The Tutorial Is Too Hard

Chapter 350 - God of Hope (7)

Chapter 350 – God of Hope (7)

[So what’s your answer?]

“If the price is sufficient.”

I answered the God of Hope.

If the price was sufficient, I had no reason to refuse to cooperate with the God of Hope.

It’s only the physiological reluctance to hold hands with the God of Hope.

In this case, I cannot refuse.

It was in itself dangerous to turn a blind eye to a means that would certainly benefit me because of unfounded embarrassment.

It means that I have neglected to prepare for a crisis in the future, and in the future it could be an excuse to justify my defeat.

You shouldn’t have thoughts such as ‘Ah, I lost because I wasn’t good enough’ or because I didn’t work that much at that time’.

As long as the God of Hope was showing himself and was giving adequate compensation, I could not reject him recklessly.

It’s a thought I sometimes get after becoming a god.

I feel that the identity I have decided is not binding myself, making me feel like I’m making parts of the world.

There was a time when I thought that the subject, God, was above the concept of the divinity, and that it dominated the concept.

But in reality, even God is dominated by his own divinity.

All gods are.

There aren’t many gods with extreme penalties like me, but there will be no God without any penalties.

If you are careful about penalties and limit your actions, all of the gods’ actions and thoughts will soon become obsessed with one identity.

I did not become the god of that identity because I was immersed in an identity.

Identity is what forces God to look like that.

Therefore, the more intuitive the god is, the stronger and greater he is bound to be.

The fact that I remained a god even with a clear divinity border proved itself.

Slowness, light, commitment, balance, nature, hope.

These are the divinities of the major gods of the Hundred Gods Temple.

The weight of the word itself was different from the Ruler gods.

I didn’t even know how restricted such gods would be.

And what kind of choices have they made to exist for such a long time under these restrictions?

If I have the opportunity, I’ll want to ask them directly about those experiences.


Cooperation versus information, the offer could not be rejected.

However, the offer could be beneficial.

I had to use it.


“Yes, throw out all the information I need.”

[… Then, what if you break your promise?]

“I will keep my promise.”

The God of Hope looked at me as if it were absurd.

[The words themselves give me disbelief. Did you know that there is no limit to telling lies?]

Oh, I got caught.

After becoming a god, it was easy to deceive because everyone guessed I couldn’t lie.

The God of Hope was also a god who could partially lie, so he did not fall for it.

[Well, good. Not only information but also cooperation will benefit you, but it won’t do me any harm. I will take it as collateral.]

It was a pretty heavy collateral.

It was not known whether the God of Hope knew this but still said it.

* * *

[Do you know the God of Order?]

“I know, the outsider god.”

Looking back on my experience in the tutorial, I did remember seeing messages about the God of Order a few times.

Three or four times.

Even that was when almost all gods showed interest.

By himself, he gave no noticeable responses.

He is not interested in me.

He was a god I didn’t care much about.

In the first place, I didn’t even want to make friends with the gods who had a strong divinity of order.


The God of Hope sprang up and refuted with a fit of passion.

[Go ahead and cancel those words!]

“No, I don’t want to?”

I don’t know what it is, but I refused.

The God of Hope was resentful for a moment and muttered something, then gave up and said.

[The God of Order is the most powerful god at this time.]

“In the Hundred Gods Temple?”

[All over the universe.]

It was unexpected.

He’s a god that I’ve never thought deeply about.

[What kind of entity do you think the God of Order is?]


I do not know.

[Think about it.]


Can’t you just let me know?

Even when I first met the God of Hope in the past, the God of Hope asked me the reverse question and made me infer the answer.

At that time, I thought it was to make a desired conversation within a limited amount of information.

But now, I wondered if it was a characteristic of the God of Hope.

[Ah come on!]

The God of Hope struck me.

I got up quietly and grabbed the armrests of the chair.

The God of Hope shouted because he was beaten with the chair earlier.

[Why, why do you have to solve everything that you can figure out with only a little bit of thinking, by using violence!?]

“You just need to tell me. Why would I waste my energy? What is the God of Order?”

It was like that before.

As long as the information is important, the God of Hope had to answer my words.

I had asked the God of Hope’s question without much anxiety.

[… The God of Order now has the greatest power in the universe and exerts the greatest influence.]

After speaking, the God of Hope noticed me for a moment.

It seems that he wants me to guess the answer after hearing it, but I have no intention of acting as the God of Hope had wanted.

I waited for the God of Hope to give the answer.

[… System. Isn’t it obvious?]


It was an unexpected answer, but it wasn’t surprising.

It was an answer that could be guessed if I had thought as the God of Hope told me to.

Even the earth, which does not have a mature self, and can’t even be defined as a single creature or individual, has received the faith of people for a long time and made its own voice.

Furthermore, there were some Rulers who were forced to extract the roots and faiths gathered on Earth.

The gods of the Hundred Gods Temple and Pantheon are under the system.

Divinity accumulates whenever the gods recognize the existence of a system that restrains them.

No matter how intangible the system was, it would still have been enough to become a god.

The faith produced by mortals and the faith produced by beings who set foot in the divine nature are on completely different levels.

Moreover, if the gods of the Hundred Gods Temple and the Pantheon that gathered all the mighty gods of the world are indirect believers, it was natural that the system would become the most powerful god in the universe.

[I am also an apostle of the God of Order.]

“Ah, I see.”

From the short words of the God of Hope, I can see how the system’s limitations were avoided.

In the first place, being an apostle itself was intended to allow gods to exert limited influence outside of their realm, avoiding the limitations of the system.

Something seemed contradictory, but it didn’t seem impossible in theory.

He is an apostle of the God of Order, which is the system itself, and of the God of Order, who makes expedients by using the gaps in that system.

There was something to consider before laughing at this though.

There was one thing that caught me.

[Quest Window]

[God of Order-???]

Description: The God of Order has nothing to do with you yet.

This is the God of Order item displayed in the quest window created by Kirikiri.

The God of Order has nothing for me.

I asked this to the God of Hope.

[Of course. Tutorials are also part of the system. The other gods may not know, but the God of Order will not agree with the transfer of the Tutorial.]

Damn it.

Things went wrong again.

* * *

The God of Order is a god with self and reason.

No matter how little he showed himself through messages, he wasn’t absent.

If the God of Order is the existence of the system and the Tutorial itself, there is something to point out.

When we cleared the 59th floor, where we first achieved the source of the power.

There was a time when the power of the source collected in the stage was deprived by a certain entity.

That’s probably the God of Order.

Damn, I have to get that power back someday.

Even when I cleared the 100th floor, I could feel a certain god watching me.

After all the Tutorial stages were over, the only god who would directly watch me as I was preparing to go to Earth was the God of Order no matter how much I thought about it.

If the God of Order can act and judge like other gods, it is impossible that it would transfer the Tutorial voluntarily.

The God of Order will not give me a part of himself.


I didn’t think I could get all the divine consent through Kirikiri’s quest window.

She thought there must be a god against it.

And in the case of such gods, I was thinking of obtaining the consent of the Tutorial transfer through force demonstrations, not quests.

But the case of the God of Order was a little different.

The Tutorial transfer itself violates the identity of the God of Order, and it will not be possible to obtain consent through appropriate force demonstrations.

There is no other way but to take it by force.

Against the most powerful god in this universe.

Damn it.

It was something that I should not have only heard about now.

It was information that I should have known about and prepared for a long time ago.

“The back of my head is tingling.”

Let’s think about what Kirikiri’s purpose was.

She wanted to weaken the system.

She wanted to take advantage of the gaps in the system and impose sanctions on the God of Hope that would harm him.

The weakening of the system itself, the God of Order, and the sanctions of the apostle, the God of Hope.

We can organize it like this.

Kirikiri also cooperated with me until sanctioning the God of Hope.

What about after that?

Will she cooperate in conflict with the God of Order?

Kirikiri argued that she should obviously weaken the constraints of the system, while saying she still needed the system.

Perhaps the transfer of the Tutorial is a check against the God of Order.

Maybe there is a way to hand over the Tutorial to me without conflicting with the God of Order.

She hasn’t told me yet, but when the time comes, she can give information about the God of Order and suggest new ways.

Kirikiri has always been like that.

She didn’t give out any information that was not needed right away.

The problem was that the list in the quest window recently changed to question marks, and that Kirikiri was not responding to my contact.

[Adventure and Slowness made everyone stand by for a temporary truce and expelled me, but the God of Order will be a little different.]

The God of Hope added words as if he were reading my heart out.

[No matter how much you have touched causality, that alone cannot deal with both Slowness and Adventure. Those who swim forever and those who block their destiny, themselves symbolize a part of causality.]

Then again, the God of Hope, who changed his tone, began to whisper.

It was a God of Hope, sitting deep in the back of a chair, but the voice sounded like a whisper in my ear.

The thin eyes, as if they were almost closed, made me feel ominous just by looking at them.

[The two gods are gods that collide even though they cooperate. In the meantime, only a few have survived. The few are all imprisoned before the Hundred Gods Temple.]

It was like a snake.

It was a little messy.

As soon as I smelled that confusion, I saw the sudden change in the God of Hope, and my agitated mind calmed down.

[They said you turned down an offer to join the Hundred Gods Temple?]

The God of Hope said with a giggle.

It was a disgusting laugh.

It was an evil, mean, and nasty laugh.

The God of Hope did not hide that point and showed it.

I felt instinctively rejected by that appearance.

I had never felt negative emotions so directly after attaining full godhood.

It was like when I was human, when I felt disgust or fear that my reason could not handle.

When a frog sees a snake, it’s the kind of primitive feeling that an animal might feel when it faces its natural enemy.

Various negative emotions blended together to create a mixture of pressure and fear.

It was interesting.

I was able to guess how the god of hope played with the gods of the Pantheon.

[I will ask again. Now cooperate with me…….]


[… Huh?]

“Don’t you look tired?”

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