The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 11.3

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As he overtook the red race car once more, his eyes suddenly widen in shock.

In the seat next to the driver of the red race car, sat a girl with long black hair, just like a girl he used to know, her hair was flowing out of the window, guided by the night breeze.

Then, the girl slowly turned her head, her pale and swollen face was extremely striking in the dark night.

Then, she smiled.

“It’s not me! Don’t look for me!” Out of fear, he stepped down on the gas pedal, rapidly increasing the speed, and very soon he had exceeded the speed limit of the highway.

The red race car next to him shot out a string of curses and quickly chased after him.

When he turned his head again, that girl in the pa.s.senger seat was gone.

“d.a.m.n! Get out of the car!” the driver of the red race car threw another soda can against his car’s side window, and just like before, it let out a loud sound.

The two cars sped across the highway. Although the car volume at night is not heavy, their actions still affected the other drivers.

He did not care about the tiny crack forming on his car’s side window. All he cared about is that he needed to escape this place.

The red race car continued to chase after him, unwilling to let him off.

“Don’t look for me…”

In the beginning, he never thought that things would turn out this way.

That day, he just did not have the guts… at that place where no one would dare to defy w.a.n.g Hong, but he really did not expect things to turn out this way, it has nothing to do with him!

He did not mean to run away, really.

Just as the speed meter slowly crossed 160, he saw a leopard cat sitting on top of his car hood, its face was facing the front, and its fur was flying in all directions.

A white hand landed on the steering wheel, then it slowly moved to grab onto his hand.

It was cold like ice.

At that moment, his breathing seemed to have stopped. The air in his surrounding rapidly turned cold. Taking a single breath cause a sharp painful feeling.

Slowly turning his head, he saw a person sitting in the seat next to him, the seat which was originally empty. The person was looking down, the long hair spread over the body, hiding its face.

“Don’t look for me!”

From the shock, he stepped on the brakes.

Due to the sudden brake while speeding, the entire car lost control in an instant and crashed into the red race car which was hot on its trail, causing a loud commotion.

The entire highway seemed to fell silent.

“Pong!” the loud collision tore through the silent night. After the black car crashed into the red race car, the entire car flipped over to the gra.s.s patch. Together with the car, he crashed into the gra.s.s patch.

All that happened in an instant.

His eyes widened and he was speechless. All he could feel was colliding with the door and the dizziness that followed after. When he could see clearly again, he saw bits of red spreading out from his body, then he saw black. Trapped in the driver’s seat, he could not move.

Fading in and out of conscious, he still saw the person sitting next to him, but he could no longer speak.

People crowded around, then sirens were heard.

That person’s silhouette slowly faded, then it disappeared.

Just before he lost consciousness, he seemed to hear the screeching noise of the car’s radio, accompanied by the commotion caused by the crowd, it was so clear that it made one felt afraid.

“… Latest news, on the highway at the south, a serious car accident occurred, the cause of the accident was due to a black private car. Witnesses revealed that the black private vehicle was speeding in the middle of the night, and it lost control, crashing into the red race car which was next to it. The crash caused the black private car to flip over, causing varying degrees of injuries to the pa.s.sengers of both vehicles. At the same time, it affected the traffic condition on the highway, causing a temporary jam. The black private car was completely wrecked and the driver was stuck in the driver’s seat for 30 minutes before finally being rescued. The driver is already being sent to XX hospital and is still in critical condition. The police have found an ident.i.ty card on the driver, proving the driver to be a person named Zhao Yu Heng.

Yu Yin had a dream.

As if he was half-dreaming and half-awake, he dreamt of two men digging the ground. Next to them were a nest of kittens mewling.

“d.a.m.n, these kittens are so noisy!”

“Just kill them and throw them in la!”

One of the men picked up his shovel and brutally beat the little kittens on their heads. Just a few seconds and the kittens will never mewl again.

He saw the person holding the shovel had a mop of red hair.

Then, he woke up.

“News report, currently, the suburban female corpse case has closed. The police investigation showed that the victim was gang-raped before being murdered. The police have already picked up DNA sample from the victim and carried out the investigation on the related persons. However, amongst the people involved, the majority has already died either from accidents or suicide. Unable to ask further questions, the only surviving culprit is w.a.n.g Hong…”

Early weekend morning, the sound of oil sizzling on a pan, followed by the cracking of could be heard from the Yu family’s kitchen. The hot oil quickly cooked the side of the egg into a lovely golden yellow.

The fragrant smell of the toast bread came from the oven.

“w.a.n.g Hong is likely to become a vegetable.” Expertly flipping the egg, Yu Tong said to Yu Yin who was setting up the table. “A large number of gla.s.s pieces pierced into his head, causing a serious concussion, if infected, it is possible that he will die. Now they are putting him under observation.”

Yu Yin paused for a moment.

He couldn’t say that this is a good ending.

This is Lin Xiu Jing’s decision, also her most ruthless way to punish those who did harm to her.

“Zhao Yu Heng has admitted that when the crime was committed, he had witnessed the scene, but due to his fear for w.a.n.g Hong, he ran away. He claimed that he did not know they were intending to kill Lin Xiu Jing after the act. Now the case has been transferred over to the legal department, including the arcade’s illegal games case.” Placing the egg on a plate, Yu Tong tilted his head as he collected his thoughts. “Also, in the accident, Zhao Yu Heng’s legs were crippled, it is likely that he will be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.”

Is this to punish him for running away?

Yu Yin had a pondering look as he brought the plate out of the kitchen and placed it on the dining table. Just as he exited the kitchen, he heard the news report from the living room.

“News report, at three this morning, a headless woman corpse was found at Taizhong city. According to initial investigations…”

He looked towards the living room and saw Yu sitting in front of the television, looking at the morning, English programme. “Yu, go wake second dad up for breakfast!”

Yu stood up and walked towards Yu Xia’s room.

Following which, Yu Tong brought out a jug of juice from the kitchen. “Why are you standing there? Have you prepared the things you need to bring when you go out later?”

“Oh, yea, I did.” Yu Yin returned to his senses, placing down the plate in his hands, he asked, “Dad, why are there so many headless corpse cases in Taizhong recently? Is there a ma.s.s murderer?” He already heard similar news a few times already.

Yu Tong turned to him with a confused look, “What headless corpse cases?”

“Recently isn’t the news channel always reporting on a headless woman corpse in Taizhong?” Yu Yin replied, a little bewildered by the question. This kind of thing, usually his dad should know more than him.

Shaking his head, Yu Tong frowned, “Taizhong don’t have any headless corpse cases recently. I also didn’t hear of any other cities having headless murders oh.”

No headless corpse cases?

Then… Then where did that news come from?

At that instance, Yu Yin felt a chill down his spine and gooseb.u.mps all over his body.

Just… Let’s just pretend he heard wrongly.


“Pong!” Yu Xia’s door was kicked open by someone.

The devil king living in the room walked out with groggy eyes, behind him, Yu was pushing his back to urge him to walk forward.

“Time to eat!”

The Yu family’s morning time has begun.

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