The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part1

“This afternoon, a major accident occurred at Taichung private university, Li Dong University of Technology. The heavily injured victim, 陈关 (Chen Guan) is a year two student of said university…”

The evening news was broadcasted in a quiet room.

Yu Yin swiped his tired face as he felt a pressure a.s.saulting him from all direction. Yu sat next to Yu Yin, with his face still stained with dried blood. Seemingly uncaring about the blood on his face, Yu quietly read the book that he placed on his lap, not knowing how terrifying the colors on his body is to others.

Not too long ago, they followed the ambulance to the hospital from the very location that was just reported on the news. On the way, the victim’s body was like a bottle of water pierced with a hole, his blood flowing non-stop. No matter how they tried, the blood would not stop, the worry he felt was suffocating Yu Yin.

This kind of situation would always trigger the memories of the car accident many years ago, and no matter how many times he saw it, he was unable to get used to it.

The news continued to broadcast on the television.

“Alright, now that every news channel is making a huge commotion about the accident, may I ask the two little children that witnessed the accident, who would like to speak first?”

Using the remote controller to switch off the television, the room fell into a deadly silence. A man in casual with a baby face, but possessed a police identification card1, arched an eyebrow at the two children seated before him.

“Second dad, are you talking nonsense?” Giving an uncaring look to the policeman before him, who is acting as if he is interrogating a suspect except that he was lacking a small lamp to shine on their faces just like how it was showed in the movies, Yu Yin, who had experienced a hectic day, just wanted to know if his friend who was still lying in the surgery room was safe! Thus, in an almost rude tone, he added: “Do you think this brat can speak? Ha?”

Squinting his eyes, 虞夏 (Yu Xia) who possessed the exact same baby face as his older brother, gave Yu Yin a cold smile: “You, the kid who eat off us and live off us and even have us as your guardians, better be a little more respectful and obediently cooperate with me and answer my questions!” After he finished speaking, Yu Xia stretched out his hand and unceremoniously slapped Yu Yin on the head.

Yu Yin rolled his eyes but decided that he should be more cooperative since he did eat off him, live off him and even have him as his guardian: “Well… Just now another police officer already came over and did a round of questioning, do we have to repeat this again?” It’s very troublesome eh! It is the same situation so no matter how many people ask about the events, it will not be any different! So why everyone must keep coming over to ask the same questions again and again? So inefficient, if he had known earlier, Yu Yin would have used an MP3 to record whatever he said so that the police officers can indefinitely replay the recording as many times as they want!

From the side, Yu raised his head and briefly looked at the two man before turning back to his book again, as if their conversation has nothing to do with him.

Yu gently flipped a page.

“You know what I want to ask, being cooperative while a police officer is questioning you is the duty of a good citizen. Now speak!” pulling out a small notebook from his pocket, Yu Xia clicked his ball pen and waited for Yu Yin to speak.

What he wanted to ask would not be the same as what the previous officer asked.

Dragging his palm across his face, Yu Yin broke out of his sluggish mentality and slowly opened his mouth: “After Ah Guan turned out of the car park, I saw a leopard cat.”

“Leopard cat?” Yu Xia frowned, “Are you very certain it is a leopard cat?” Don’t all cats look alike? Not to mention, leopard cats are very rare nowadays.

“Nonsense, leopard cats and common wild cats are not the same, I don’t have Exophthalmos2, of course, I can tell the difference!” Yu Yin retorted instantly.

“Alright then, you recognized the leopard cat, so where is the cat?”

Yu Yin glanced at the brat beside him; “It was next to him, then while we were rushing Ah Guan to the hospital I did not notice which direction it ran off to.”

Looking at Yu, who was completely submerged in his book, Yu Xia walked over to Yu and squatted before the boy: “Little Yu, did you see a leopard cat?”

Hearing his voice, Yu raised his head then gently shook his head.

“How can he see it?” Yu Yin snorted as he looked at the brat beside him: “That leopard cat seems to not be a ’real’ leopard cat.”

“Oh, it’s a ’good buddy’3.” Yu Xia immediately recorded the new information in his notebook.

“Then again, why would a ’good buddy’ appear on your friend’s motorcycle? It couldn’t be that it wants your friend to bring it for a ride ah?” In the end, it was a ride that almost took him to heaven, what a difficult job!

Giving his second dad a white eye, Yu Yin skipped over the nonsensical part and replied: “If I knew why, I would have long been on TV to be a medium with a monthly salary over a few hundred million, and would not be sitting here to talk about a cat that wants to go on a ride by sitting on my friend’s motorcycle!” If he had such strong spiritual powers, he would have gone to make a large sum of money a long time ago!

“Well, that’s true” Yu Xia shrugged his shoulders before standing up, making sure that there is no other information that has been missed out, he brought up another topic, “Oh right, I asked Little Yu to look for you to have you bring him to the neighbourhood and have lunch as well, have you done it?”

Yu Yin was stunned for a moment, to think that his second dad has already begun to get even with him. “Ah… This, well, you also know after the accident I immediately rushed over here…”

Closing his eyes, Yu Xia faked a smile and said: “You were planning to feign ignorance, weren’t you?” Having raised the boy, how could he not know what the boy was planning?

“Eh… I’m not feigning ignorance…”

Turning around, Yu Xia went to ask the other boy, “Little Yu, did you went to find Ah Yin?”

Tilting his head to meet Yu Xia, Yu nodded his head.

“Then, did Ah Yin bring you out to eat?”

Yu turned his head to look at Yu Yin, who had an expression that says ’it’s all over’, he pondered for a while, not nodding or shaking his head.

“Little Yu, don’t worry. Tell me the truth, second dad will stand up for you” Yu Xia glared at Yu Yin.

Just as Yu Yin thought he would not be able to avoid being tortured by Yu Xia, a knock on the door saved him from his dilemma. The door opened and revealed the head nurse: “Officer Yu, the surgery has ended.”

Yu Xia nodded his head towards her: “Thanks, Miss Lin”

The head nurse nodded her head and handed Yu Xia the medical records in her hands: “As the doctor is still carrying out the preliminary observations, I came over to report the situation first so that you won’t have to wait for too long.” Having been friends with Yu Xia for a long time, the head nurse looked at the two children before turning back to Yu Xia: “The victim, Chen Guan, suffers from serious cuts, broken limbs and bones, as well as serious bleeding in the cerebral. His head suffers from multiple heavy blows, causing part of the skull to have cracks and a few of the chipped skull pierced into the brain. The surgery just now has taken the initial steps to prevent any infection, next we will keep him under observation for half a day before carrying on with the second surgery.”

“Alright, I understand. Then I will look for the doctor-in-charge at a later time.” Flipping through the medical records, Yu Xia thanked the head nurse and generally noted down the heavy injuries before returning the file to the head nurse.

“Oh right, previously, student Chen’s coma scale is five, now it has raised to six. In addition, while we were carrying out the emergency treatment, he said something weird and we have no idea what it means.”

“Something weird?” Yu Xia asked, squinting his eyes suspiciously.

“We don’t know who he is apologizing to, but he kept repeating, ’静 (Jing)’ ’I am sorry’ these four words.” The head nurse nodded her head: “He repeated those words for quite a while before he finally stopped. Although, it could also be possible that he was repeating those words unconsciously.”


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Yu Yin felt like he knew something but he couldn’t put a finger on it.

“Ok, thank you.” Yu Xia nodded his head towards the head nurse and she returned the gesture before leaving.

Just as the door closed, Yu, who was originally sitting quietly on his own while reading his book, got off the chair and walked over to Yu Xia, gently patting his arm.

“Little Yu? What is it?” Breaking out of his thoughts, Yu Xia looked at the boy who was holding up his book. The book was flipped to a page and the boy pointed to a specific word on the page.


“You want to go home?”

Hearing Yu Xia’s question, Yu immediately nodded his head.

Raising his hand, Yu Xia looked at his wrist watch. The time now was already 3 in the morning. Yu Xia finally realized that time pa.s.sed very quickly through the night. “Ah Yin, you bring Little Yu back to shower and eat something first, then have a good sleep. You too, don’t go running off to anywhere else!” It is already rather late, and both of them are still children, Yu Xia thought that he indeed should not let the two children stay at the hospital any longer.

Yu Yin turned to Yu Xia: “My motorcycle is still left in school eh!” He came to the hospital by hitching a ride on the ambulance that brought Ah Guan in, his own beloved motorcycle is still left with the security guard. How is he supposed to bring the brat home? By walking? The way home from here is very far eh!

“Don’t you know how to walk home? You love to run around anyway ah!” Even though that was what he said, Yu Xia still pulled out his wallet and handed Yu Yin two, one thousand dollar notes: “Don’t run off to some other places, if I find out that you ran off again, you better be prepared!”

Taking the two, one thousand dollar notes, Yu Yin huffed: “I know la.” Then he looked at the little kid next to him and reluctantly said.

“We are leaving la!”

1: 识别证 is the original text, which I believe is referring to the police identification card that every policeman should possess.

2: 眼睛脱窗 (a.k.a Exophthalmos) is a bulging of the eye anteriorly out of the orbit; abnormal protrusion of the eyeball.

3: 好兄弟 (’good buddy’) is a term that Chinese tend to use to indirectly refer to ghosts.

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