The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 11.1

Under Yu Yin’s instruction, the taxi quickly left the hospital and drove onto the main streets.

“Boy ah, such a coincidence. We have met a few times already, right?”

The young, golden-haired taxi driver whistled a lively tune as he steered the wheels. The taxi quickly drove towards the suburban area.

“That’s right ah, let’s go and grab a bite together next time.” Taking a bite of his rice ball that was bought from the convenience store, Yu Yin said as he continued to direct the taxi driver.

“Ha, that’s great! Leave me your number later, I’ll treat you guys some good food next time.” The golden-haired taxi driver grinned as he expertly cut over the other cars. “That said, I saw you guys rush out of the hospital, but why are you going to the suburban area? That place is very ’ying’ eh.”

“Very ’ying’?” Yu Yin obviously knew that place is not ’clean’, but he never expected the young taxi driver to say the same.

Could it be that he only appeared to be a taxi driver, but he actually owns the ’third eye’?

“Yea, I heard that last time, during the j.a.panese rule, many people died at the top of that hill. That’s why it has been abandoned.” As the driver spoke, he made a clean turn. “My grandfather used to live near this area, so he knew this place well. Many people were buried at the top of that hill, and it is even rumored that those ’things’ will often play pranks on the residents there, thus the people that used to live there are moved away. Now it has become an abandoned hill.”

“I see, that’s right, big brother, you are interested in racing, ah?”Yu Yin used one hand to grab on tightly to the safety handle while his other hand fumbled for the rice ball that almost flew out of his hand.

“Eh! How do you know? My biggest dream during my high school years was to be a racer!” Laughing, the taxi driver ignored the rapidly rising speed meter and continued to dash forward.

As expected.

This is currently the common thought shared by the two brothers.

The taxi arrived at the foot of the hill about fifty minutes later.

It was still early when they arrived. The place looked just like when the Yu brothers came by the previous time, but the gra.s.s had been further flattened, probably from that time where the ambulance and the police car came, making the way up much clearer than before.

A few people alighted from the taxi.

“Big brother, we are going to look for something. Can we trouble you to wait for us?” Yu Yin paid for the current taxi fare as he made his request.

“You kids are heading up the hill? Won’t that be too dangerous? I think I better go with you.” The young taxi driver took out a big wrench from the trunk of the taxi. “Like this is safer la, otherwise who knows what we will meet. If there is no one to help us then it would be very bad. Who knows if there are criminals hiding in the hill leh.”

“Then we will trouble you.”

Pulling Yu’s hand as they ascended the hill, the path was much easier to walk since the wild plants had been cleared the last time. Following the leopard cat in front of him, Yu Yin slowly arrived nearby the ditch which he fell into the other time.

Over here?

Yu Yin frowned.

How can that be?

If the body was here, why didn’t second dad and the others find it the other time?

“Wa kao! This hole is really deep.” The young driver looked in the ditch and exclaimed, “Yao siu oh, who knows who dug this hole.”

“It would be very painful if you fell down lo, I fell down the last time I came here.” Yu Yin looked at the deep, dark hole and suddenly felt that he was very lucky to not have suffered major injuries from his fall.

That leopard cat sat by the entrance of the hole and started to lick its fur. Bits by bits, its fur fell off, revealing the layer of skin beneath. Its skin had already started to swell and break, showing black colored blood and body.

It slowly raised its head and mewled.

Is it over here?

Yu Yin looked around but could not find anything that could help him descend into the hole. “Big brother, do you have any rope or something in your taxi? I want to go down and look for something.”

“You dropped something last time? Alright, wait for me. Don’t go anywhere you two.” The taxi driver handed the wrench over to Yu Yin and quickly ran down the hill.

The weather was good. Looking up, the sky was clear and an endless blue.

The leopard cat was in no hurry as well, it just sat there, swaying its tail.


The driver returned around ten minutes later, looking a little breathless. It seems that he ran the whole way. “Here, is it long enough?” The driver produced a roll of ropes.

“That’s enough, thanks la!” Tying the rope to something nearby that could hold the rope, Yu Yin began to descend into the hole.

The hole was pitch black. Despite the bright sky above, not even a ray of light shone into the hole. The second he entered the hole, he felt his whole body shiver and went slightly numb. The cold air from below was not ’friendly’ at all, causing him to want to climb back up immediately.

d.a.m.n! What did he come down for ah!

Gathering his courage, he continued to climb downwards.

A tug came from the top of the rope and Yu Yin looked up. A shadow climbed down from the top, rapidly approaching him. “Brat! Who told you to come down as well? What if the rope snaps!” Yu Yin scolded without a thought.

’Pa’ a small flame flickered to life.

Yu, who was above Yu Yin, freed one of his hands to light up a lighter, slightly illuminating the once pitch-black hole.

Yu Yin was stunned for a moment, “Where did you get that lighter from?” That is too amazing, is his pocket a treasure pocket like Doraemon?

Shutting the lighter and pa.s.sing it down to Yu Yin, Yu pointed towards the top.

“Hey, is the lighter bright enough? Want me to get a hand torch from my car?” The driver’s voice traveled down the hole, echoing in the small s.p.a.ce.


Once they safely made it to the bottom, Yu Yin lighted the lighter.

It is a very deep hole. Looking up, the entrance of the hole is quite far away. The bottom was rather s.p.a.cious. Probably five or six people could line up vertically without a problem.

Last time, he fell down and lost consciousness. Today, he finally understood why he suffered so badly from the fall.

Looking around, there are some markings on the wall. They were probably left by the police officers when they came down to find the corpse the previous time.

He turned his head and came face to face with the leopard cat. The leopard cat was lying on the wall of the hole as it let out a few cries.

Yu Yin had the feeling that he would get a heart attack sooner or later.


“Is it here?” Looking around, there was nothing in sight.

Standing behind him, Yu patted his shoulder. Yu Yin turned back and his eyes followed Yu, who looked down.

A half rotting hand was grabbing onto Yu’s ankle.

An hour later, the police arrived and got the woman’s corpse out of the hole. The abandoned and silent hill was once again filled with bustling noise.

“That’s weird, why didn’t we find this the last time we were here?”

As he was burning incense papers for the dead, Yu Xia could not help but wonder. Glaring at his subordinate who came along with him the previous time, that subordinate immediately turned tail and ran.


“Hey, there is still something down here!”

The ’miners’ called out before digging up a few black things.

“What corpse is this? It is already so badly rotted that we can’t tell anymore.” The few of them placed the black things on a mat. “Looks like some animal…”

Yu Yin saw that leopard cat walked pa.s.sed the officers and stopped in front of those black things. Lowering its head, it licked them.

Yu Yin immediately realized what those things are.

After a while, Yan Si who was in charge of examining the corpse took off his gloves as he walked over. “That lady had ten over cuts on her body, but the fatal cut was on her neck. A detailed report can only be given after we take her back for further examination. For now, it is suspected that the victim was raped before she died.” Squatting down, he took some incense papers and threw it into the fire. “Preliminary examination has been completed. I a.s.sume the murder weapon is a common knife that can be bought anywhere, from the size of the cuts… probably something like a b.u.t.terfly knife.

b.u.t.terfly knife.

Yu Yin froze, he remembered w.a.n.g Hong had a b.u.t.terfly knife.

“Ok, understood.” Yu Xia nodded his head, throwing in the last incense paper, before getting up.

There was a gust of wind, feeding the flame to burn wildly before it died down.


“The things that were dug up after the woman’s corpse, I had examined them too. They are probably cats, young kittens, a total of six and they were all beaten to death by a blunt object.” Yan Si stood up, patting away the dust. “They did not look like the normal stray cats, so I asked the nearby residents. Seems that there are leopard cats around here, there was probably a leopard cat’s nest here”


Listening to the two’s conversation, Yu Yin burned the last incense paper in his hand, while looking at the leopard cat which just stood there, with no indication of leaving.

“That’s right, there is another weird thing.” Yan Si looked at the woman’s corpse which was already covered by a white cloth. “I found a bruise at the deceased’s skull… It is a new wound, and it feels like something knocked onto her head.”

“New wound?”

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