The Villain Has Something to Say

Chapter 212 - Break the Array and Save Them! (1)

212. Break the Array and Save Them! (1)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Separated by the array, Luo Jianqing slumped on the ground, looking at the pool of blood.

He recalled the scene many years ago, when he met that young monk in the yard. At that time, he regretted that they hadn’t met sooner. They had a very animated chat, which made Luo Jianqing believe that he was a graceful and eminent monk beyond the mortal world. Then, he found that the monk was quite interesting. On the auction, the monk was other-worldly, not familiar with anything in the ordinary world, while in the Fiend Palace, he showed more elegancy and humor.

“Fo Zi…”

Luo Jianqing said with a hoarse and rough voice.

He abruptly turned back to Sir Wen Longzi, who was shocked by Luo Jianqing’s burning eyes. Luo Jianqing said firmly, “Sir, show me that secret instrument!”

Wen Longzi was baffled, not responding to him, so Luo Jianqing repeated.

Wen Longzi immediately took out an indigo, white pearl, which was the size of Luo’s palm. It was snow-white and covered with an indigo halo around. Wen Longzi said: “This is the secret instrument handed down from generation to generation in the Tai Hua Mountain. We call it the Bright Sapphire Pearl. Kept in the Yu Xiao Peak, the Pearl is seldomly taken out, and it has absorbed the power of several Chief Masters of the Yu Xiao Peak. Although it’s not so powerful as before, the Pearl is still one of the most precious instruments of the Tai Hua Mountain.”

Luo Jianqing gritted his teeth and wiped away the tears on his face, asking directly, “How to use it?”

“Your spiritual power is not enough to mobilize the Bright Sapphire Pearl, but I, Sir Zhao Xianzi and the Supreme Masters from the Fei Hua Sect as well as Gui Yuan Sect will help you. You can just focus on mobilizing it with True Nine-Petaled Lotus Record, and we will transfer our power to you. You only get one shot to break the Towering Ocean Breaking Array. Jianqing, you’d better make some preparation and take some break before…”

“Sir!” Luo Jianqing said with a hoarse voice and shining eyes, “Do it now, and maybe we can save him!”

Sir Wen Longzi fell into silence.

Saving Fo Zi? That was next to impossible.

Sir Wen Longzi gazed at Luo Jianqing for a long time and said, “You have to understand that if you fail, the Bright Sapphire Pearl have to be sealed for at least a month before it can be used again. We cannot afford that.”

“And I won’t fail!”

Luo Jianqing’s firm tone made Wen Longzi touched. He gave out a long sigh and handed the pearl to Luo Jianqing. As other cultivators crowded around, Luo Jianqing turned to demons in the array. He glanced through the sea of demons, the laughing Demon Exalt Shi Rong, and ultimately fixed his eyes on the pool of blood and lifeless Yun Xiang.

Luo Jianqing gritted his teeth and mobilized the True Nine-Petaled Lotus Record in his body.

However, what he cultivated had not been the True Nine-Petaled Lotus Record. If the Nine-Petaled Heavenly Seizure Record couldn’t work, they would definitely fail. Fortunately, he felt the spiritual power entering the pearl smoothly and touching something hidden in the center of the pearl.

Sir Wen Longzi and other masters were doing hand knack, transferring tremendous power into Luo Jianqing’s body.

In the array, the Sphinx Demon gave out a shocking voice and turned to Luo Jianqing. The young human cultivator slipped out of the array was holding a small pearl, which floated in the air slowly, and Wen Longzi as well as other cultivators were pouring power into him. Suddenly, the pearl gave out dazzling brilliancy!

“Damn it!”

The Sphinx Demon subconsciously felt something wrong and turned around, hurriedly approaching Luo Jianqing.

As soon as it lifted its foot, Yun Xiang seemed to suddenly come back to life. She crawled into the pool of blood and held the bloodstained man into her arms. His once white face was full of blood at the moment. He wasn’t about to smile kindly, nor could he open his mouth and say any Buddhist lines that had always annoyed her. But Yun Xiang just held him tightly in her arms, calling his name with a trembling body.

“Yu Chen, Yu Chen, Yu Chen…”

The Sphinx Demon roared and flew out of the array. It treaded towards Luo Jianqing but was stopped by the monks of the Gui Yuan Sect who had been preparing for it.

The Demon Exalt Shi Rong roared: “How dare you!”

One of the monks was at the middle stage of Da Sheng Period, a realm lower than Shi Rong, and the other man was at the late stage of Da Sheng Period. The Sphinx Demon utmost completed the late stage of Da Sheng Period, so in face of two rivals, it was not afraid at all.

At the moment, however, the two monks were staring at the monster with bloodshot eyes and hatred. The younger monk had already gritted his teeth and shed tears, while the older one just calmly looked at the Demon Exalt with red eyes. It was this seemingly peaceful monk who made the Sphinx Demon nervous and feel a cold snap crawled onto him from his feet.

The older monk was counting the Buddhist beads and asking, “Shi Rong, when you treaded on my disciple, do you know that I was desperate to stop you?”

The Sphinx Demon narrowed its eyes, “You…”

“I have lived in seclusion for many years in the Cen State. I am not interested in any undeserved reputation; all I’ve got is my disciple. Before he set out, I told him to be extremely careful. I know he followed my tip since he was always submissive since childhood. He was careful, but I could only stand here and watch him trampled by you.”

The Demon Exalt Shi Rong trembled, “Who the hell are you!”

The gray-haired monk looked up at it. His penetrating eyes seemed to be able to see through its eyes. But Shi Rong didn’t notice that. When he treaded on Fo Zi, the monk seemed to get much older in an instant and vomited a mouthful of blood.

He said calmly: “My Dharma name is Zhi Shan, and I’m the Chief Master of the Gui Yuan Sect.”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two monks were chanting Buddhist scriptures, which confined the crude demon. When the younger monk saw the demon trapped, he was so furious and wanted to kill it. However, Master Zhi Shan stopped him and said with a poised voice, “Our task is to hold back Shi Rong. That’s all we do, and don’t let down your guard now.”

The young monk said with a tone of disbelief, “Fellow brother, it killed Fo Zi just now. Didn’t you see it?”

Master Zhi Shan closed his eyes and said hoarsely, “I have seen it, and there is no need…to mention it again.” While talking, a tear finally fell from the corner of his eye, moistening his cheek.

The younger monk fell into silence and stopped talking.

On the other side, the army of human cultivators confronted demons. The latter had got used to hiding in the array, but now, they had to come out one after another to stop Luo Jianqing from mobilizing the pearl and thus, directly encountered the furious human cultivators.

No one could get closer to Luo Jianqing even a little bit. He was mobilizing the pearl, making it give out towering brilliancy.

When the brilliancy reached the tipping point, they heard a weak buzz sound, and an indigo lotus rose from the pearl into the air slowly. The lotus was small and delicate, flying gracefully onto the Towering Ocean Breaking Array and tipped it gently.


A terrible wave spread out from the point where the lotus and the array touched

Luo Jianqing’s face turned white. He was forced back by the wave but Sir Wen Longzi quickly held him.

Sir Wen Longzi said worriedly, “Jianqing, how are you hanging in there?”

Luo Jianqing wiped the blood on his lips: “I’m OK! Sir, give me more spiritual power!”


The Da Sheng Period masters began to transfer spiritual power again, which made the pearl shined more prosperously. Meanwhile, the little lotus absorbed more powerful, clashing the Towering Ocean Breaking Array madly. Each clash would cause huge noise, shaking the Earth.

Humans was trying to break the array with the Bright Sapphire Pearl, which consumed the spiritual power of masters, while demons were defending the Towering Ocean Breaking Array, sacrificing lives of tens of thousands of demons.

A tug of war started.

Luo Jianqing could saw humans and demons locked in cruel battle. Blood would splash on him from time to time, and desperate cries from both humans and demons echoed in his ears. Every cultivator was protecting Luo Jianqing. Not a single demon could get close to him and spoil their plan to break the array.

Half an hour later, the demon armies from the Fifth Ocean arrived to assist.

Another hour later, the armies from the Sixth Ocean also reached the battleground.

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