The Supreme Lord Donghuang

Chapter 298 - White-haired youth

Chapter 298: White-haired youth

Although Qi Yuankai was an early Divine Transformation adept, among the early Divine Transformation adepts, he was only around average at best.

As for Yu Yucheng, as the Lightning Sword Sect Leader, although he was also an early Divine Transformation adept, he was still a leader of one of the top sects within the Hengliu galaxy and definitely had some extra skills that were inherited from the Lightning Sword Sect.

If Qi Yuankai were to fight Yu Yucheng, he would not be confident in winning the duel at all.

Instead, Qi Yuankai also agreed that there was a higher chance that he would lose to Yu Yucheng.

“Well, Eighth Elder, since you do not have the confidence to defeat Yu Yucheng, there was no point in you taking action against Zhou Donghuang if Yu Yucheng were to protect him,” Qi Feng said.

“Well, there’s also you, Seventh Prince!” Qi Yuankai replied.


Qi Feng shook his head. “Eighth Elder, did you notice that as we were leaving out the doors of the sect, there was someone standing a short distance away from the door. Did you notice that?”


Qi Yuankai nodded his head. “It was a middle-aged man who looked rather average.”


Qi Feng smiled. “Eighth Elder, if I’m not wrong… That person was the Autumn Valley Head, He Jin, of the Lightning Sword Sect. He is one of the strongest Primordial Soul adepts of the Lightning Sword Sect. Zhou Donghuang is one of the disciples of his Autumn Valley.”

Qi Yuankai frowned.

“Even without discussing any other matters, with the number of achievements Zhou Donghuang has at his young age, it already trumps that of everyone else in the Hengliu galaxy and this includes our ancestors… If we were to simply discuss the Primordial Soul adepts and below in the Hengliu galaxy, we could even say that Zhou Donghuang is the strongest in terms of martial arts in the entire history of the Hengliu galaxy.”

Qi Feng appeared indifferent. “It is very normal that the Lightning Sword Sect reveres this talented man.”

“Well, not only did he reject you, Seventh Prince, he also dared to belittle our king… Are we to just let it go then?”

Qi Yuankai frowned and his eyes glinted with unwillingness and annoyance.

“At the moment where he rejected me, he was already digging his own grave.”

Qi Feng’s tone was light and breezy as if he were simply discussing a casual matter. “Eighth Elder, this time, after we return, it will not be long before Zhou Donghuang will cease to exist within the Hengliu galaxy and the entire infinite universe.”

Upon hearing this, Qi Yuankai’s eyes instinctively lit up. “Do you need me to step up?”

Of course, he had understood the meaning behind Qi Feng’s casual words.

“Why would we need you to waste your energy?” Qi Feng replied lightly. “Although he may be a genius, he is still a Dharma adept… It is not worth it for a Divine Transformation adept of the Qi Dynasty to step forward to kill him personally!”

From the start to the end of their conversation with Zhou Donghuang, Qi Feng had had on a pleasant and amicable front.

As for him now, every time he spoke, it seemed as though he was already envisioning Zhou Donghuang’s death.

“That is true, Seventh Prince,” Qi Yuankai smiled and said. “Indeed, this matter does not require me to take action.”

To Zhou Donghuang, the visit by the seventh prince of the Qi Dynasty, Qi Feng, was merely a slight disruption, and it was not of much consequence.

After returning to his quarters at the Autumn Valley, he continued to train and digest the power of the Sky Sun elixir.

At the moment, he had already consumed three Sky Sun elixirs, and they had all respectively helped three of his late Dharma Powers of the Green Dragon Dharma Power, White Tiger Dharma Power and Vermilion Bird Dharma Power. As his three biggest Dharma Powers were being aided, the power of the three Sky Sun elixirs was also partially aiding his Black Turtle Dharma Power, which was not yet at the late Dharma stage. Because of this, two days ago, his Black Turtle Dharma Power had also crossed over to the late Dharma stage.

“It feels as if they are sharing the medicinal value of the Sky Sun elixir.”

After training for a few more days, Zhou Donghuang realized this point, and so he did not hesitate and took out the last remaining Sky Sun elixir for consumption. This now allowed for his four Dharma Powers to train at the same time.

In the process, he could also clearly sense that his four Dharma Powers had already reached a certain limit of power due to the absorption of the Sky Sun elixir’s medicinal properties. After fully digesting the power of the four Sky Sun elixirs, drinking more would not provide greater help to the four Dharma Powers.

“Indeed, one Dharma Power can only be helped by one Sky Sun elixir.”

Originally, Zhou Donghuang had assumed that as the medicinal value of the Sky Sun elixir could be shared among the four Dharma Powers, it may be possible for him to drink all the Sky Sun elixirs he could get his hands on. That would allow his Dharma Powers to absorb their medicinal value as well, allowing himself to improve his training greatly.

Well, in the end, such a theory was proven to be false.

Even though the four Dharma Powers were indeed able to share the power of each Sky Sun elixir, after it was split among each Dharma Power, in the end, each Dharma Power was only able to be influenced by the cumulative power of one single Sky Sun elixir, nothing more.

“Forget it… Even so, this is still enough for my four Dharma Powers to cross over to the ultimate Dharma stage in a short period of time!

With the four Dharma Powers crossing over to the ultimate Dharma stage, as well as the Divine Will being cultivated due to him being a Primordial Soul adept, Zhou Donghuang was confident that for those who were below the Primordial Soul stage, he would be able to kill them and it would take no effort at all as well.

As one Dharma Power was attacking, the other three would simultaneously be absorbing Spirit energy from the skies and the land to rejuvenate themselves. This would be akin to the rebirth of these Dharma Powers, and they would possibly never run out of energy.

Unless, the area that he was in particularly lacked Spirit energy.

As he thought about the fact that his four Dharma Powers would soon fully cross over to the ultimate Dharma stage, even though he had thousands of years of other good thoughts and memories, such an image in his head still made him feel excited and grateful.

Previously, in his past life, when he had entered the ultimate Dharma stage, the big sects and the geniuses of the bigger families of the same stage would have been able to crush him, and he had felt the huge disparity between his training methods and theirs.

However, in this life, the tides had turned and he, Zhou Donghuang, trained using the Lord of Four Supremes. If he dueled with someone of the same training stage as him, he would easily triumph in terms of training style.

As Zhou Donghuang was hard at work in training, both Da Zhuang and He Mengxi were not slacking off either. Once they had consumed the elixir, they both went into isolated training as well.

Within the Autumn Valley, there was peace and quiet.

Within the Lightning Sword Sect, it was absolutely quiet and peaceful as well.

Three months later.

A man who was dressed in green robes with pure white hair but youthful features appeared near the galaxy teleporter that was closest to the Lightning Sword Sect.

Afterwards, he glanced in the direction of the Lightning Sword Sect. Within an instant, he had already entered the grounds of the Lightning Sword Sect and from the start to end of this movement, the elders and disciples of the Lightning Sword Sect who were on patrol never noticed him at all.

“This is the Autumn Valley?”

After a while, this white-haired young man with white eyebrows met with a disciple of the Lightning Sword Sect near the Autumn Valley.

“Yes… Yes, Senior.”

This disciple of the Lightning Sword Sect that met with the youth was an external disciple. Towards this white-haired youth, who had managed to freeze his entire being’s essential core within an instant, he was filled with horror and fear. As long as this youth raised his finger slightly, he could even be crushed to death!

“Do you know where the Autumn Valley disciple, Zhou Donghuang, lives?”

The white-haired young man spoke with a light tone that did not betray any emotion.

“Senior, I’m unaware of this… Perhaps you should ask a disciple of the Autumn Valley instead.”

The external disciple’s face was fraught with worry. He was truly afraid that his ignorance towards the question posed by the youth would cause his own painful death. This was because he had heard before that many strongmen were merciless and killed others easily.


The young man replied calmly and released the external disciple. At the same time, the external disciple’s essential core was no longer bounded by him. “You can go.”

Once he had spoken, the young man produced one spirit stone vein and threw it to the external disciple, who caught it in his palm. Once he had observed this spirit stone vein, his nostrils flared as his face lit up with surprise and excitement. “Is this… an… ultimate-quality spirit stone!?”

One had to know that one ultimate spirit stone was worth ten high-quality spirit stones!

“He was so generous… If I find an elder and rat on him, would that make me an ingrate?”

This external disciple was now in a dilemma.

However, he still decided to report this matter to the elder of the sect in the end. He reported that an outsider had entered the Lightning Sword Sect, allegedly to find Zhou Donghuang. After all, this trespasser could have other ill intentions as well.

If the young man were to carry out any bad schemes, with his tip off, which managed to save the Lightning Sword Sect from much trouble, it was likely that he would be approved to enter the inner sect or even receive rewards that were worth far more than one ultimate spirit stone!

After the external disciple had regained his composure and realized that the white-haired young man was nowhere to be seen, he immediately rushed back to the outer sect to report this matter to an elder of the outer sect.

“What!? Someone has trespassed into our grounds? Furthermore, he was here to find Zhou Donghuang!?”

This elder of the outer sect naturally also recognized the severity of the situation. Without further hesitation, he headed for the residence of the Lightning Sword Sect Leader to report this matter.

A man who was able to trespass without being discovered was definitely no ordinary being. This was because out of the elders who patrolled around the sect on a daily basis, there were at least three late Primordial Soul adepts who were looking out keenly for intruders.

Furthermore, the Lightning Sword Sect had the great idea of planting several formations around its grounds and even adepts of the ultimate Primordial Soul stage would possibly be caught while trying to trespass into the Lightning Sword Sect.

At the same time, in the Autumn Valley:

“Zhou Donghuang.”

Before Zhou Donghuang was rudely awakened by sounds outside his door, he had been training the four Dharma Powers of his that had just crossed over into the ultimate Dharma stage. He was sure that the voice that had come from outside was one that he had heard before.

Nevertheless, once he had heard the call, he immediately jumped up from the bed and opened the door, walking out.

Once he had reached the yard, he saw that a young man was already standing before him. This young man had white hair that was flying with the breeze and a pair of white eyebrows. He had on a cold and icy composure and looked to be about the same age as Zhou Donghuang.

“Who are you?”

Zhou Donghuang’s facial expression became guarded as he saw the cold look in the young man’s eyes. At the same time, his expression became cold and cautious as well.

Although this young man before him looked like an ordinary person, Zhou Donghuang activated his Divine Will and made use of it. Without startling the man before him, he was only able to access the area that was about three meters around the man.

He was completely shut out otherwise.

What did this mean?

Only those whose who had Divine Will that was able to surpass past merely reading someone could achieve this.

Now, Zhou Donghuang could definitely confirm that the young man before him was definitely at least an early Primordial Soul adept, judging by the power of his soul!

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