The Villain Has Something to Say

Chapter 213 - Break the Array and Save Them! (2)

Chapter 213 – Break the Array and Save Them! (2)

213. Break the Array and Save Them! (2)

Translator: Storm in a Teacup

Life had become the most worthless thing at the moment. With the battlefield flowing with rivers of blood, every second there were cultivators and demons falling. The Ocean Masters of the Fifth and Sixth Ocean launched an attack on Luo Jianqing together. Seeing this, a Da Sheng Period Supreme Master of the Fei Hua Sect left the team that was transferring spiritual power to Luo Jianqing and rushed to the two Demon Exalts.

Wen Longzi said: “Jianqing, how much longer do you need?”

Luo Jianqing gritted teeth, starting at the place besieged by demons, where Yun Xiang was struggling to kill those demons, protecting the man lying in the pool of blood who hardly looked human.

“Sir, at least one more hour! The Towering Ocean Breaking Array was too large. Even if you and other masters pour all of your power into the Bright Sapphire Pearl, it still needs another hour.”

Wen Longzi frowned, “Fine, just go on!”

At this time, the Supreme Master of the Fei Hua Sect was knocked up by the Ocean Master of the Fifth Ocean.

Another Supreme Master of the Fei Hua Sect left the rear of the team left immediately with red eyes, “Sister!”

With another source of power gone, Luo Jianqing’s face turned paler, and the indigo lotus slowed its pace to clash the array. However, it was just a beginning-another master of the Gui Yuan Sect had to leave the team and joined the two Supreme Masters of the Fei Hua Sect to resist the two Earth-Level Demon Exalts.

Currently, only a master of the Gui Yuan Sect, a Da Sheng Period independent cultivator, a Supreme Master of the Cang’s Family, Sir Zhao Xianzi and Sir Wen Longzi still stayed in the team, transferring spiritual power to Luo Jianqing.

Luo Jianqing just fixed his eyes on the crowd near in the array, where Yun Xiang was straining every nerve to kill demons, and Fo Zi was lying on the ground. He had been clearly aware that Fo Zi had fallen, but Luo Jianqing accept the face. Instead, he just gazed at them, until…

“Fo Zi was alive!”

Luo Jianqing shouted thrillingly as he noticed Fo Zi’s finger twitched.

Behind Luo Jianqing, Master Zhi Shan got stiffened. He turned around and asked, “What!”

Luo Jianqing answered loudly, “Sir, Fo Zi is alive! He is alive!”

Master Zhi Shan said immediately, “Brother, you go to help them. I can manage here.”

The younger monk was shocked, “Sir, how can you single-handedly trap Shi Rong?”



As the younger monk left, the array that trapped Shi Rong got a little bit weaker, but Master Zhi Shan stabilized it soon. Shi Rong roared furiously, yet Master Zhi Shan was poised. He spitted a gush of refined blood, and with a few hand knacks, confined Shi Rong in the array again.

The gush of refined blood made him pale and tremble.

On the other side, as the younger monk joined the team, Luo Jianqing mobilized the pearl more quickly. However, suddenly he saw Yun Xiang’s arm penetrated by a demon! She was smashed back, falling beside Fo Zi. Without a any hesitation, she stood up and fought again, killing the demons surrounded them.

Another demon stepped ahead and chopped her left arm off.

With blood splashing out from the cut, Yun Xiang suffered from extreme pain, but she still resisted demons, trembling.

Then, her shin was penetrated, and palm crushed!

Luo Jianqing’s eyes got blood-shot. He just saw the encirclement around Yun Xiang and Fo Zi got smaller and smaller. After a short hesitation, he stamped his foot and an indigo lotus abruptly flew out from his elixir field, rushing towards the Towering Ocean Breaking Array!

Sir Wen Longzi said with great shock, “Jianqing, that’s your primordial life!”

Luo Jianqing had no time to respond. Just as his primordial life touched the pearl-transformed indigo lotus, the two lotuses merged into one. That was unexpected for Luo Jianqing. He just wanted to use his primordial life to speed up the pace of the pearl, but they should merge!神,一起

Luo Jianqing saw his primordial life replaced the nihility lotus, and the pearl supported the primordial life with tremendous power, driving it to clash the horrible Towering Ocean Breaking Array.


The array began to shake under continuous clashed.

Luo Jianqing felt such an enormous power for the first time. The power in the Bright Sapphire Pearl came from five masters’ spiritual power behind him, and generations of the Chief Masters of the Yu Xiao Peak. Right now, all of them poured into Luo Jianqing’s primordial life, which made him surpass Out-of-Body, Body Fusion, Tribulation Passage, and even Da Sheng Period…

Ultimately, his power seemed to surpass Deity Transformation Period and reached a horrible realm!

How did that feel? Luo Jianqing just felt his realm kept ascending, yet still far from the ultimate one. He needed more power, much more power to make him stronger!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Luo Jianqing waved his hand, and the indigo lotus clashed the array hard again.

This time, the whole array shook and crumbled, yet the lotus didn’t allow it a breathing spell. The lotus attacked the array again, and then a voice of breaking glass came. Suddenly, the whole array collapsed. Luo Jianqing wiped the blood on his lips and rushed towards Fo Zi and Yun Xiang, with no time to take back his primordial life.

He was quick, yet someone is even quicker than him.

Master Zhi Shan smacked away the demon that was about to penetrate Yun Xiang. He held Fo Zi in the pool of blood into his arms. After careful examination, he found Fo Zi’s meridians and bones all broken and his blood almost drained. His elixir field was smashed into pieces by the Sphinx Demon’s spiritual power!

But…he was still breathing!

Master Zhi Shan pressed the chest of Fo Zi, transferring spiritual power into him. However, Fo Zi’s breath just got weaker gradually. Another master of the Gui Yuan Sect arrived soon. He put his finger on Fo Zi’s glabella, transferring spiritual power again.

Countless demons goggled at the collapse of the Towering Ocean Breaking Array.

The Ocean Masters of the Fifth and Sixth Ocean exchanged a glance and narrowed their eyes, immediately retreating.

They gave up without a fight!

On the other hand, Shi Rong got rid of the trap. He looked at the collapsing array with disbelief. Its huge body kept shaking, but it did not escape. He clearly knew that even if he ran away, Yin Ji would definitely kill him. He must make up for his own mistake!

Shi Rong turned his red eyes to Luo Jianqing in the crowd, but he didn’t have chance after all. As a sword light flashed, Sir Wen Longzi and Zhao Xianzi had stood in his way. They fixed their cold eyes on the Sphinx demon, as cold as iron that was going to smash him!

Sir Wen Longzi’s face was full of coldness, “Your death is the only comfort for our fallen cultivators!”

A severe battle was inevitable.

On the Xuan Tian Continent, human finally broke the Towering Ocean Breaking Array. On the land of the Cen State, Ming State and Zhao State, they immediately launched a counterattack. In the Chong State, in particular, the master cultivators who had been fed up with the mess killed demons madly. They repelled demons with overwhelming advantage and the Ocean Master of the Seventh Ocean directly fell that day!

Meanwhile, no one expected that in the Fiend Realm, demons had broken the Heaven-Level Omen Fiend Array. They penetrated with sweeping force and conquered three capitals subsequently. When the demon army reached the Yu Capital City nearest to the Fiend Palace, the newly appointed city governor even escaped without any resistance.

It took only three days for the demon army to reach the foot of the Fiend Mountain

The commander was no longer the four Ocean Masters. Instead, a rough and strong man stepped on the scarlet soil of the Fiend Realm and laughed out at food of the mountain, “Mo Qianqiu! I am coming to visit you now. Dare you come out and fight with me!”

He was the third of the four Demon Exalts in the Demon Realm, Exalt Hao Ming!

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