The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 11.2

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“But it’s weird eh, there is no mud on the bruise, so it looks like the wound was sustained after she was buried… This is the weird part, it does not look like it was caused by a Diglett or Sandshrew, or something like Pokémon when it was digging holes and accidentally b.u.mped into her.

“… You tell me how a Pokémon would be digging holes here.” Yu Xia, who originally wanted to copy down the information, rolled his eyes at the other party before omitting the unnecessary words.

“Don’t look down on Pokémons. There are quite a few that knows how to dig.” Yan Si defended.

“Next time if we have another mission that requires digging, you go get me a Pokémon to help us dig.” Yu Xia replied coldly as he continued to take down his notes.

Hearing Yan Si’s words, Yu Yin suddenly felt the chills.

The corpse had a new wound caused by being knocked into something.

That night in his room, he did hear the sound of something getting knocked.

He looked at Yu, who was originally squatting down and also burning the incense papers, stood up and tug Yu Xia’s clothes before handing his notebook over to the other party to read.

“The kitten’s corpse? You want to bury it here after the examinations are done?” Looking at the notebook, Yu Xia frowned and asked, “Well, we can do that, but you have to find either me or Dong to accompany you here, alright? This place is very dangerous, you better don’t come here alone.” With that, he did not forget to send a glare at Yu Yin.

Yu nodded his head.

“Second dad, don’t speak as if I am bringing him around to cause trouble.” Yu Yin rolled his eyes as he protested.

“You dare to deny?”

Alright, he did do that, a little, but it was for a good cause ah! It’s not like he is bringing the brat to drink alcohol, visit prost.i.tutes or go street fighting or whatnots.

He turned to look at the leopard cat rubbing itself against Yu’s leg, letting out a faint mewl before it disappeared.

This should be fine, right?

Just as he was about to go pack up, Yan Si’s phone rang. Fishing it out of his pockets, he answered, “h.e.l.lo? I am Yan Si.”

After a while, he turned around and looked at Yu Yin.

“Chen Guan is awake?”

“Breaking news, the police found a female corpse in the suburban area. The deceased is confirmed to be Lin Xiu Jing, aged 20 this year. She studied at Li Dong private university. According to her family, the deceased lost contact with her family six months ago and was once reported as a missing person. Our reporter interviewed the deceased’s friends and found out that the deceased had been living with her boyfriend for the past six months…”

The news reporter’s voice resounded in the ward.

Staring at the television screen, Chen Guan, who has pa.s.sed the critical period and has been transferred to a normal ward, sighed.

“You knew Lin Xiu Jing, right?” Taking an apple from the fruit basket, Yu Yin who was here to visit, peeled the apple as he asked.

After Ah Guan was awake, like a miracle, there was no infection or disease or anything, just the external wounds are left on the body. As long as he had proper rest, he would be fully recovered in a month or two.

The doctor-in-charge could not believe his eyes, and in the end, he could only conclude that Ah Guan had an impossibly good luck.

This made Yu Yin feel that probably ’someone’ let him off.

Squinting his eyes at his friend, the person lying on the hospital bed slowly opened his mouth. “En, I knew Jing from a school event. Then, there was once when I went to work, I gave her a lift to the hospital to visit her friend. She met Zhao Yu Heng at my workplace. Ah Heng may be timid, but he is a good person. Both of them had a good impression of each other so introduced the both of them to each other. Later on, I heard they became a couple.” Ah Guan looked at the television before sighing. “But then, she said that her family is against her having a boyfriend, saying that it will affect her studies, so Jing did not tell her family about their relationship. After that, there was once where she had a fight with her parents, and not long after, she came to me saying that she wants to run away from home, and wants me to help her find a place to stay.”

“You let her stay with Zhao Yu Heng?” Yu Yin closed his eyes, feeling the urge to hit his friend with the apple.

“No la, I originally introduced her to a rental apartment owned by my relative. Three thousand a month including water and electricity is very cheap already leh, who knew she went to tell Ah Heng, and the both of them decided to live together.” Pushing the blame away from himself, Ah Guan hurriedly explained, “Ah, you also know that there are many people living together ah, I have no reason to object them living together leh. Besides, it is none of my business, so why should I care so much leh.” Sometimes, caring too much will make others think you have something wrong with your head. He did not want to do such unfavorable things.

“You really are committing a sin!” Yu Yin reached out a hand and smacked the back of Chen Guan’s head. “A fine girl like that, you go and introduce her to some people from those ’messy’ place. No wonder you got retribution.

“Aiyo, how I know ah.” Ah Guan cried, strongly feeling that he is innocent.

“A wrong is a wrong! You really deserve it this time.” Throwing over the finely peeled apple, Yu Yin stood up, “You must be grateful that you are still alive…”

“I know la.” Biting the apple, Ah Guan lowered his head.

Yu Yin immediately told him about the ’revenge hunt’ when he came to visit, this made Chen Guan feel that, compared to losing his life, getting into a car accident and suffering from external injuries is really nothing much at all.

Sitting at the side, flipping through the various news channels, Yu Yin turned back to Chen Guan and asked, “Were you really not involved in the murder?”

“No la! Where would I find the guts? Murder leh! I don’t have the guts to do that la!” Ah Guan immediately denied the possibility while shaking his head furiously.

“It’s best if you don’t dare! Then how did they find out about the spot where we went to last time for the night trip?”

“Oh, because Ah Yi asked me if I knew any place where there are not many people around and where things can be hidden without being found, so I told him about that place… How would I know that he wanted to hide a corpse?” Last time when they wanted to go on the night trip, a few friends asked him the same question. That time, he brought everyone there only to suffer the fate of almost being stripped down and left to die from the cold. Hence, Ah Guan had a strong memory of that place.

As soon as someone asked him about such a place, that is where he would think of first.

Yu Yin was very tempted to hit his friend again.

Putting the apple aside, Ah Guan nudged his good friend. From moments ago, he already had this question nagging at the back of his mind, “Eh, is this your friend?” He looked at the boy sitting by the side, reading a book.

He remembered he met the boy once during the car accident.

At that time, Yu Yin said he didn’t know the boy.


Turning his head, he was met with a pair of purple eyes.


Yu Yin’s lips curved into a smile, “No, he is my brother.”


Ah Guan’s confusion was written all over his face.

Yu looked down and continued to read his book, his expression did not change at all.

Letting out a breath, Yu Yin focused back on the news.

Finally, it has all came to an end.

He was afraid.

At one in the morning, numerous cars were running on the highway. They are either deliverymen rushing to deliver the orders, or personal vehicles with a destination in mind.

A black personal vehicle was increasingly speeding on the road, faster than any other vehicles, as if it was being chased by some beast.

The lotus ornament hanging on the rear-view mirror, shook furiously.

“Don’t look for me, don’t look for me…”

In the dark, the street lamps quickly shone on the driver’s face. The man’s face was deathly pale as if he was extremely afraid of something, and he did not stop mumbling the same words.

“Don’t look for me…”

The fingers on the steering wheels kept trembling.

Suddenly, as if breaking out of a trance, he saw a leopard cat sitting right in the middle of the back seats through the rear-view mirror.

The car skidded, almost crashing into the red race car beside it. He looked back but saw nothing. Feeling insecure, he stepped even harder on the gas pedal, allowing the car to burst forward while ignoring the curses thrown at him from the red race car owner.

Cold sweat was dripping from his forehead and his palms were so sweaty that he almost could not get a grip on the steering wheel.


He almost did not know where he should go. The road seemed to run on endlessly. He had already driven for the whole day, only when the car is out of petrol or when he is hungry, then did he stopped for a short five minutes break at the petrol station.

He did not know where he should run to.

Abruptly, the car’s side window was. .h.i.t by something, giving off a loud ’Pong’.

He turned to his side instinctively, and saw the same red race car, having caught up to him. The driver of the red race car shot him a middle finger while the other two pa.s.sengers at the back of the car kept on taunting him. All of them looks like the age of a university student.

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