The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 36 - The Return of Li Rui

Chapter 36: The Return of Li Rui

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At dawn, after eating the breakfast that Fu had brought, Zhou Donghuang left the inn with Fu. Crossing a few streets and alleys, they walked into a majestic armory selling weapons.

“Here to buy weapons?”

Just as they entered the armory, a young lady assistant called out enthusiastically as she approached them.

In a white silk robe and with his young and outstanding features, coupled with a maturity beyond his age, it was clear to all that Zhou Donghuang was not of a humble background. This was also evident from the refined demeanor that exuded from him as well.

Retail assistants in the large shops in Yunfeng County had extremely sharp eyes and could easily distinguish the spending capacity of the customers who entered.

“Yes.” Zhou Donghuang nodded slowly and got right to the point. “I wish to buy a spear, as heavy as possible. Could you please recommend one?”

As he spoke, Zhou Donghuang’s eyes had already landed on a corner of the armory, where the racks were filled with spears.

A heavy spear was the king of weapons, a kind of heavy weapons.

Of course, Zhou Donghuang did not want a spear because he was proficient at it, but because presently, his level was too low. A spear was most suited for him now.

In his previous life, as Battlelord Donghuang, he was on top of the world and proficient at all weapons, including such heavy weapons. But, among the heavy weapons, his favorite was the spear.

To some extent, his love for spears was influenced by some historical figures.

Western “Chu” Overlord Xiangyu’s weapon was a spear.

Zhaoyun of Changshan county, whose millions of troops were always victorious, used a vivid blue silver spear.

Machao, a top general just like Zhaoyun, used a tiger head gold spear.

Luo Cheng, a famous general from the Suitang ages, used a five tiger soul-breaking spear, creating history.

“A spear? As heavy as possible?”

The lady was visibly shocked to hear Zhou Donghuang’s words. Looking him up and down, she asked hesitantly, “Sir, are you buying it for yourself… or as a present?”

“For myself,” said Zhou Donghuang.

“Please follow me.”

Although she felt that the spear was far too heavy for this teenager, the lady still brought Zhou Donghuang before the heaviest spears in an inconspicuous corner of the store.

The reason why the spears were placed in this corner was because they were less popular and much harder to sell.

Most of those who were adepts of the martial way either used a knife or a sword, which were lighter and easier to carry around.

The spear was less frequently used in armies. However, in the country of Yunyang, only the queen and the king had armies. In the Governor’s Household, there were only small teams of security to maintain order.

“Sir, this is the heaviest spear we have. Two meters long, body forged of pig iron, stainless steel spearhead, and weighs 150kg.”

The lady thought that the teenager in white would find the spear too heavy once he heard her introduction.

After all, for a teen of his age, having level-one of the gathered qi would be commendable.

For those adepts with level-one of the gathered qi, even if they fully utilized their qi, it would only be equivalent to one bull’s strength. With the strength of the teenager, he would have at most 500kg of strength.

With 500kg of strength, it would not be difficult to carry a 150kg heavy spear; but to use it as a weapon and an extension of the arm, that would be unrealistic.

To use a 150kg spear with ease, one would need at least level-two of the gathered qi, and the strength of two bulls.

“One hundred and fifty kilograms?”

Hearing the lady’s words, Zhou Donghuang shook his head.

But just as the lady imagined that he was shaking his head as he found the weapon too heavy, Zhou Donghuang said, “Too light.”

“Anything heavier?” Zhou Donghuang asked.

“Hmph!” Before the lady could say anything, a laugh came from behind Zhou Donghuang. A young man and lady walked into the armory with another sales assistant.

The young man laughed, “Such a young lad, making such bold claims that a 150kg spear is too light? Ridiculous!”

The young man in a high-quality green robe had ordinary features and crafty eyes.

On the other hand, the young lady beside him looked beautiful. Despite her air of innocence, it was difficult to mask her enchanting beauty.

Hearing this, Zhou Donghuang turned and glanced at the young man.

He found the young man rather familiar, but he could not recall where he had seen him before.

“Zhou Donghuang!”

Just as Zhou Donghuang glanced at the young man and was about to ignore him, the young lady beside him let out a gasp.


Hearing the gasp, Zhou Donghuang looked at the young lady and raised his brows, greeting her.

“Li Rui.”

The young lady was none other than Li Rui, the daughter of the chairperson of Qingyun Guild in Ningping City.

A few days ago, as Zhou Donghuang was making a delivery to Qingyun Guild, he had been invited to a meal with the mother and daughter.

However, he had a good impression of Li Yun, but not the daughter.

“Xiao Rui, do you know him?”

Seeing how Li Rui had greeted Zhou Donghuang, the young man beside Li Rui looked startled.

He had met Li Rui when she came over to the Li family of the prefecture capital. In the beginning, Li Rui had ignored him, but she finally started paying him attention after his hard work and effort.

Today, he had asked Li Rui out to gift her a weapon, so he had brought her to the best armory in the prefecture capital.

He never would have thought that this boastful handsome teenager that they had met in the stall would know Li Rui.

“Brother Li Hui, he is the adopted son of my mother’s friend, a worthless adept who is unable to train his qi.” Answering the young man, Li Rui glanced at Zhou Donghuang and smirked. “My mother even wanted to get the two of us together, but I rejected him.”

“A martial invalid is simply not worthy of my Li Rui.”

Li Rui’s eyes were full of disdain.

Previously, Zhou Donghuang’s disrespect for her in Ningping City had left her furious.

Now that she met him again, she could not help but take a jab at him in front of so many people out of revenge.

“Martial invalid?”

Hearing Li Rui’s disdain for Zhou Donghuang, Li Hui breathed a quiet sigh of relief. He looked down on Zhou Donghuang, “A martial invalid fantasizing of something unattainable? Kid, I advise you stay away from Li Rui, if not I, Li Hui, will not let you off!”

Li Hui looked menacingly at Zhou Donghuang.

“My…” Just as Fu, who was furious, stepped forward and tried to say that his young master was not a martial invalid, Zhou Donghuang held him back.

“Li Rui,” Zhou Donghuang looked at her and said calmly, “On account of Aunty Yun, I will not hold this against you.”

Li Rui said that he was not worthy of her? Zhou Donghuang found this ridiculous.

In his previous life, countless star clans’ supreme leaders had tried to send their beloved daughters to him, but he had not been interested.

The looks of Li Rui could hardly compare to the daughters of those supreme leaders, not even the servers beside those ladies.

“Not hold it against me?”

Li Rui was first shocked, then she laughed sarcastically. “Zhou Donghuang, you’re a martial invalid, could you possibly think of doing anything against me?”

“Although I have not reached level-one of the gathered qi, the qi within me is enough to release more than 250kg of strength… I advise you not make a fool of yourself!”

Li Rui’s sarcastic smile slowly turned cold.

“Xiao Rui, if he really tries to do anything to you, why would you need to do anything? I, Li Hui, will beat him senseless!”

Li Hui wanted to show off in front of Li Rui, he and looked at Zhou Donghuang with disdain.

“Kid, I, Li Hui, am not only the son of Li Yan, the ninth elder of the preeminent Li family, but I am also a level-one adept. If you want to touch Xiao Rui, you have to get past me first!” Li Hui put up a protective stance.

“Son of Li Yan, the ninth elder of the preeminent Li family?”

Zhou Donghuang was shocked, then realized why he could not remember where he had met this familiar face before.

No wonder, it was not because he had met him, but he had met his father, the ninth elder of the preeminent Li family, Li Yan.

The ninth elder of the preeminent Li family, Li Yan, that he had killed on the way to the prefecture capital from Qingshan town looked similar to this Li Hui.

“Ninth elder of the Li family?”

Standing behind Zhou Donghuang, Fu was shocked to hear what Li Hui said. When he recovered from his shock, he let out a gasp.

This man still did not know that his father has died. Moreover, his father had died at the hands of the man right before him.

“This is the one who you found… whom you think is worthy of you?”

Zhou Donghuang smiled as he looked at Li Rui.


Li Rui snorted and glanced at Li Hui beside her. She said, “Brother Li Hui is ten times, a hundred times stronger than you!”

But deep within her eyes, Li Rui had some kind of disdain.

Li Hui had pestered her since she first came to the Li family in the prefecture capital, but she had never fancied him, even though he was the son of the ninth elder.

Later, her attitude towards him improved entirely because she had found out by chance that Li Hui and his father were close to the second young master of the Li family, Li Pingyun.

She had accepted Li Hui because she wanted to use him to get closer to Li Pingyun.

Li Pingyun was the only son of the Li family’s chief, and he was the future chief of the Li family. Furthermore, the head mistress of the Li family, Li Pingyun’s eldest sister, was also the concubine in the Governor’s Household in Guangling county.

Even the Governor’s Household of the Zhao family was afraid to offend the Li family because of the head mistress.

In Li Rui’s eyes, in the whole Li family of the prefecture capital, only Li Pingyun was worthy of her.

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