The Unrivaled Tang Sect

Chapter 9.2: Radiant Butterfly Goddess

Chapter 9.2: Radiant Butterfly Goddess

“You…” Tai Lang was completely flabbergasted. In reality, running a hundred laps or so wasn’t a problem at all for him, with his strength. His cultivation was even ranked amongst the best of all the students in Class 1. However, he’d never expected that he’d be eliminated like this.

Zhou Yi looked towards the other students and spoke indifferently, “Although I have a bad temper, I definitely keep my promises. The nine people who I called out all cheated whilst running, and did not complete their hundred laps. If you’re unhappy with it, you can go and report me to the education administration. But for now, you can leave.”

“Teacher Zhou, I refuse to accept this. He didn’t run a hundred laps just now; he only managed to finish with someone else’s help. Why isn’t he being eliminated?” Another eliminated student named Lin Zeyu spoke furiously whilst pointing towards Huo Yuhao.

Zhou Yi laughed, “You refuse to accept it? ‘He’ is named Huo Yuhao. And if ‘he’ hadn’t finished running a hundred laps, he’d be amongst you right now. I will not change what I’ve said. He finished a hundred laps. I never said that helping others was forbidden. Wang Dong helped him, something that he did voluntarily. If someone willingly helped you whilst you were running, that would’ve been fine too. But did anyone help you? I don’t look at the process, only at the results. And the results were: Huo Yuhao completed a hundred laps, while you did not. Quickly screw off. If you make me any angrier, I’ll waste your martial souls.”

Under Zhou Yi’s powerful might, the nine students who’d been called out could do nothing but dejectedly walk away. They obviously weren’t going to pack their luggage, but were instead going straight towards the educational administration to lodge a complaint. This was only the first day of school! How could they accept this?

The sweat on Huo Yuhao’s body increased as he personally watched Zhou Yi impartially expel the nine students. It would’ve been weird if he didn’t feel nervous. If it weren’t for Wang Dong’s help, he would’ve been with those people! When he thought about this, he couldn’t help but shoot a grateful glance towards Wang Dong.

The remaining students’ expressions had completely changed; they didn’t even dare to breathe heavily whilst looking at Zhou Yi. It had only been two hours, yet Zhou Yi had already established her absolute authority over Class 1.

“Go back to the dorms and change your clothes. After that, come back to the classroom for class. I’ll give you fifteen minutes.” As soon as she’d finished speaking, Zhou Yi turned around and headed back towards the classroom.

No one dared to waste any time this time around. They loudly dispersed, as practically all of them sprinted back to their dorm rooms.

“That old woman is too fierce.” Wang Dong spoke as as hurriedly ran back towards the dorms with Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao turned and said, “Thanks. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid that…”

Wang Dong snorted and said, “Don’t thank me. If it weren’t for our fight, you could’ve done it on your own. You can go in and change first, I’m not really that sweaty.”

Huo Yuhao was stunned. “You don’t want to change together to save time?”

Wang Dong replied, “Did you forget about the five rules I told you the other day? I don’t like seeing the bodies of other people, it gives me goosebumps. Hurry up.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t bother responding. He hurriedly returned to their room and took off his sweat-soaked shirt. He then used a clean cloth to wipe his body down, before changing into another set of the school uniform. He’d have to wait until after class before he could clean his dirty body.

When he left the room, it was Wang Dong’s turn to change his clothes. At that moment, Huo Yuhao was still somewhat out of breath. The pair of wings that had appeared on Wang Dong’s back subconsciously appeared in his mind again.

Too beautiful, they had truly been too beautiful! Just what was that martial soul? Perhaps the others might not have noticed anything, but Huo Yuhao had. When Wang Dong had released his martial soul, his soul rings had also appeared. He’d unexpectedly had two of them. The thing that astonished him even more than that however, was that Wang Dong actually had both a yellow and a purple soul ring. In other words, his second soul ring was a thousand year one. This had already surpassed the common sense of normal soul masters.

No wonder he was so arrogant, he truly had the means to do so! When he compared his strength to Wang Dong’s, he truly was far too weak.

As he pondered about this, Wang Dong came out of their room after changing into a new set of clothes. The two of them didn’t dare to waste any time; they returned to the classroom as fast as they could.

Zhou Yi had given them fifteen minutes to change, but in reality, even the slowest person didn’t take ten minutes. All of the students had already seated themselves in an orderly fashion inside of the classroom. Their eyes were still filled with fear when they looked at the nine empty seats.

Everyone present had heard the phrase ‘Shrek Academy is hard to enter, but easy to leave.’ However, they only felt a strong sense of danger after it happened right in front of them. No one dared to even think of cheating anymore.

When the fifteenth minute arrived, Zhou Yi walked into the classroom just on time. When she saw that the ninety-one students were all present, she nodded her head. She then said, “We’ll start class now. On the whole, your test earlier has made me satisfied. A majority of you were able to complete the simple running test. Huo Yuhao, stand up.”

“Teacher Zhou.” Huo Yuhao rapidly stood up; his back was ramrod straight.

Zhou Yi coldly said, “Announce your soul rank.”

“Yes. My soulforce is at the eleventh rank.” Huo Yuhao spoke respectfully. Ever since Zhou Yi had called out their names earlier, he knew that in reality, this Teacher Zhou completely understood them, even though she seemed unreasonable. Perhaps he wouldn’t even be able to conceal his cultivation from her.

After hearing the words ‘eleventh rank’, a suspicious expression appeared on all of the students in the class. Wang Dong even directly covered his eyes with his hands.

Embarrassing, this was too embarrassing to him. With his level of cultivation, he’d actually lost to a person at the eleventh rank. Wait, how could he only be at the eleventh rank of soulforce? Didn’t enrolling at Shrek Academy have a basic requirement that students had to be at the fifteenth rank? When he thought about this, Wang Dong couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Huo Yuhao with a flabbergasted expression.

“Correct, his soul power is only at the eleventh rank. I know, you all are very curious as to why he could pass the school’s assessment and was able to become a freshman. I’ll only answer this question once, no one can ask him about it in the future unless he’s eliminated. He’s a student who was specially invited by the academy. When he entered the academy, he didn’t need to pass any tests. However, this is the only exception we make for specially invited students. If he’s unable to complete the studying assignments that the academy sets, he’ll also be eliminated. Okay Huo Yuhao, sit down.”

“Thank you, teacher.” As Huo Yuhao sat back down, he couldn’t help but feel astonished. Teacher Zhou’s words were clearly meant to protect him! By clearly explaining the situation of his enrollment, even with his insufficient soul rank, no one would ask about it in the future.

Zhou Yi didn’t seem to care about the students’ reactions to this. She turned around and wrote two big words on the blackboard: ‘ATTACK’ and ‘DEFENSE’.

After writing the two words out on the blackboard, she turned back to face the students once again. “I know that a majority of you are very unhappy because of the punishment I gave to you earlier, as well as the expulsion of those nine people. Only, you don’t dare to show it because of my pressure. I have no need to give you any explanations. People who are perceptive will naturally understand my reasoning in the future. As for the idiots who can’t understand, it’s fine for them to not understand. We will now start class.”

“You should all recognise the two words that I’ve just written on the blackboard. ‘Attack’, and ‘Defense’. For our first class today, I’ll talk to you about the attacking and defending techniques that soul masters use. Since ancient times, we soul masters have been split into many different systems based off of our innate martial souls, such as the Power Attack System, the Agility Attack System, the Auxiliary System, the Food System, the Control System, the Defense System, and so on. Some soul masters develop their abilities towards an extreme of one system, while others develop their abilities equally in multiple. The various number of methods to cultivate is by no means an isolated path. Wang Dong, answer this question: Of the various systems that soul masters fall into, which is the best at attacking, and which should lean towards defense and auxiliary, or support?”

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