The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 29 - The Elite Lesser Families

 Chapter 29 – The Elite Lesser Families

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“You… you dare maim Ma Jin? Do you have any idea who he is?”

When the young man dressed in yellow looked back at Zhou Donghuang, there was a look of shock and dread in his eyes. Zhou Donghuang had moved at such a speed that his reactions were unable to keep up.

Could it be… that this incident where Zhou Donghuang killed the level-two adept is true?

After seeing Zhou Donghuang maim Ma Jin, who was a level-one adept, in the blink of an eye, he would have lived twenty years of life in vain if he was still unable to tell that Zhou Donghuang’s ability was no laughing matter.

“Ma Jin is the first young master of the Ma family, an elite lesser family of the prefecture capital… you have maimed him, and the Ma family will not let you off.”

The young man in green gave Zhou Donghuang a somber look, and his eyes also showed traces of shock and dread.

The extent of Zhou Donghuang’s abilities was something they had never dreamed possible.

He realized in that moment that the stories in Qingshan Town concerning the new owner of Yunxuan Restaurant were more than just rumors.

This guy’s ability was at least at the level of level-two of Qi-gathering. If not, he could not possibly move with such speed, and it was even more impossible for him to have maimed Ma Jin so efficiently.

“What incredible speed!”

“What tremendous strength!”

As the saying went, the layman enjoys the show, while the expert appreciates the technique. While the middle-aged man behind the young man in green had drawn his sword from its scabbard, he had not made a move yet.

The palm of his hand that held the sword was covered in a thin layer of cold sweat.

Although he was a level-two adept, he had to admit that neither his speed nor strength could match that of the youth dressed in white before him.

The speed of the youth in white was obvious for all to see.

As for strength, the youth in white had stomped Ma Jin’s lower leg flat like a meat patty, and although the middle-aged man could have done the same, he knew he could not have done it as cleanly and efficiently.

From this, he concluded that his opponent’s ability exceeded his.

That was why he had not made a move.

If he still rushed in despite knowing the extent of his opponent’s ability, would that not be futile?

He… really is only sixteen years old?

The eyes of the middle-aged man showed shock and incredulity as he looked at the youth in white who stood nearby.

The Ma family of the prefecture capital…?

After the young men in yellow and green had spoken in turn, Zhou Donghuang had not yet shown any hints of a reaction, but the gathered crowd of Qingshan Town residents had been frightened.

“This young man who has been maimed by Young Master Donghuang, is he really from the Ma family of the prefecture capital? Moreover, is he the first young master of the Ma family?”

“The Ma family is not an ordinary lesser family; it far surpasses the three lesser families of Qingshan Town in every aspect… I heard that in the Ma family, there are four level-three adepts of Qi-gathering, and as for level-two adepts, there are over twenty.”

“The Ma family is exceptional among the lesser families. Young Master Donghuang has invited disaster by maiming this first young master of the Ma family.

Among the crowd, there were a fair number of people who knew something about the Ma family of the prefecture capital, and after they had spoken, the crowd collectively wiped away a trickle of cold sweat on behalf of Zhou Donghuang.

Hearing the crowd whisper and mutter in discussion among themselves, both the young man in yellow and the young man in green subconsciously lifted their heads up, giving themselves an incomparably arrogant look.

“I am Fang Tianyi, the third young master of the Fang family of the prefecture capital.”

The young man in yellow looked at Zhou Donghuang and spoke up arrogantly, “The Fang family of the prefecture capital has three level-three adepts and over twenty level-two adepts of Qi-gathering… In the eyes of the Fang family of the prefecture capital, the three lesser families of Qingshan Town are no more than ants.”

He paused and looked at the young man in green.

“And this gentleman, he is the first young master of the Lu family of the prefecture capital, Lu Yuan. The Lu family of the prefecture capital has five level-three adepts of Qi-gathering and over thirty level-two adepts of Qi-gathering.”

Hearing the words of the young man in yellow, many in the gathered crowd of Qingshan Town locals could not help drawing in a sharp breath. They could never have imagined that the three people blockading the entrance of Yunxuan Restaurant could have such illustrious backgrounds.

They were all from the elite lesser families of the prefecture capital!

“We thought that a sixteen-year-old youth like you could not possibly have the ability to kill a level-two adept… it seems that we had too low an opinion of you.”

Lu Yuan looked at Zhou Donghuang and said in a menacing voice, “Zhou Donghuang, if you have any sense, hand over the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant now. If you do, I can guarantee you that the Ma family will kill only you for maiming Ma Jin, and those close to you will not be dragged into the matter. If you do not have the sense to hand over the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant… not only you but also those closest to you will be killed, right down to the last man!” Not just your relatives, but also the staff of Yunxuan Restaurant will all forfeit their lives.”

Lu Yuan paused, a cold smile on his lips.

The group of waiters and servant girls of Yunxuan Restaurant turned pale when they heard Lu Yuan’s words, and they made plans in their hearts to leave Yunxuan Restaurant if their boss did not hand over the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant.

Although their boss was powerful, the three elite lesser families of the prefecture capital were even more powerful! They were not confident that their boss could outmatch the three elite lesser families of the prefecture capital.

Although the pay at Yunxuan Restaurant was high, it was not as important as their lives.

“So these people from the three elite lesser families of the prefecture capital are here for the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant.”

“They came here all the way from the prefecture capital. Evidently, they’re sure that Elder Zhao San will not intervene in the matter of Yunxuan Restaurant’s ownership.

“Young Master Donghuang is in trouble.”

“It would be fine if Young Master Donghuang had not maimed First Young Master Ma Jin, he only had to hand over the title deed, and he would be safe… but now that he has maimed First Young Master Ma Jin, the situation is not so simple anymore. Even if he hands over the title deed, the Ma family will not let him off so easily.”

The gathered crowd were shaking their heads as they muttered among themselves. At that moment, the looks they gave Zhou Donghuang were looks of sympathy, pity, and most of all, regret.

A martial prodigy who could kill a level-two adept at sixteen years of age would be a force to be reckoned with in the country of Yunyang if he was allowed the chance to grow and develop.

But now, he did not seem to have that chance.

“Very imposing, for just three lesser families!” Zhou Donghuang smiled indifferently and stared profoundly at Lu Yuan. “If you want the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant, come and get it yourself, and show me the ability of a young master from an elite lesser family.”

Zhou Donghuang paused and showed a mocking smile.

Other than Fu, the staff of Yunxuan Restaurant paled in fear. They realized that their boss did not intend to hand over the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant.

“Zhou Donghuang, although your abilities are strong, they are nothing in the eyes of our three families… you and those around you should prepare themselves to bear the wrath of the Ma family!”

Fang Tianyi laughed coldly and looked at Lu Yuan.

“Lu Yuan, let’s bring Ma Jin back… since he wants to be buried with those close to him, we’ll oblige him.”

“Uncle Gang, bring Ma Jin, let’s go!” Lu Yuan ordered the middle-aged man behind him. He walked towards Ma Jin, who was still trapped under Zhou Donghuang’s foot.

“Did I allow you to leave?”

Before the middle-aged man Lu Gang could reach Ma Jin, Zhou Donghuang spoke again.

Although his expression was as calm as before and his tone as indifferent as before, there was now a cold gleam in Zhou Donghuang’s eyes.

“Coming as you wish, going as you wish… do you think you are playing house?”

The people before him were obviously here for the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant. If his ability could not match theirs, they would already have taken the title deed to Yunxuan Restaurant, and he would not have had a pleasant fate.

“Zhou Donghuang, you’d better think carefully… if you dare lay a finger on us, you will have irrevocably offended the Fang family and the Lu family.”

Fang Tianyi’s expression changed as he discerned from Zhou Donghuang’s words that he intended to do them harm.

Lu Yuan’s expression had also changed.

“Zhou Donghuang, although your ability is without question, there are many in the Lu family who are able to dispose of you,” Lu Gang told Zhou Donghuang with a threatening expression.

“Does that include you?” Zhou Donghuang smiled derisively.

“You think I’m afraid of you?”

Lu Gang was a level-two adept, and with his sword in hand, he was confident in himself. Staring fiercely at Zhou Donghuang, he brandished his sword, showing off the gleaming edge of the keen blade.

“If you survive one exchange, I’ll let you all leave unharmed.” Zhou Donghuang grinned, angering Lu Gang till his face turned red. With a flicker of his body, his legs began to move quickly.

Star-Stepping Footwork!

Zhou Donghuang’s speed was so great that the only thing everyone around saw was a blur of white.

Lu Gang only reacted after Zhou Donghuang had covered half the distance between them, the sword in his hand whistling through the air, sunlight reflecting brilliantly from the blade.


It had to be said that Lu Gang was an excellent swordsman. He swung his sword horizontally across Zhou Donghuang’s path, and if Zhou Donghuang did not reduce his speed, he would meet the sword’s edge head-on.

But could flesh and blood withstand a meeting with the edge of a sword?

Obviously not.

Just as everyone concluded that Zhou Donghuang would choose to retreat against the sword stroke of Lu Gang, Zhou Donghuang still showed no intention of slowing down.

It was as though he was trying to get himself sliced in half by Lu Gang.

“Looking for death!?”

Seeing this, Lu Yuan and Fang Tianyi laughed coldly as one, and their hearts unclenched because from Lu Gang’s reaction. They thought Lu Gang was no match for Zhou Donghuang, but now it seemed that Zhou Donghuang was no match for Lu Gang.


Fu’s expression changed.

Trying to kill himself!

Just when the sword in Lu Gang’s hand was closing in on Zhou Donghuang, and he felt that Zhou Donghuang would be dead in the next moment, Zhou Donghuang’s hand shot out like lightning, his palm sweeping downwards towards the face of the sword.

What a pathetic skill!

Seeing this, Lu Gang snorted in derision and turned the sword such that the blade was angled towards Zhou Donghuang’s descending palm.

“Not bad, it’s a pity that you’re too inexperienced… when you enter the gates of hell, remember that the man who killed you was Lu Gang of the Lu family!”

Under these circumstances, it had to be said that Lu Gang’s mastery of the sword was impressive, given how he had adjusted the direction of the blade with such speed.


Zhou Donghuang’s palm would not be able to avoid meeting the keen edge of Lu Gang’s sword.

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