The Villain's Redemption

Chapter 389: The Golden Throne

Chapter 389: The Golden Throne

“Did you see his face?” King Agostos chuckled when they reached his room. Anna was walking closely behind him. “Did you see how angry he was?” He looked at Anna and stopped chuckling when he saw how serious she was.

“You knew about the assassination.”

“I had some idea.”

And yet, he didn’t tell her anything. If she had known in advance, she would have told Mo Li about it.

“He wanted to use me to frame your father.” King Agostos uttered.

For a few seconds, Anna said nothing. She walked towards the window and stared at the view of the capital from his window.

Since King Lourens wanted to frame her father so much, then should she just give him a chance to do that?

Actually, Anna realized something after that meeting earlier.

The Queen Luna didn’t know about the assassination. Her concern for her son was genuine. However, the King was different.

Everything was the King’s plan.

Even the fact that he hurt his own son was a part of his plan.

He wanted to use it to gain the sympathy of the others.

Of course, these are mere conjectures. However, she is going to confirm everything tonight. Her eyes lingered on the main building where the King and the Princes, as well as their mothers, are living.

It looked like she was going to use another talisman tonight.

Her supplies are running low.

She could only wish that she could make new talismans in the next world.

“What are you planning to do?” she heard King Agostos ask. 𝐛𝗲𝗱𝗻𝗼𝐯𝐞𝗹.𝐨𝐫𝗴

“My father is alive.”

“We have not confirmed anything yet. Even the King isn’t sure about your father’s whereabouts.”

However, she was already sure that her father was alive. And he was living inside the walls of the castle.

“The King didn’t confirm that Thomas Gentry suffered in the hands of my father,” Anna stated. Obviously, the King was planning to use this incident for other plans.

She really needed to stop that man.

“I am leaving.” Anna looked at King Agostos. “I will come back before the sun rises.”

King Agostos stared at her for a few seconds. “Are you planning to find your father?”

“No.” Of course not. That man is a killer. Moreover, he trained her and raised her since she was a child. He could easily spot the changes in Anna’s behavior. If that happens, there is a high chance that he would kill Anna.

“Alright.” King Agostos uttered. “Also… one more thing.”


“Queen Luna…”

“What is it?”

“I believe she is working with your father.”

“You mean…”

“There is a possibility that the King is targeting Queen Luna this time.”

Anna nodded. She already thought of that possibility since she arrived here.

After leaving King Agostos’s palace, she made herself invisible and started making her way toward the main palace. Because of what happened, the security this time has been tighter. However, she wasn’t too worried.

She already found out earlier that King Lourens cannot detect her presence.

Even if King Lourens was stronger than most of the Lycans that she met so far, he still couldn’t smell her scent when she was in this state.

After a few minutes of hiding and running, she finally reached the palace where the King resides.

As a man with two wives, the King has his own palace which is separate from the palace where his wives live. In this place, the King can spend the night studying or reading or sleeping, alone.

If he wanted to sleep and visit one of the Queens, he could easily do so. All he needed to do was visit their own palace.

When she sensed the presence of two people inside the King’s palace, Anna slowly made her way into the window, hoping that she could hear what they were talking about without using a talisman. Sadly, it looked like another talisman soundproofed the room.

She had no choice but to enter the place or use a talisman that would let her see and hear what was happening inside.

Since she didn’t want to use her talisman, she entered the place.

Instantly, the smell of blood and some herbs assaulted her senses the moment she walked inside. She spotted the King.

He was sitting on a golden throne that was placed in the middle of the room. To the left was the crying Queen Mistress. She was holding what looked like a dead or injured body. A pool of blood surrounded them.

“Your majesty… please believe me. My father didn’t mean to make a mistake. We did everything according to your plans. However… ” Queen Mistress sobbed. “It must be Agostos. He must have known about it in advance!”

“Shut up! Close that filthy mouth of yours!”

Queen Mistress pursed her lips. The talking stopped, but the sobbing didn’t. It was the only thing that disturbed the suffocating silence inside the room.

“I asked you to kill my brother, and you got my son injured instead!”

“Your majesty! I did not mean to— ”

“I SAID SHUT YOUR TRAP!” the man’s voice boomed inside the palace. It echoed against the walls, making the whole place tremble. “You made a mistake! What I wanted to hear is an apology! I want to hear you beg for your life! I don’t want to hear any excuses!”

The woman’s grief-stricken face turned paler. She looked at her husband, then saying nothing, she slowly laid the man in his arms on the floor. She used her arm to wipe her tears, creating a mess from her makeup. Then she slowly crawled towards the King and kissed his toes.

“Please forgive me… I made a mistake. You can have my head. Just please spare my father and son.”


King Lourens suddenly kicked the woman away from him.


“Your majesty.”

“I said… leave! And bring that trash with you!”

The woman didn’t wait for another second. She immediately helped the man up and dragged his bloodied body out of the palace, leaving the King alone on his golden throne.

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