The Rise of Otaku

Chapter 369 - Dating Game

Chapter 369: Chapter 369 Dating Game

The growth method of the soul seed was through deepening the emotional communication with the host to increase the soul power. This is quite embarrassing, do I have to keep in touch with Yuanyuan? Although she is a dying person, she is also a woman. If I deliberately want to increase her friendliness level at this time, it might have the opposite effect.

Moreover, why do feel like this is some kind of dating game? Even if I could ignore her health condition, she already has a boyfriend, okay? If I try to talk to her very frequently, God knows what trouble it will cause. So it is still necessary to be a little bit reserved, at least, I should not make the degree of friendliness exceed the level that a friend should have.

All in all, the requirement was to deepen the relationship between them while maintaining a distance.

Zhou Yu certainly didn’t have such great communication skills, so he could only learn it slowly.

Cooking breakfast for Yuanyuan then became a daily routine. The special ingredients produced by the little farm and the little pastures were better than ordinary ingredients. Coupled with Zhou Yu’s great cooking skills, no one would be able to resist the dishes that were cooked by him.

Although Yuanyuan lacked appetite due to illness, she could finish breakfast every day. It was precisely because of this that the relationship between them quickly changed from ‘strangers’ to ‘friends’.

That’s right, the current eyes of the ACG world have evolved to a level that he was able to see the relationship between them, and the same as other mini people in the ACG world, the maximum level of friendlessness was ten stars. However, this ability had a distance limit and was only effective within Luhua Village. After leaving Luhua Village, Zhou Yu could only see the normal ACG world.

It could be said that now in Luhua Village, it was very hard for Zhou Yu to differentiate what was real and what was from the ACG world.

Zhou Yu had been restraining himself from making too much contact with Yuanyuan. He basically would have some small conversation with her after bringing breakfast to her every day. Whenever her boyfriend came over, he would leave to give them some space. However, in the eyes of those familiar with Zhou Yu, such behavior was already very abnormal.

Since when has Zhou Yu ever cared so much about a girl? Delivering breakfast every day, it was like he was treating his own family member. Those girls who had chased Zhou Yu before couldn’t even talk to him for more than a couple of sentences, let alone eating something he cooked. Could it be that Zhou Yu had a strange taste, and he liked sick girls?

Zhou Yu was also very frustrated. It seemed that being too indifferent to people all the time was not a good thing. However, being too friendly toward other people would cause misunderstanding. But the misunderstanding this time was slightly understandable. After all, the girl was dying, so it was normal that people would treat her better.

Anyway, in order to clear this misunderstanding, Zhou Yu decided to play with the people from Qin Zhuan and other kids more often. He decided to try to change his hardcore otaku habit. So, that day, he participated in the social gathering of Qin Zhuan and other employees for the first time. But what he didn’t know was that this social gathering actually had a nickname, it was called a blind date event.

The activity was originally created to collect flower stories, but now it has become a tradition. Every weekend, Zhou Fu would select some single young men and women who work in the amusement park to participate in this social gathering, which was later expanded to surrounding villages and now even attracted some tourists. The theme has also quietly changed, and it has become a “weekend encounter”, which was regarded as an official large-scale blind date event.

However, Zhou Yu didn’t know this. He never asked about the operation of the amusement park, so when he appeared at the event, there was a very awkward silence.

God Damnit! When did this camping site become a place where only young men and women exist? And the name of the camp has even changed to “Cupid Camp”. Only a few of Qin Zhuan’s employees could be seen, and there were a lot of strange men and women playing matching games under the guidance of the host.

This matching game was decided by drawing lots. The number plates were drawn according to the number of men and women who participated in the event. The men and women who had the same number plates would automatically become a “pair”, and then participate in some games and activities, such as fishing and harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables. In this way, they could build a mutual understanding and friendship, and in terms of what their relationship would become in the future, it would entirely depend on themselves.

It was said that through this event, some people have really become couples successfully, but in fact, the probability of failure was far greater than the number of couples that it created. It was just that this gimmick, known as the rural version of a dating game, was promoted by the amusement park, and attracted many people to participate in it. However, Zhou Yu, in a state of ignorance, became a male guest in the game.

When the host saw Zhou Yu, he was very eager to drag him to the stage, and shouted: “Mr. Zhou Yu will participate in this matching game as a special guest! Please give him a round of applause and welcome him!”

Damn it, it’s too late to even run now! The host was winking at Zhou Yu all the time, probably thinking that he was very clever, and he had guessed the boss’s intentions at a glance. However, what Zhou Yu actually thought in his mind was, ‘Damn you! Your salary will be reduced when I get back!”

With a resentful mind, Zhou Yu was thinking about how to punish the host, but at the same time, he had no choice but to step onto the stage and stand with the men and women who were going to participate in the matching game.

Fortunately, there were a few Qin Zhuan’s employees here, otherwise, he would really feel very embarrassed.

The Screenwriter Hao Jing was the employee of Qin Zhuan, who participated in the game the most. However, because of his chubby body, he has not been able to find a girlfriend. Seeing Zhou Yu step onto the stage, he couldn’t help but look at him in shock, “Boss, what made you want to come to participate in the matching game today?”

“Mistake… When did this place become like this here?”

The level of Zhou Yu’s frustration almost broke the limit. It seemed that it was not a good thing to change the state of life so casually, it would only make his life uncontrollable.

Upon hearing this, Hao Jing immediately realized what happened, he sniggered, “Boss, you are really a hardcore otaku, this place has already become a well-known place of love, and it is very popular with young people. Actually, Boss, you come here at the right time today. There are a few beautiful girls, so don’t try to take them away from me.”

The chubby man Hao Jing was particularly wretched when he smiled, and with his squinting eyes, he looked exactly like what a pervert would look like.

Helplessly, Zhou Yu could only stay with Hao Jing. Both of their appearances were just average, so it should be very inconspicuous. However, because of what the host said, the focus of attention was always on him, which made Zhuo Yu feel very uncomfortable.

“The first segment, introduce yourself, please start with the male guests.”

The host said with a smile, but Zhou Yu could only grit his teeth and follow the instruction. At this time, the game option function in the ACG world was activated, and the four weird options that appeared during self-introduction were:

  • Boast about your commercial achievements;
  • Show off your martial arts;
  • Show off your literary level;
  • Explain that you are an ordinary otaku.
  • Well, of course, I will choose 4.

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