The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 37 - The Second Floor of the Hall of Gods

Chapter 37: The Second Floor of the Hall of Gods

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“Brother Li Hui is naturally ten times, a hundred times stronger than you, Zhou Donghuang!” Li Rui had thought that this would definitely anger Zhou Donghuang. She never expected Zhou Donghuang’s expression to not change at all.

“As long as you like him.” Zhou Donghuang nodded gently and turned his attention back to the sales assistant beside him. “As the biggest armory in Yunfeng County, are these all the weapons in the Hall of Gods?”

The Hall of Gods was the name of this armory, the biggest in Yunfeng County. The weapons found in the Hall of Gods were all made of pig iron or stainless steel, not from more precious metals like gold. As far as he knew, in Yunfeng County, one could buy weapons of black iron, but he did not see any here. Thus he was suspicious that the Hall of Gods in fact sold more weapons.

“Tsk!” Before the lady had a chance to answer Zhou Donghuang, Li Hui could not resist a smirk. “Kid, the Hall of Gods could not possibly just have one floor of weapons. On the second floor, there are not only better weapons made of gold and iron ore, but even those made of black iron. But the cheapest weapon upstairs is three thousand liang of silver, do you have the money for that?”

As he spoke, Li Hui looked at Zhou Donghuang with disdain.

“You have a second floor here?” Zhou Donghuang looked at the lady beside him.

“Yes, sir.” The lady smiled and nodded. “The first floor sells the ordinary weapons, while the more precious weapons are all upstairs. The prices are also extremely steep.”

“Are there heavier spears on the second floor?” Zhou Donghuang asked.


“Please bring me upstairs,” said Zhou Donghuang.

“Sir, we only permit guests who have demonstrated sufficient financial capability to head to the second floor,” the lady pointed out.

“How does one demonstrate financial capability?” Zhou Donghuang raised his eyebrows. He did not expect such an odd request from the Hall of Gods.

“At least five thousand liang of silver on hand,” answered the lady.

“Heard that, kid?” Just as the lady said this, Li Hui could not help but laugh. “The second floor of the Hall of Gods is not for everyone. Without five thousand liang of silver on you, they will not allow you to go up.”

“You said our Young Master could not go up, but… can you?” Fu could no longer tolerate Li Hui, even though his Young Master could hardly be bothered to pay him any attention.

“If I want to, I can easily borrow the money from my father… but who can your Young Master borrow the money from?” As the son of Li Yan, the ninth elder of the Li family, Li Hui looked down on Fu with a sense of superiority.

“Your father?” Fu smiled.

Zhou Donghuang stopped him, “Fu.”

Right after, to the amazement of Li Hui and Li Rui, Fu stepped forward with a huge bundle of notes and waved it before the sales assistant. “Is this enough?”

The notes in Fu’s hands were all worth one thousand liang of silver each, stamped with the imperial stamp of the Yunyang imperial family. They were the official currency within Yunyang Country.

Back then, as Zhao San left Yunxuan Restaurant, he had left behind the operating funds of Yunxuan restaurant. That sum of money was worth two hundred thousand liang of silver. This time, Zhou Donghuang had instructed Fu to bring 150 thousand liang with him.

“Enough, enough.” Fu had taken out at least seventy to eighty thousand liang. The lady’s eyes widened as she knew that she had chanced upon a rare huge customer.

“Upstairs please, sir.” The lady bowed as she waved Zhou Donghuang and Fu upstairs. Although she had not slighted them previously, she was clearly more respectful now.

Li Hui and Li Rui only recovered from their shock after the three of them had disappeared past the staircase entrance. They were both in disbelief.

As for the sales assistant with him, her eyes were filled with regret that she had not stepped forward to attend to those two customers earlier.

As a sales assistant in the Hall of Gods, they could earn 1% commission of sales. Even the cheapest weapon upstairs cost three thousand liang of silver… which meant that she could earn at least three hundred liang of silver.

“Xiao Rui, who exactly is he?”

After Li Hui recovered from his shock, his expression changed. Even his father could not possibly have taken out seventy to eighty thousand liang just like that. Only those of extraordinary family backgrounds could possibly carry so much money with them.

“I… I don’t know either.” Li Rui shook her head. “I only know that his mother used to be the chairperson of the Magnolia Guild of Qingshan Town. But the Lin family no longer supports the Magnolia Guild, and they have already collapsed. Furthermore, even if Magnolia Guild had not collapsed, his mother could not possibly have so much money to give to him. But there have been rumors that the boss of Yunxuan Restaurant in Qingshan Town, Zhao San, gave him the restaurant… unless that is true?”

Although she had heard the story from many people when she was in the Qingyun Guild in Ningping City, but she had never believed it. After all, why would Zhao San give such a valuable business to a martial invalid?

But now, seeing how Zhou Donghuang’s assistant just took out a stack of notes worth at least seventy to eighty thousand liang, she could not help but believe the story. Otherwise, there was no way to explain why Zhou Donghuang had so much money.

“Yunxuan Restaurant?” Upon hearing Li Rui’s words, Li Hui could not help but laugh. “No wonder I found his name so familiar. He’s the new boss of Yunxuan Restaurant in Qingshan Town, Zhou Donghuang.”

“Brother Li Hui, you know him too?” Li Rui was surprised.

“I not only know him… I also know that my father and Second Young Master had gone to find him in Qingshan Town.” Li Hui smiled even brighter. “Xiao Rui, don’t worry. He can only be arrogant for so long. Once his money is gone, he’ll become a pauper.”

Upon hearing this, Li Rui guessed, “But if Zhao San really gave him Yunxuan Restaurant, wouldn’t Zhao San step in if someone else tried to take over the restaurant?”

“Xiao Rui, Second Young Master had asked Zhao San personally at the Governor’s Household. Zhao San’s intention is that once he gave the restaurant away, he will no longer interfere in its business.” Li Hui laughed. “Which means, once he gives it to Zhou Donghuang, it’s all up to him.”

Li Rui’s eyes lit up. “That means, in the future, Yunxuan Restaurant will be owned by Second Young Master? Great.”

Li Hui nodded and replied proudly, “When he brought my father over this time, Second Young Master promised to give a tenth of the profits from the restaurant to him.”

Li Rui looked at Li Hui with a hint of disapproval, but once she thought of Second Young Master, Li Pingyun, her eyes lit up again. This meant that once she got together with Li Pingyun, she would become the lady boss of Yunxuan Restaurant?

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