The Rest Of My Life Is For You

Chapter 1904 - Whose child is this? (16)

Chapter 1904: Whose child is this? (16)

However, under such circumstances, she couldn’t go back to retrieve it.

She could only take a new one from the wardrobe and put it on.

Just as she finished putting on her clothes, the housekeeper came up with the prepared milk. She was busy taking care of Little Tang Bao and Xiao Liuliu. She thought that when fan Yu left the House Tomorrow, she would go to his study to look for it.

However, just as she sat down by the bed with the milk bottle, her cell phone rang.

Sending a message at this time was most likely an emergency.

Qiao yuanfei shook the milk bottle in her hand, took out her cell phone with one hand, and opened the message.

The moment the photo entered her eyes, she was completely dumbstruck.

The milk bottle in her hand fell to the ground with a bang!

Little Tang Bao, who was in the crib, was so frightened that he kicked his legs. Little Six-six also climbed up from the pillow with a whoosh. She grabbed her hair and stared with her muddled eyes at Qiao yuanfei, whose cheeks instantly turned red as if she was about to catch fire..

“Fan Yu, you bastard –”

Through the long corridor and a soundproof door, Fan Yu, who was sitting in the study, could clearly hear her angry roar.

He sighed again. It was so good to be a devil!

From that day onwards.

Fan Yu and Qiao Yuanfei lived under the same roof and never appeared in the same picture again.

Whenever fan Yu returned, Qiao Yuanfei would bring Xiao Liuliu and Little Tang Bao to the courtyard to bask in the Sun.

Once Fan Yu went upstairs, she would bring Xiao Liuliu and Little Tang Bao to play in the living room.

When Fan Yu slept, she would also bring Xiao Liuliu and Little Tang Bao back to their rooms to sleep.

In short, she would do everything she could to avoid fan Yu.

In the end, Fan Yu began to wonder if he was the only one in the entire villa..

When Qiao Yuanfei went downstairs to pour milk for Little Tang Bao, he blocked her at the stairway.

His tall and straight body leaned against the guardrail and reached out to pull his tie.

He raised his eyebrows.

“How long are you going to hide from me?”

“I’m not.”Qiao yuanfei lowered her head. Before she could even look at him, her ears were already red.

If she spoke to fan Yu a little more, her face would probably turn red as well.

Fan Yu seemed to have thought of something as the corners of his mouth curled up in a devilish manner.

“If it’s because of little broken flower…”

“I don’t understand what you’re saying! Little Tang Bao is hungry. I’m going to go feed him milk.”Qiao yuanfei seemed to have been switched on to Popeye mode. She pushed fan yu away with a sudden push and ran into the room without looking back.

The door closed with a bang!


Fan Yu stood at the stairway and stared at her retreating figure. His smile became more obvious.

“With just this little mental fortitude, if he knew that there were surveillance cameras in my study, he would probably fight me to the death.”

In other words, he was already merciful by only sending her photos of the little flowers.

If he was any worse, he would have sent her a video.

Especially when she took the initiative to hug him, shivering in his arms, and said that he shouldn’t be this kind of person..

God knows, every time he watched this video these past few days, he would regret bringing Little Tang Bao back.

Wasn’t a little six-six enough to cause a ruckus?

With little Tang Bao, he couldn’t even find the opportunity to be a devil.

Fan Yu stood at the stairway for a few seconds. Recalling the news that was announced by the Qiao Corporation today, he walked back into the guest room.

The moment Qiao Yuanfei saw him, her entire body tensed up, and her posture of hugging little Tang Bao became stiff.

Fortunately, Xiao Liuliu was there. Before she could speak, Xiao Liuliu had already pounced in front of Fan Yu and opened her arms to beg for a hug.

Fan Yu, who had always doted on Xiao Liuliu, didn’t hug her immediately for the first time.

Instead, he looked at Qiao yuanfei.

“I have news that I want to tell you first.”

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