The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 8 - Practicing

Chapter 8: Practicing

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Zhou Donghuang woke up early the next day.

After tonight, the seal within his body would be removed completely, and he would be able to start afresh on the path of the Martial Way.

Although the Spirit on Ziyun was dense, probably as dense as it previously was on Earth, he would still need some time to attain level-one of Qi-gathering stage.

Practicing the conventional way step-by-step is too slow… I still prefer a shortcut.

Previously, when Zhou Donghuang was at the peak of his powers, aside from being extremely accomplished in the Martial Way, he was also at a very high level in the Alchemy.

The Alchemy referred to the practice of producing and refining powerful elixir or pills. Alchemy could only be done by those at the level of Primal Core and above.

The reason was that only those of the level of Primal Core and above possessed “true core”, and the three concealed fires required to produce elixir or pills could only be drawn out by the true core.

Those below the level of Primal Core could not be considered “alchemist.” No matter how deeply they may have delved into the medical use of essence, they would only be considered “medicine masters.”

Medicine masters were ranked in order of basic-level, intermediate-level, superior-level, earth-level, with the culmination at heaven-level.

Within the borders of the country of Yunyang, a superior-level medicine master would be much sought after— even in the Imperial Court— and treated with reverence and waited upon.

As for earth-level medicine masters, there were none within the country of Yunyang, and if any existed, they would not remain in a backwater country like Yunyang for long.

Heaven-level medicine masters were unheard of in the history of Yunyang.

There is no hope of producing ‘Qi-gathering Pill’ before attaining Primal Core… however, even if that’s the case, I can still use some combination of herbs to produce a ‘qi-gathering elixir.’

A qi-gathering elixir was a medical elixir used by adepts to aid their practice; it made them more sensitive to qi and allowed their practice to progress more quickly. Qi-gathering elixirs were extremely valuable and usually only those whose families were well-off could afford to use them.

There are also qi-gathering elixirs in the country of Yunyang… but the ordinary ones available and widely used can only increase sensitivity to qi by 50% and correspondingly increase the rate of practice by 50%.

Even the best qi-gathering elixir in the country of Yunyang, which comes from the Imperial Court and is formulated by a superior-level medicine master, can only double the sensitivity to qi and the rate of practice… In addition, it costs ten times more than an ordinary qi-gathering elixir.

As far as I can remember, the best formulated qi-gathering elixirs could produce an increase in sensitivity to qi and the rate of practice by ten times.

Two days later, Zhou Donghuang went once again to the Magnolia Guild’s medicine storehouse and gathered all the herbs he needed before going to see Granny Lian.

“Granny Lian… does the guild have these herbs?”

Zhou Donghuang had already written out all the ingredients he needed on a piece of paper, which he now passed to Granny Lian.

“Rainbow snake flower, purple caltrop leaf, earth lingzhi that is at least fifty years old…”

The ingredients on the list were precious and costly herbs, and Granny Lian felt her scalp tingle. The value of these herbs greatly exceeded the value of the two fifty-year-old sticks of blood ginseng.

“Young Master, at most, only half of these herbs can be found in the guild’s treasure vault.”

Granny Lian smiled bitterly.

Having witnessed Zhou Donghuang’s many startling actions, she dared not doubt the Young Master’s decisions.

Every decision the Young Master made had to have a rationale behind it.

Had they been on Earth, Granny Lian would be the equivalent of Zhou Donghuang’s most ardent fan girl.

“Only half?”

Zhou Donghuang furrowed his brows. The herbs he had listed could all conceivably be found in Qingshan Town.

He had not even listed those more precious herbs that could not be found in Qingshan Town.

“Which ones?” Zhou Donghuang asked. If only half the ingredients could be found, he would just have to settle and make do with a lower quality qi-gathering elixir.

After Granny Lian had named those herbs which could be found, Zhou Donghuang sighed.

These herbs, together with what I took from the medicine storehouse… I can produce a qi-gathering elixir that can only triple my sensitivity to qi, which will only triple the rate of practice.

It’s too slow, but that’s the best I can do for now.

Just as well that no one knew what Zhou Donghuang was thinking. If anyone had known, they would surely have vomited blood in exasperation.

In the country of Yunyang, the best qi-gathering elixir produced by the superior-level medicine master of the Imperial Court could only double the user’s sensitivity to qi.

It was not difficult to imagine that if the news got out that Zhou Donghuang succeeded in producing a qi-gathering elixir that tripled the user’s sensitivity to qi using only the few herbs available in humble Qingshan Town, it would make waves.

Done at last.

With Granny Lian’s cooperation and help to gather all the valuable herbs that he needed, Zhou Donghuang took only an hour to produce a qi-gathering elixir that tripled his sensitivity to qi.

Everything is ready! Now for the final piece of the puzzle!

After taking care of the qi-gathering elixir, Zhou Donghuang waited patiently for nightfall. Once night had fallen, he could administer the last soak in the medicinal bath.

Before dawn on the fifteenth, twelfth month 1227 in the Ziyun Era.

It’s done!

Throughout his soak in the medicinal bath the previous night, Zhou Donghuang had not slept but had waited in anticipation for the seal within his body to be removed instead.

In the wee hours of the second day, the seal was finally removed.

At that moment, even though Zhou Donghuang had a thousand years’ memories, he could not help but feel emotional. Only after he dried himself off, changed into his clothes, and returned to his bed did he manage to slowly control his emotions.

Sitting cross-legged, Zhou Donghuang gulped down a bottle of the qi-gathering elixir and began to practice.

The Lord Of The Four Supremes!

Zhou Donghuang searched for his memories of The Lord Of The Four Supremes and switched to that technique. Taking in the Spirit from the surroundings, he began to practice.

Because of his experience in his previous life, Zhou Donghuang was able to progress smoothly, and with the additional aid of the qi-gathering elixir, he managed to take in the Spirit at an astonishing rate.

The spirit on Ziyun is much more dense compared with that on Earth after it dissipated… at the present rate of practice, I feel that I will need only a month before I smoothly attain level-one of the Qi-gathering!

If Zhou Donghuang’s thoughts were known to others, it would have shocked them.

In the history of the country of Yunyang, the fastest to attain level-one of the Qi-gathering were the scions of the Imperial Court, and the process took them two full years to manifest their qi.

And right now, Zhou Donghuang believed he could attain level-one of the Qi-gathering in only a month.

Of course, there were reasons why Zhou Donghuang’s rate of practice could be so much faster than the scions of the Imperial Court.

First, Zhou Donghuang’s parents were among the most accomplished practitioners of the Martial Way in the universe, and he had inherited their competence. In terms of talent, he was among the greatest in the universe.

Second, the qi-gathering elixir that he had consumed had tripled his sensitivity to qi. In addition, he had a thousand years’ rich experience to draw upon, and he was able to absorb the Spirit with maximum efficiency and convert it into qi stored within his body.

Finally, The Lord Of The Four Supremes that he was practicing was far superior to the other techniques that were widely practiced on Ziyun.

All in all, his rate of practice could not have been matched by the scions of the Imperial Court of Yunyang.

Engrossed in practicing, Zhou Donghuang lost track of time.

He only awoke two days later with an expression of pleasant surprise.

I never thought that once I was familiar with The Lord Of The Four Supremes, I would be able to absorb the Spirit and convert it into qi at an even faster rate…

It seems that I won’t even need a month; ten to fifteen days should be enough for me to smoothly attain level-one of Qi-gathering and become a level-one adept of Qi-gathering, possessing the strength of one bull.

When that happens, if I coordinate all my muscles and exert maximum strength… even without any techniques of the Martial Way, I will be able to kill a level-two Qi-gathering adept with a single blow just by using brute strength!

After this pleasant surprise, Zhou Donghuang continued practicing.

Only this time, he had not practiced for long before he was startled awake by Granny Lian’s voice, “Young Master, Elder San of Yunxuan Restaurant is here.”

Zhao San?

Zhou Donghuang’s eyes flashed at being startled awake, and he murmured in a low voice, “It seems that Zhao San… has smoothly attained level-four of Qi-gathering.”

Zhou Donghuang met Zhao San once again in the receiving chamber of the Magnolia Guild.

Zhao San had brought someone along. Standing behind him was a middle-aged man dressed in a manner similar to the people of the Tang Dynasty on Earth. He sported a beard that resembled a mountain goat’s and had a rather intelligent look about him.

This time, as soon as Zhou Donghuang had entered the receiving chamber, Zhao San rose hurriedly from the armchair and saluted him respectfully.

“Esteemed Master Zhou.”

Up till now, Zhao San was unable to hide the astonishment in his eyes.

“It seems that your level of practice has reverted to its prior state,” Zhou Donghuang said with a placid smile.

“It is all due to the efforts of Esteemed Master Zhou.”

Upon hearing Zhou Donghuang mention this, Zhao San broke into a wide smile and fished out a piece of paper that was richly textured and looked extremely valuable. He presented it to Zhou Donghuang, saying, “Esteemed Master Zhou, this is the title deed for Yunxuan Restaurant. From this day forth, Yunxuan Restaurant belongs to you, Esteemed Master Zhou.”

Zhou Donghuang casually reached out and took the title deed with a simple, “Thank you.”

To him, wealth was still important at this moment.

Only with wealth he could purchase more and better herbs to aid and increase his rate of practice so that he could leave the planet of Ziyun as soon as possible and explore the boundless universe!

Zhou Donghuang merely glanced at the richly-textured title deed in his hand, before stuffing it into his pocket, his expression as calm as before.

It was as though what he had stuffed into his pocket was not the title deed for the most profitable business in Qingshan Town, but an inconsequential piece of rough paper…

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