The Rise of Otaku

Chapter 286 - The event begins

Chapter 286: Chapter 286 The event begins

With the building of wonder, the atmosphere of Luhua City suddenly changed. It was as if there was a circus in the city, there were sounds of drums and trumpets everywhere. It was also because of the building of wonder, the population of Luhua City has been rising rapidly. If the stray cat Hank hadn’t urged him to control the population, probably, the entire Luhua city would be filled with unemployed refugees now.

The number of tourists who came to visit the building of wonder was also increasing. Zhou Yu could imagine how many spectators would watch the competition + concert, which would be held at the “Vermilion Bird” stadium on the day of the throwing embroidered ball event.

All the idols from Luhua city would be performing that day, regardless they were fallen idols or Starlight idols. In other places, there may be some rules that would not allow the idols from two different factions to perform on the same stage, but there were no such rules in Luhua city. After all, they were all his kids, he could not just kick them out of the city.

And when other agents of the ACG world heard that the idols from two factions would be performing on the same stage, they all shook their heads and said that they would not participate in the show. Those old rules were too difficult to deal with. Luhua city was able to do it because it was a special place, in terms of the rest of the people, it was much better for them to follow the old rules.

Therefore, although Zhou Yu had sent out invitation letters, there were very few idols willing to participate in this event. And those who were willing to participate were just some wandering idols.

There were many such idols in the past. The idols that grew up in the cities would have the throwing embroidered ball event, but those who grew up in the wild could only do their best to survive on their own. But nowadays, there were far fewer wandering idols. It was not completely extinct because there were always some adventurers like Yi Hu, who had nothing better to do. They would get an orphan book and then adopt a wild idol. And because they were still adventures, so in the end, those idols became wandering idols.

The wandering idols had no affiliated management company and no affiliated cities, they basically performed wherever they went. Some of the poor ones would accept any kind of performing invitation, let alone this kind of event.

Most of the qualities of the wandering idols were very poor, so inviting all of them would only make this grant event look like a street performer convention. Therefore, the minimum requirement Zhou Yu set was that idols must have at least ordinary quality, and their singing attribute must be above 50 points. Those wondering idols would be the perfect foils to little Muli, Bai Mo, and Mu Xiaoyou’s performance. Lou Baobao was an action actor. It might be okay for her to perform her martial art skill on the stage, but it would be difficult to ask her to sing.

As the oldest idol of the Luhua City, of course, Zhou Yu would not forget about little Niannian. He even left the featuring song to him.

Because the people of the Starlight Alliance refused to let the death song, “Soul Sacrifice” written by Bai Mo personally, appear in “little Muli’s Incredible Maze”, and Zhou Yu also did not want to sell it to the fallen city, so he has kept it until now. But now, Zhou Yu was finally able to show it to the world again.

Therefore, it was also an important night for Bai Mo.

The Starlight Alliance and the Fallen Horde were performing on the same stage. This was something that hasn’t happened in the ACG world for quite many years. It was also a relatively novel thing for the ordinary people of the ACG world. Coupled with the throwing embroidered ball event, people could enjoy two fun events with one ticket, which was a bargain.

One hundred thousand tickets, except for some special seats reserved for some people, were sold out very soon. Although it seemed like a lot of income, after deducting the cost of venue arrangement, actors’ performance fees, and hiring venue staff, the net income was only more than 10,000 Moe coins.

It just happened to fill the shortfall of the building of wonder.

It was a good thing to have no empty seat, but it also meant that they could not mess up the performance anymore. Otherwise, if the audience wanted a refund, Luhua City would fall into an economic crisis.

There would be no problem with the performers in the ACG world’s concert. The problem was that many people would appear to make trouble, and some criminals especially like to pick such activities.

So the security work would be a major challenge.

Normally, there was no shortage of manpower in Luhua city, but with 100,000 people suddenly pouring into Luhua City, even if they were only a few dozen centimeters tall, the total number was still a scary number. Besides after Lilith summoned her golden army, they could only stay outside for a limited amount of time, so they could only be dispatched when there was an emergency.

Therefore, Zhou Yu spent a lot of money, found the largest security company in Starlight City, ‘The Avengers’, and purchased a one-day top-level security contract. This contract alone cost more than ten thousands of Moe coins. The Avengers was indeed a group of greedy moneymakers.

Anyway, with them, now Luhua City’s defense should be indestructible. Each participating idol had a top bodyguard protecting them, and there were monitors watching the entire stadium, not giving any criminals a chance.

And Zhou Yu was ready to bring a surprise to the children again.

He used to show the children a theater performance in the classroom before. Now he wanted to show them a live performance on the big stage.

The camera of the ACG world had a relay function. After it was connected to the camera of young cameramen Qi Yulin, and then transferred to the projector ‘Nightmare’, he would be able to show the live performance of the performance to the children.

Children would be able to experience that fantastic dream again.

The host of the event was still Zhao Zan. After all, at present, there was only one host in Luhua City. The first half of the event was to warm up the crowd, and the idol that needed to throw the embroidered ball would also show his face. Then it was the competition, and lastly, the event would end with a singing and dancing performance.

The cheers of 100,000 people at the scene were deafening, and the variety of mini people of the ACG world also made Zhou Yu’s eyes open again.

In the past, there were orcs, machinery, elves, etc. among tourists, which had already made Zhou Yu feel very surprised, but he didn’t expect that there were more races in this event. There were even some races that he still did not figure out what they were.

Little Rat and other kids were completely dazzled by the event.

Isn’t this the “Vermilion Bird” stadium that Brother Yu has just built? There are people hosting an event inside!? But based on the size of that stadium, wouldn’t those people be the size of a palm?

Little Rat did not think that he was wrong, because he could still see the names that he and his little buddies signed on the gate of that stadium. It was yesterday. Brother Yu asked the children of Luhua Village to sign their names on the gate to have a fun and memorable memory. In the future, visitors could no longer sign their names here, this was a special signature wall for those children.

With many-colored staged lights dancing with the songs, and several airships, hovering in the sky, and the collective cheers of 100,000 people in the stadium, everything seemed so real. After the camera of the ACG world had CG function, the pictures taken by it were even more indistinguishable from real or fake, especially this kind of image.

Little Rat and several children could no longer sit still after seeing the image. They all ran out, hoping to see the mini people in the real Vermilion Bird stadium.

However, of course, their hope would not come true.

Although the stadium was also brightly lit, it was very quiet, and after they climbed up to an observation tower to look inside, there were no mini people inside at all.

But the names on the opened gate were still very clear.

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