The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 4.1

The Police found traces of blood in the trunk of the taxi.

Hearing this piece of news, Yu Yin felt like something hit his head, a ’hong’ sound resounded in his head.

He felt like he should go and search for something.

What did he miss out? Till now there were no clues, but he just had this weird feeling.

“Uncle w.a.n.g and the others found large traces of blood in the trunk of the taxi.” The phone call only transmitted this piece of news. Due to the need for further confirmation, the police force has pulled the taxi back for further examination. The rest would have to wait for the report to be released.

After receiving the call at the restaurant, Yu Yin did not run around to find out more about the case, but instead, brought Yu back home to have a good sleep. At around seven p.m., he went to the streets stalls to buy back some food and woke the little brat up to eat dinner.

“What do you think this represents?” Usually, conversations like these were discussed with dad or second dad, but since both of them are not around, Yu Yin could not hold it in any longer and asked the only person that was sitting across him, Yu.

Yu, who was currently eating 卤味 (Lu Wei; braised dishes)1, raised his head and looked back at Yu Yin with a confused gaze.

“Ok la, I know you don’t understand, but to find large traces of blood in the taxi means that the taxi has once transported something that would leak blood… for example like…” Human.

Yu Yin was stunned by his casual guess.

Actually, before the examination is completed, he should not make random guesses, maybe it was some animal’s blood instead. After all, who would put a human in the trunk to transport, it is not a corpse ah.

But then again, what if it was really some chicken ah, fish ah, those kind of things that often appears in the market? He remembered last time dad went to the market to buy a chicken to nourish the whole family, in the end, the chicken was not wrapped properly and the trunk of the car was flooded with blood. Second dad complained about it for quite a while too.

“Ah Guan, w.a.n.g Hong, Lin Yu Da… All of them had the leopard cat appearing next to them before, just what relationship does the three of them have?” Shaking his head to focus his thoughts again, Yu Yin bit on one end of his chopstick, no matter how hard he tried, it was very difficult to form any relationship between the former two with the taxi driver.

One is a taxi driver, one is a student and one is a manager of an adult arcade. No matter how he looked at it, other than the student working part time at the arcade, there are no other relationships between the three.

It couldn’t be that even the taxi driver also worked at the arcade ba?

Alright, if it is true then he can only accept it la…. But it couldn’t be such a coincidence ba?

Seeing him deep in thoughts, Yu took out his notebook and wrote a few words: “Where is the name card with Ah Guan’s job location?”

Squinting his eyes to read the words, Yu Yin picked up a dried bean curd and stuffed it into his mouth, his words were a little unclear as he replied: “You mean the name card that w.a.n.g Hong gave me ah? That is an adult arcade, underage little children cannot enter oh.”

Yu rolled his eyes, not writing anything new, he looked down and continued to eat his food.

“Also, who is this person called ’Jing’…?” Amongst the people that Ah Guan knew, who is called ’Jing’? In his memory, there doesn’t seem to be anyone by that name. It couldn’t be that this person is someone Ah Guan knew from his work place ba?

En, that’s very possible. This way, he can make sense of w.a.n.g Hong’s reaction.

Then again, this brings him back to the original question, why would Ah Guan apologize to ’Jing’ subconsciously? Why would w.a.n.g Hong pretend that he doesn’t know this person?

Could it be that there was some problem with this ’Jing’ person?

Just as he was thinking about this problem, the doorbell rang.

“Should be dad and second dad. They must have just returned.” Yu Yin dropped his chopsticks and got up to open the door. However, switching on the intercom, Yu Yin frowned. Confusion was written on his face.

The person standing outside the door was not his dad or second dad.

It is a stranger with his hair dyed green.

Green hair?

Oh, oh, he remembered le. This morning Yu Yin met this stranger at the hospital, he is one of w.a.n.g Hong’s lackeys. Using his second dad’s words, it’s the type that acts tough on the surface but is a complete coward when something really happens.

“Who are you and who are you looking for?” Yu Yin talked through the intercom and asked directly.

The stranger outside had a nervous look. He took out a piece of paper and stared at it for a long while, checking it against Yu Yin’s door plate, before he spoke with uncertainty: “May I know if this is Yu Yin’s house? I am Chen Guan’s friend, 何沐研 (He Mu Yan).”

Looking for him?

“I’m sorry, I don’t know you. Please go back.” With that, Yu Yin was about to turn off the intercom.

Due to hearing all sorts of stories from dad and second dad, Yu Yin knew full well that it is best not to mix with people like He Mu Yan. Otherwise, there will definitely be trouble.

“Wa-wait! We met at the hospital this morning! I… I found your address in Ah Guan’s cabinet so, so…” The other party stuttered nervously.

Yu Yin frowned, why would this person purposely look for his address in Ah Guan’s cabinet?

Forget it, for the fact that He Mu Yan put in so much effort to look for his address, he would at least listen to what the other party has to say.

“Come in.” Yu Yin said while opening the iron gates: “Remember to close the door.”

Just as Yu Yin sat down on the sofa, the visitor who was just outside the iron door, paused hesitantly before he pushed opened the doors and entered the house: “H-h.e.l.lo.”

He Mu Yan looked fl.u.s.tered and was also constantly looking back, seeming to fear that something would follow behind him.

“Is there something you need from me?” Pushing his food aside for the moment, Yu Yin got up and went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea for his guest. When he re-entered the room, Yu has already cleared the table, walking past Yu Yin, to bring the food into the kitchen, so as to not appear impolite to the guest.

He Mu Yan immediately took a sip of the hot tea that Yu Yin made for him, before he relaxed. “I, I heard from Ah Guan that he has a friend that has the third eye. These few days, I felt that there was something following me and after that, Ah Guan had an accident, so I…”

Ah Guan went around spewing nonsense again, that fellow!

Yu Yin complained unhappily inside his heart, but on the surface, he still kept a polite smile: “Actually, I don’t really have the third eye, you are probably being fooled by Ah Guan. After all, that kind of thing is not so easily obtained. You say there is something following you, then I think it would be better if you go and pray at a temple and get an amulet for safety.” Squinting his eyes, Yu Yin noticed that the green haired youth’s facial expression darkened, giving him a bad feeling.

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“I… I went to pray before but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I was hoping Ah Guan’s friend can help me take a look…” He paused, seemingly hesitant to continue.

Despite the strong urge to ask him if he did anything against his guilty conscious causing him to be to uneasy, Yu Yin exerted great efforts to stop himself. “I know a pretty good temple la, if you really want to go and pray, I can recommend the place to you.” That temple is really amazing. In the past, whenever Yu Yin was implicated by the ’good buddies’, his dad would always bring him to this temple to pray. One time is all it takes to settle the problem and there is not a single side effect.

“Is that true? Then, I’ll count on you.” He Mu Yan let out a breath of relief, his entire person relaxed and slumped back: “Boss doesn’t believe in this kind of things, so I don’t dare to talk about this to him.”

“Are you talking about w.a.n.g Hong?” Arching an eyebrow, Yu Yin decided to probe a bit to see if he can get He Mu Yan to spill more information.

“En.” Nodding his head, the green haired youth hunched over: “Boss doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff and forbids us to talk about it too. If he caught us talking about such things, we will be doomed… That’s why, please don’t let boss find out that I came to look for you. I’m afraid that he will punish me severely as an example to the others.”

Yu Yin nodded his head, after all, they belonged to different social circles, so it would be hard for them to meet each other.

The youth took another sip of the tea, appearing to have calmed down. As compared to his previous panicky demeanor, he looked much better now.

The sound of footsteps arose, Yu Yin turned to face the direction of the sound and saw Yu walking out of the kitchen. Yu probably just finished packing up the food.

“You all seems to be very afraid of w.a.n.g Hong?” Yu Yin noticed that w.a.n.g Hong’s lackeys hardly spoke at all, even when they were at the hospital, the lackeys only went along to add to the strength and appear tough, but they did nothing at all.

Hearing the question, the youth pondered for a while before nodding his head: “Boss is the adult arcade’s boss’ son. How would we dare to disobey him? Especially when we are all under his command, everything is in his hands… No, I mean the money ah and stuff… if we offend him, we won’t get a single cent.”

So he is the Big Boss’ son, based on his understanding about Ah Guan’s part time job, that w.a.n.g Hong is probably involved with the underground society as well, looking at his arrogant att.i.tude, he gave off the impression that he is one of those people.

Just as Yu Yin was about to say something else, a ’dong’ sound suddenly came from his side. Turning his head, he saw Yu, who was originally walking towards his direction, seemed to have knocked into something and fell onto the ground. The sound from his fall was rather loud, just hearing it sounds painful.

“Yu, what-”

’Are you doing?’ These three words have yet to leave Yu Yin’s mouth when the whole house suddenly went ’pa’ and fell into darkness.

The house short-circuited.

1: 卤味 is a term the Taiwanese people use to address a specific dish. There is no English name for this dish so most of the translations on google calls it ’braised dishes’ or ’dishes fpickled’. I cannot find the meaning of dishes fpickled so I will go with braised dishes instead.

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