The Unrivaled Tang Sect

Chapter 621.2 - Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing

Chapter 621.2: Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned.?Defeat him? Defeat the God Realm’s strongest Enforcer? Defeat Tang San, who even Rong Nianbing, whose God’s Seat I have inherited, has admitted that he’s inferior to??Defeat this formidable individual who became a God ten thousand years ago? I have to defeat my future father-in-law? How… how is that possible?

“I… How can I fight you?” Huo Yuhao uttered a little breathlessly.

Tang San smiled plainly and said, “Then you can leave.”

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh. “You’re the Tang Sect’s ancestor, and you’re the God Realm’s Enforcer. How can I fight you? And how can I defeat you?”

Tang San grunted coldly and retorted, “Right now, I’m not an Enforcer, and I’m not the Tang Sect’s founder. I’m the father of a daughter who has been bullied and treated unfairly. You’ve told Wutong so many times before that you’ll protect her and defend her, that you wouldn’t let her come to even a little bit of harm. But have you done that? You have hurt her again and again, and you’ve sent her down an abyss of pain and agony. You already have a child, so why are you still trying to stick to my daughter?”

“It’s not like that. Listen to me, God of the Sea,” Huo Yuhao answered worriedly, “I had no idea about that child. I’m not pushing my responsibility away, but I’m not even sure how that happened! I… I’m still a virgin!” Huo Yuhao’s face flashed red and white when he said ‘virgin’.

An amused smile flickered across Tang San’s face, but Huo Yuhao couldn’t see that because he was blocked by the illusory mists before him.

Tang Sa’s voice was still ice-cold. “Whatever you say to me is useless. You have only one choice if you wish to see Wutong. You have to defeat me!” Tang San waved his large hand as he spoke, and blasted a forceful air flow that pushed Huo Yuhao several hundred meters away.

“Wutong, Wutong, I’m here! It’s me, Huo Yuhao! Where are you? Where are you?” Huo Yuhao shouted at the top of his lungs directly at the great hall in the distance.

“Shut up!” Tang San lowered his voice as he growled.

The environment suddenly changed drastically. The mountains, rivers, and paradise disappeared as a dense forest replaced everything, while Huo Yuhao’s surroundings turned green.

Huo Yuhao stopped shouting as he stared at his surroundings in astonishment. Why did everything around him seem to familiar, like he had returned to the Great Star Dou Forest?

An unspeakably terrifying murderousness suddenly pounced right at him, a murderousness so thick and vigorous that it almost seemed material.

Huo Yuhao followed his instincts and glanced into the distance, where he fearfully witnessed a figure slowly pacing toward him.

Is that… is that still the Tang Sect’s ancestor?

In this moment, Tang San was no longer the God who was filled with spirituality and magic from before. Tang San’s long hair and luxurious robe had become blood-red.

What was even more frightening was the fact that the dense forest behind him also turned red as he walked. Dense murderousness rushed continuously in Huo Yuhao’s direction almost like it was material, and all the plants around him gradually withered before the vigorous murderousness. The forest behind Tang San had become an ocean of blood, and Huo Yuhao seemed to hear countless vengeful spirits crying out agonizingly behind him. He had never felt such formidable and overbearing murderousness, not even from an evil soul master.

How can this be? Isn’t he the God Realm’s Enforcer? Why does he look like an evil demon?

The blood-red colors rippling from Tang San’s body almost seemed viscous as his icy voice resonated through the air.

“Since you wish to die, then I will fulfill your wish. I am the God Realm’s Enforcer, and I have the authority to punish all Gods who disobey the rules. I’ve wanted to kill you for a long time, so that my daughter can escape all that pain. The only thing that has stopped me is the fact that the God Realm cannot influence the human world. That’s the reason why I haven’t done so. Now that you’re in the God Realm, you’ve presented yourself to me. I did want to give you a chance, but since you dare to shout and holler before me, I’ll kill you where you stand.”

Tang San waved his right hand as he spoke. The grass and leaves on the ground suddenly magnified and transformed into thick vines that encircled Huo Yuhao. Every vine was blood-red, and there seemed to be veins pulsing on every surface, like they were enormous red snakes that had come alive.

He wants to kill me??Huo Yuhao felt intense fear run through his heart. That murderousness was definitely not fake; it was the strongest one he had ever encountered.

Huo Yuhao didn’t want to fight Wutong’s father, but he had to protect himself right now!

Huo Yuhao glowed with a layer of gentle golden light, and the golden color immediately transformed into icy-blue colors that stretched outwards.

Extreme chills permeated the air, and the red vines immediately slowed when they touched the extreme cold. Huo Yuhao soared into the sky in a flash as he evaded the vines’ entanglement.

But his surroundings changed once more right at this moment. The skies suddenly became the ground, and the ground suddenly transformed into the sky as Huo Yuhao planted his head heavily into the ground while he was flying upwards.

This was the first time Huo Yuhao had encountered something like this. He had just touched the ground when those blood-red vines wrapped themselves around him and immobilized him. Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice godly power could slow these vines, but it couldn’t truly affect their power.

Small spikes began appearing on those vines once they wrapped themselves around him, and started piercing him. Huo Yuhao’s body couldn’t completely block those spikes despite his formidable physique, and intense piercing pain coursed through his body.

But Huo Yuhao was a man who had been through endless pain and suffering, and he had experienced pain much stronger than this. Therefore, even though his body tensed up because of the acute pain, the pain actually allowed him to clear his mind.

He had to live if he wanted to find Wutong. He couldn’t die here, no matter what.

An enormous figure appeared behind Huo Yuhao’s back. It was the Ice Bear King. A joyous sensation immediately radiated from the Ice Bear King; Bliss, of the Seven Emotions.

The blood-red vines that were wrapped tightly around Huo Yuhao froze before they started swaying faintly like they had been given life, and were dancing happily.

Huo Yuhao felt the tension relax as he immediately used Instant Teleportation to escape the vines’ iron grip. However, he didn’t dare to fly upward. Tang San could actually reverse the heavens and the earth, and escaping from his grasp was far too difficult.

An enormous red web descended from the sky at this moment and bore down on Huo Yuhao.

Dense murderousness exploded through the air, and Huo Yuhao realized in fearful shock that he couldn’t seem to evade the enormous web no matter what he did. The web seemed to become an entire space in that moment, and it was about to consume him.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t dodge it, so he could only fight it head-on.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath as light sparkled in his eyes.?I have to bear all the pain I need to so that I can see Wutong again.

Enormous ice cones swiftly took shape with his body in the center and erupted in all directions as countless ice cones surged into the sky like giant pillars.

Huo Yuhao himself was astonished.?Has my Star Anise Omnithrust become so formidable after I’ve become a God?

Circles of white light rippled from his body: Absolute Zero!

Huo Yuhao’s Absolute Zero could be considered a godly skill, and its most salient characteristic was that it amplified all of Huo Yuhao’s ice-type abilities, which had extraordinary significance in battle.

Those ice pillars immediately rose from the ground to more than three hundred meters tall.

The gigantic red web bore down and clashed with the ice cones. The ice cones were gradually crumbling, but it greatly stalled the web’s descent, and bought Huo Yuhao several moments of time.

Huo Yuhao bolted backwards. He had never considered defeating Tang San, because he was clear that that was entirely impossible. Therefore, he could only run, and he would escape before thinking about anything else.

Tang San was the God Realm’s Enforcer, but he wasn’t the only Enforcer in the God Realm. Huo Yuhao had to escape Tang San’s grasp before finding some other way to find his wife.

Huo Yuhao raced backwards as he raised his speed as high as possible, and detonated those ice pillars at the same time.

The Ice Empress’ shadow appeared behind Huo Yuhao: Anger of the Seven Emotions.

The Ice Explosion’s force was immediately maximized because of the emotion of anger. The explosion resembled nature herself heaving a deep sigh as searing fury mixed with countless icy explosions transformed into uncountable pieces of ice that danced through the air.

Circles of light rippled from Huo Yuhao’s body. Huo Yuhao didn’t just use Ice Explosion along with the emotion of anger; he immediately used the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice and the Ice Bear King’s Blizzard afterwards. Huo Yuhao unleashed his domain control abilities to their highest possible standard.

The entire forest seemed to become an icy-blue world as the terrifyingly low temperatures because of Absolute Zero and the Blizzard were so formidable that even Tang San, who was the God Realm’s Enforcer, paused in his tracks.

A look of surprise appeared in his blood-red eyes. He muttered under his breath, “He’s just entered the God Realm, and he has already fused Rong Nianbing’s power of emotions so seamlessly with his own abilities. He’s a very adaptable individual after all, and his potential is unleashed the more he is pressured.”

Huo Yuhao ran away hurriedly. He could feel that the murderousness became weaker when he unleashed Blizzard, and he heaved a sigh of relief. Huo Yuhao had a feeling that he was controlling heaven and earth. Was this what it was like to be a God?

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