made her feel shock for a moment.

In the next second, Shen Miao faint voice was heard, “Second Older Sister, what in love with His Highness Prince Ding. This sentence cannot be said anyhow. At the moment, Fifth Lady is a young lady yet to be wed. To say such thing, one would fear that this would destroy Fifth Lady’s reputation.”

Shen Yue was stunned.

The entire noble circle in the capital knew that Shen Miao is in love with Prince Ding. Although Shen Miao had not stated it before but her words and deeds have indicated as much. Why was it denied now?

She smiled, “Fifth Younger Sister, there is only our own family here. These things need not be hidden…”

“Second Older Sister!” As she was talking, Shen Miao suddenly interrupted her by speaking loudly and severely said, “Second Older Sister must be careful of her words as trouble will come when improper words are spoken. His Highness Prince Ding is a Royal aristocrat and we as old influential family must be even more cautious of our conduct. Previously it was Fifth Lady that was young and immature thus words and deeds were misunderstood but what happen the other day was a lesson. Fifth Lady will restricts one’s words and deeds so may Second Older Sister please not say such words.”

These words made not only Shen Yue but everyone in the house, including Old Shen Furen, stunned.

Shen Miao was usually very soft and timid and had never spoken loudly before. She was one who was obedient and easy to control. How could her words be this swift and severe?

A flash of light crossed Chen Rou Qiu’s eyes. Shen Yue was still young, thus was not as smart as her. She came from a family of scholars but was not without smarts. Usually she was lofty in nature and would never admit defeat thus when she saw her own daughter was at a disadvantage, she was annoyed and thus immediately said gently and softly, “Fifth Lady could clear up with a sentence of being in love or not but when all is said and done, who is able to guess a female’s heart. But Fifth Lady better listen to Third Shenshen words, your Second Older Sister words were not wrong. His Highness Prince Ding’s status is noble thus in any case, one should apologise to him.”

“That is correct.” Old Shen Furen also recovered and said, “Send a card to Prince Ding’s residence tomorrow and personally apologise.”

Shen Miao almost laughed with rage. These words could actually be used to deceive the innocent her in the previous lifetime. To see it now, she a Di daughter of a family with military lineage, her status was very noble, so why should she go to a Prince to apologise. If that was done, where would Shen Xin’s put his face at? This would afraid be another joke that would be spread in the capital from tomorrow onwards.

She also could finally understand that Old Furen saw Shen Xin, who was delivered by the YuanPei, from the First household as a sore in her eyes and could not wait to see the First household to make a fool of themselves every day. The best it would be for it to collapse as early as possible and since Shen Xin and Shen Furen were not in the capital and she could use her as a raft.

In this world, how can there be such a good thing?

Shen Miao lightly smiled and her eyes fell onto Shen Qing who was quiet from the beginning. She said, “Eldest Sister, when I fell into the water, there was only you at my side.”

Shen Qing raised her head and nodded quietly. She had already thought of it ahead, Shen Miao would definitely say that it was her who pushed her into the water but Shen Qing was not afraid. The one who made the decisions in the Shen family now was Old Furen and Ren Wan Yun and Shen Miao only had a title of a young lady but was in actuality a daughter that three household would not care about. As long as she insisted, Old Furen and Ren Wan Yu will still side her. At that time Shen Miao would be considered as lying and definitely be disliked by Old Furen and would be punished heavily. She deserved it! Who told her that a vulgar and ignorant daughter like her can also fight with her for Prince Ding, she should have drowned on that day!

“Eldest Sister, did you also saw His Highness prince Ding?” Shen Miao asked but she did not only meant this.

“Have seen.” Shen Qing replied.

“Then it is as such. In the previous day, it was obvious that Eldest Sister and I was playing at the edge of the pond and accidentally fell into the water. At the same moment His Highness Prince Ding who pass by the Shen residence came in to get the painting from Second Shu met with the incident.” Shen Miao shook her head, “If I were to steal a look of Prince Ding, how would I get the news from. It was unreasonable for Second and Third Shu’s servant to pass the news to the Inner Residence. How would I know that His Highness Prince Ding would come to the Shen residence to request a painting from Second Shu, unless one is a prophet? Or…” She leisurely continued, “Could it be that His Highness Prince Ding sent an card to our residence?”

Shen Qing did not understand the meaning of what Shen Miao was saying and wanted to refute with a frown but she heard her own mother suddenly shouted, “Eldest daughter!” The voice was unable to hide the urgency behind.

Shen Miao glance at the pale looking Ren Wan Yun and suddenly nervous Chen Rou Qiu and smiled lightly.

What she said, how could anyone not hear the meaning behind when there were so many smart people in the residence.

When Fu Xiu Yi over to the Shen residence the day before, it was because when he passed by the Shen residence, he remembered of the chess bet with Shen Gui and went looking for Shen Gui for a painting.

Now Shen Miao said that a card was sent in advance… Presently the Emperor hated when the princes and officials got too close and if one were to send an invitation in advance, what does the card meant? To plan the future next in line?

There are thousands of eyes and ears in the world, who would know if there were any spies of the Royal Family in Shen residence. Some words cannot be even said.

The sentence from Shen Miao had already gone above the conduct of females to the loyalty of the officials. Shen Xin is in the Northwest region and naturally would not affect him but there is still Shen Gui and Shen Wan in the Shen residence and these two people held positions in court.

This reason, Shen Yue and Shen Qing did not understand but Ren Wan Yun and Chen Rou Qiu definitely understood.

Shen Miao sneered in her heart. They wanted to trample on her reputation so she brought out Shen Gui’s and Shen Wan’s head to bet. Did her Second and Third Shen understood? Is it worth it? Do they dare?

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