The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 10.3

A lady’s shadow.

Although the picture was blurred, Yu Yin could still see that the person in the mirror was smiling. The ends of her lips were raised, giving him the chills.

He remembered his second dad said before, there were no women at the scene.

Yu Yin turned to look at the one who brought the photos.

“In the other photo, he died due to the fall, but hor, there is something interesting in his hand.” Pointing at the second picture, Yan Si glanced at Yu Yin.

Swapping the photos, the second photo was a zoomed in shot, focusing on the hand.

“This is…” Yu Yin squinted his eyes, next to him, Yu also got closer to take a look.

In the picture, the wrist of the corpse obviously had black bruise, as if someone had gripped him very strongly before. Since it had been quite some time, that part was obviously more rotten than the other parts of the hand.

As he was still thinking, Yu took over the pictures and examined them thoroughly.

“So why are you purposely showing me these pictures?” Shifting his position, Yu Yin asked the person before him.

“No ah, based on the autopsy, I can say that one of them committed suicide while the other died from an accident. However, the pictures showed something unnatural, so I went to ask the people from the police station, and also to get some insights from you, the ’unofficial’ professional.” Taking back the photos from Yu, Yan Si shrugged.

“Sorry, I am not some ’unofficial’ professional. If you want to get insights into these photos, you can send them to the television station, they even have a professional to have you decipher these photos. Last time you had said so yourself.” Putting on an uninterested expression, Yu Yin laid back down to his original position. “But then, I did not expect that even a Forensic like you would be interested in this kind of things leh.” He thought there were more scientific-based and would demand scientific proof.

“When you can’t find the body, you will be interested in anything.” Picking up an apple from the small bedside table, Yan Si peeled off the skin with a fruit knife, “Did you know, the large amount of blood reaction found in the arcade suggests that whoever spilled those blood must be already dead unless he or she had immediate blood transfusion. The female-specific watch found in the scene has already been identified to be Lin Xiu Jing’s item by her family. All that is left is to check the blood found on the watch against her family to check if it is her blood.”

“What about those guys that the police brought back? What did they say?” Yu Yin asked, absent-mindedly changing the channels.

“They are very united leh, no matter what, they won’t say a thing. Don’t know what weakness did the other party exploit, they all don’t dare to say anything other than the fact that they were hired.” This is the troublesome part, but the current situation here has nothing to do with them. Yan Si took a glance at Yu Yin before handing over the apple that he finished peeling. “With regards to this, investigations are still going on. We have already found a few account books that recorded the debt and loan history of some employees. The police are likely to continue investigating on that.”

“And also…” Just as Yan Si was about to continue speaking, his phone rang. “Excuse me, I’ll go pick up the call.”

Right after Yan Si left the ward, Yu Yin returned to his previous pondering state.

Even the police can’t find the body.

Seeing the two photos just now, Yu Yin can almost confirm that the two person did not die from committing suicide or an accident. They were murdered like the others ba, just that there is no way to close the case under ’Murder’.

After all, over all these years, there has never been a case that records a death caused by a ghost.

Noticing that the person next to him, who had no other action other than taking the photo from him once, “Yu, what do you think?” Yu Yin turned and asked. At the same time, the owner of the pair of purple eyes handed him a plate of fruit.

<>< 24.=””><>

Slightly stunned, Yu put down the plate of fruit and took up the notebook next to him, “Xie Li Yu had no reason to go up the hills on his own.”

“Aye, you and I thought of the same thing. That kind of place is not somewhere people would go for no reason, unless there is something there that they don’t want others to see. He must have wanted to go and check if everything is in order… But the problem is, we went there the other day and the police had also checked the area, yet we can’t find Lin Xiu Jing’s body. Just what is happening?” Yu Yin scratched his head. He truly could not think of any place which he had left out, that could have hidden the body.

The ward door was abruptly opened.

“Sorry, something came up and I have to go back now.” Cutting off the line as he walked in, Yan Si appeared to be in a hurry. Taking his bag as he walked out hastily, he reminded, “Student that got mauled, you better rest properly and don’t run around, otherwise your injuries will worsen oh! See you next time.”

With that, not waiting for Yu Yin’s reply, Yan Si left the ward.

“Tch, what did that guy come here for ah?” Yu Yin glared at the closed door as he snorted. “Why do the whole world think I’m going to run off ah?”

He turned his head and saw Yu staring at him.


Even this one!

For G.o.d’s sake! He just got injured eh! He wouldn’t think of going out and worsening his injuries, ok? Do these people think he is a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t?

Yu moved and wrote on his notebook: “Yu Xia said you are not allowed to take a step out of the ward.”

“Aye, I know la, I know la, then can you please help me buy a drink? There are only fruits and plain water in the ward, I want to drink something cold!” He has already drunk so much plain water that he is going to be bloated! He needs a sweet, cold, unhealthy and drink!

Putting down the notebook, Yu took the money pouch and headed out of the ward.

Turning off the boring television show, Yu Yin laid down onto the soft pillow.

If Xie Li Yu really went to look for the body and died there…


Just as he was about to ponder deeply about this question, a familiar mewling sound entered his ears. It was close, just under his bed. However, this time, it was not that pitiful, more like the normal mewls of a cat.

Yu Yin immediately got up from the bed and saw the leopard cat, silently appearing in front of his eyes. Then, it jumped and landed at the foot of the bed.

This is the first time he got so close to the leopard cat.

The already rotting flesh showed that this is not a ’real’ cat. It had bloodshot eyes and the pupils are slightly grey and cloudy.


Seeing it this close was rather pressurizing.

“You can’t be here to warn that the next to die would be me ba?” Looking at the leopard cat before him, Yu Yin couldn’t help but make a joke.

Perhaps it was because the leopard cat before him held no enmity, thus he grew bold.

The leopard cat stared at him for a good while without any reaction before it jumped off the bed and left the ward. Somehow, it felt like the leopard cat came here… specifically to look for him.

“You know where Lin Xiu Jing is, right?” Yu Yin immediately jumped off the bed, grabbing his jacket on the sofa, he immediately opened the door and ran after it.

The leopard cat did not turn back. Its pace was not fast, yet it was not slow either. It made a beeline out of the hospital.

Giving up on the lift, Yu Yin followed it down the stairs, fearing that he will lose the cat.

He felt that the leopard cat’s appearance must mean that the case is coming to an end.

And this could be the only chance.

Chasing it out of the hospital, Yu Yin immediately hailed a nearby taxi, “Uncle, please follow my…” Before he finished his sentence, he felt the edge of his clothes getting tugged.

Looking back, he saw Yu standing behind him.

“Aye, I am not breaking the promise, but I must leave the hospital now…” Looking at the pair of purple eyes, then to the leopard cat which was already heading outside, Yu Yin started to panic.

Not knowing where the feeling came from, but he felt that is he did not catch up to the cat, then there is really no need to catch up anymore.


“You must understand, I will not act recklessly. This is really important.” Yu Yin looked straight at Yu and said with all seriousness.

Tilting his head as he looked at Yu Yin, Yu let go of Yu Yin and waved the money pouch and the bag of drinks and food in his hands.

Yu Yin suddenly felt like smiling, actually, Yu isn’t that hard to communicate with after all!

“Let’s go!”

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