The Warmhearted You

Chapter 11: Party

Chapter 11: Party

After three rounds of back and forth, the sun had risen, the light shining through the slits of the curtains.

He Yu sat half-kneeling on Ye Xun’s legs, with her palms clutching at the back of the other’s head. She probed the tip of her tongue into Ye Xun’s moist mouth, hooked the other’s soft tongue around hers and rolled them, their tongues intertwined in a fierce battle. Ye Xun’s ears turned red as she raised her neck and supported He Yu’s back with one hand.

After a long kissing session, He Yu slowly withdrew her tongue. She rubbed Ye Xun’s ear and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong, are you feeling sad?”

He Yu didn’t forget that this child still remembered the events from last week, and He Yu knows that she cared but was silently enduring the entire time.

“No,” Ye Xun whispered, taking back her hand, her knuckles white, “There’s nothing to be depressed about.”

He Yu took a deep breath as she adjusted to the sudden feeling of emptiness on her back. She lifted her hands to brush her scattered hair and then raised Ye Xun’s face to kiss her once again.

She kissed very lightly, and slowly, and Ye Xun’s eyes gradually changed, and a certain deep feeling stirring in her eyes.

“Don’t overthink it…” He Yu whispered, kissing the corner of her lips, slowly slid down as she lifted her chin.

Ye Xun was startled and hurriedly reached out to stop her, but unexpectedly He Yu caught her hands and pinned them above her. Ye Xun’s clenched her teeth as her ears turned a deeper shade of red.


The breakfast ended up untouched as it turned cold on the table.

When the sun reached the center of the sky, the two of them finally got out of bed and ate some noodles for lunch.

In the afternoon, Ye Xun went back to school, and He Yu looked after the shop.

In the evening, He Yu received another bouquet of blue roses delivered to her by the nearby flower shop. No need to guess who ordered it, she already knew who sent them as she signed the forms.

This was the first time that the customers saw her accept flowers from anyone, so a familiar customer asked curiously, “Boss, who sent those flowers?”

She set the bouquet on the left side of the bar and smiled softly, “My lover.”

The customers were more surprised by this revelation. They had all thought it was just an excuse.


Recently, the weather has become hot, and Jiang Yun was less busy than usual. She invited her friends to get together, and they decided to rent out an outdoor swimming pool.

He Yu took Ye Xun with her, and some of the other guests also brought their lovers or their friends.

Everyone here was quite liberal about their choice of wear, all of them wearing seductive three-point bikini sets, naturally, that included He Yu as well. Ye Xun had been following her, refusing to be farther than half a step away. Jiang Yun pulled He Yu to the side and whispered: “Your child is so clingy~”

He Yu glanced at Ye Xun behind her, raising her slender eyebrows as Jiang Yun smiled meaningfully and walked away, cocktail in hand. He Yu led Ye Xun towards one of the poolside chairs, handed her a sunscreen bottle, lifted her hair as she lay on the chair: “Help me apply the sunscreen.”

Ye Xun stared at her.

She looked down and stared at the bright and beautiful back for a moment, then squeezed out the sunscreen, rubbing it into her back, shoulders, back, waist… and above the tailbone, where her hand stopped, hovering there for a long time.

He Yu tilted her head sideways and looked at her.

Ye Xun lowered her eyes, dodging He Yu’s gaze.

The women around them glanced at the two and laughed softly, whispering in hushed tones.

Jiang Yun was chatting with a cold faced woman who didn’t respond, making her feel bored. She sipped her drink and walked away to talk with someone else. She slipped into a corner and took out a pack of cigarettes. She had a bit of an addiction and couldn’t control her need to smoke a stick or two.

Back to the couple, Ye Xun had finally finished applying the sunscreen, He Yu stood up and said, “Come here, let me help you put on some sunscreen as well.”

Ye Xun moved closer, and He Yu first applied some on her arm, and just when she touched the other, the nearby conversations suddenly stopped.

He Yu turned her head to see what happened. Everyone was staring at an uninvited guest, especially Jiang Yun, whose face wore an ugly look.

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