The Rise of Phoenixes

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Chapter 13

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That was not even mentioning the reputation of the Zhongshu Scholar who should be an incorruptible civil servant, tasked with recruiting virtuous and capable men across the dominion. Any man who sat in this seat had to be beyond reproach. If people discovered that his grandson had been castrated in a brothel because he was too indulgent with his family he might even be removed from office.

Feng Zhiwei was very satisfied with Young Master Li’s reaction; at least he wasn’t completely useless, and he understood her intentions immediately. Her smile was gentle and warm, and she continued as she lifted the bag. “I won’t make things difficult for you. I won’t tell anyone about this if you can show some sincerity…”

“What… sincerity…” Young Master Li squeezed out painfully through his purpled lips and pale face.

“Actually, even if you lost one jewel you are still a man.” Feng Zhiwei spoked unhurriedly. “Apparently, Shan Nan’s doctor Xuanyuan Qing can bring a man back to life and make bones regrow flesh. If this thing is kept well, he might even be able to put it back for you. Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll at least have a full body to be buried in, otherwise you’ll pass on disaster to your next nine generations.”

“Then…. then….” Young Master Li gasped, covering his crotch. He wasn’t bleeding too much. Feng Zhiwei’s hand and been quick, and her knife sharp and accurate. He suffered great pain, but his life was unthreatened; it was just that was grew more and more dizzy, and it was becoming harder and harder to understand Feng Zhiwei’s words.

“I’m saying… go home, keep this too yourself. Leave the capital to study or to find the famous doctor, you can even go visit some scenic places. You don’t know us, and we don’t know you.” Feng Zhiwei waved the small bag. “When you’ve left the capital, send a message and I’ll sell this treasure back to you. You can keep your reputation and your intact corpse. What do you think?”

Cutting off the balls and then selling it back…

The unfortunate Young Master Li’s eyes rolled back and he almost passed out, but Feng Zhiwei slapped him across his face. His head spun and his face was a terrifying color; he regretted leaving behind his bodyguards today, and he would have to suffer this loss. Even if he sent someone to kill this footboy afterward, all the servant had to do was show his testicle and speak out, and then not only would he be forced out of society, even his Li Family would suffer a huge loss.

No matter what happened, his testicle had already been squeezed out. This would be his weakness forever, and he couldn’t hide it. Someone would eventually discover this. The only thing he could do now was buy back his ball and immediately leave Dijing and seek out the famous doctor. For better or worse, at least he would have a full set of one gun and two bullets.

“How much…” he asked sluggishly.

“Not much.” Feng Zhiwei smiled warmly. “Commission fee, three thousand taels.”

Three thousand tael of silver was not too much or too little. Most Gong Zi could get this much money without alarming their parents. One couldn’t be too greedy, and Feng Zhiwei thought that she was already quite modest.

“I… I don’t… have…. on me….” Young Master Li’s head was covered in sweat as he gasped, staring at Zhiwei as if she were a monster. “Tomorrow… I’ll send… money…”

“Put it beneath the third brick at the end of Dong Chi Hutong’s west wall. I hope when I get your silver ticket, I’ll also get news that you’ve left Dijing.” Feng Zhiwei nodded contentedly, already thinking about how she would retrieve the money safely.

“Don’t try to play any tricks.” Feng Zhiwei’s calm eyes glittered in the sunlight and the skinny man shrank back. “Noble people like you shouldn’t struggle with poor people like me. We have nothing to lose, and so we aren’t afraid of losing.”

Li Gong Z’s cold sweat kept dripping and he nodded quickly. If he had had any other thoughts before, he shook them all away now when he looked into Feng Zhiwei’s eyes. This thin and young boy’s expression was calm no matter what he was doing, and this calmness was terrifying just by itself; yet, what was even more scary was what his misty eyes hid, an immeasurable stubbornness and ruthlessness.

Even though this boy had never threatened him, Li Gong Zi knew that if he tried to find revenge, this young man would take him down to hell with him.

“Three days after you leave Dijing, send a man to the same pot to get your thing. It might not be too late if you make sure your man rides on a fast horse.” Feng Zhiwei smiled and patted her bag. “I’ll give you the sachet as well. No extra charge, buy one get one free.”


After calling a boy over to take Young Master Li back to his mansion, Feng Zhiwei believed that even though the Gong Zi was angry and worried, he would be in no mood to kill.

Yin er stood, staring at Zhiwei with a shocked and complicated gaze. Only after she comforted her and gently coaxed did the girl to leave Zhiwei alone, standing in front of the Winter Jasmine bush.

Under the Early Spring sun, the footboy’s yellow face was delicate and beautiful, his eyes warm and wet, and her expression as she admired the flowers before her was kind and appreciating.

And her hands were also very kind and appreciating, holding the ball bag.

After a while, she laughed light. “Has your honor looked enough?”

The grounds were silent, as if she had spoken to air, but Feng Zhiwei was not impatient. Her smile was just as before, and as she expected, the flower bush shook and a man walked out unhurriedly, a wine cup in his hand.

“Why is it that every time I see you, I find an interesting show?” His tilted eyebrows were a delicate plumage, and the eyes below them were dark and deep, and the sun couldn’t light them up.

“It would be better to say that good shows often happen around your honor.” Feng Zhiwei turned around and smiled, though in her heart she was a little shocked that he was able to recognize her no matter how she disguised herself. Was it because the yellowed face was already her signature?

Ai, maybe he won’t recognize me next time if I dress up as a beautiful boy?

The playful thought flashed through her mind and her eyes glittered colorfully. In that moment, she was bright and lively like spring, and the man’s gaze deepened and his eyes shone a little; no one could tell what he was thinking.

His gaze stopped at her hand, and a strange smile crossed his face with hints of surprise and an indescribable emotion. Feng Zhiwei remembered what she was holding and smiled awkwardly; her first reaction was to hide it behind her back, but she stopped herself and held it even more tightly.

“We’ve met three times, and two of those times you were killing people.” The man sipped from his cup, turning to look to the distance, beyond cloud and sky. “Do you truly believe that there are no laws, or that I won’t interfere?”

“Next time we meet, I will definitely not kill anyone.” Feng Zhiwei replied in a serious manner.

The man’s hand paused in the air; the smile dropped from his face as he turned to take another good look at the girl. She stood in front of him, next to the flower bush, skinny, but with an aura glowing from her eyes. The sun was bright, and the thin layer of sweat on her skin reflected the rays and glistened crystalline, forming a lovely and delicate picture with her misty eyes.

Of course, this lovely and delicate picture was only if you ignored the sack in her hand.

The man rotated the wine cup slowly, as if pondering a decision. He asked, “you are not returning to Qiu Mansion?”

“I will.” Feng Zhiwei answered honestly. “I’m not suited to being a servant.”

“Then why are you hiding in a brothel?” The man looked around him. “This kind of dirty place, how will you come back from this?’

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