The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 5.1

[To clarify some misunderstandings, the Yu Family is not a h.o.m.os.e.xual family.

Yu Tong is the father of Yu Yin, and older twin of Yu Xia.

Yu Xia is the uncle and G.o.d father of Yu Yin, as well as younger twin of Yu Tong.

The original words “二爸” is used to refer to Yu Xia by Yu Yin in the story, which I have directly translated to as ’Second Dad’. As this is related to the Chinese people’s way of calling their G.o.dparents, especially if there are more than one, I decided to keep the direct translation.

Even though Yu Yin only has one G.o.dfather, I feel that this term is part of the essence of the story hence I will not be changing it. (It shows how close they are as a family.)

I hope this will clarify any misunderstandings once and for all.

Thank You.]________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

He still could not figure out the reason.

“No, what does a child like you want to see?”

The morning after He Mu Yan’s incident which is also a, during breakfast time where the whole family was gathered at the dining table, Yu Yin raised his request to take a look at He Mu Yan’s corpse to Yu Xia, who is involved in handling the case.

Yu Yin still could not get his mind off his visitor that came at 7pm that day. That kind of feeling did not felt like a dream, and it definitely was not an illusion, rather, it was something that had happened.

Naturally, Yu Xia was fully against it.

Despite knowing what is running through the little brat’s mind, be it due to work or personal concerns, Yu Xia would never agree to Yu Yin’s request.

“Please, it’s not like I’ve never seen a corpse before, besides, I am very concerned about last night’s situation. Just one look won’t kill.” Yu Yin frowned, but still requested in a polite manner.

“Ah Yin, you should know that committing suicide by hanging oneself is not a pretty sight. Your second dad is afraid that you will get a shock.” Pouring more soup into everyone’s bowl, Yu Tong spoke up. Similarly, he did not agree to Yu Yin’s request.

“No, I must see it with my own eyes!” Stubbornly insisting on seeing He Mu Yan’s corpse, Yu Yin refused to step down. “Otherwise, I won’t be able to eat and sleep. Every day I would be thinking about how a dead person turned up at our doorsteps!”

Silently eating his breakfast at one side, Yu did not contribute to the discussion.

“Humph, if I refuse to let you see, I don’t believe you will be able to see it!” Yu Xia’s temper rose. Little brat, does he think that as long as he wants to see it, he will see it? If I send a word to the other colleagues, I don’t believe he will be able to see it!

Yu Yin, too showed his displeasure, “Even if you don’t allow me to see it, I can take the ’back door’ or something! I don’t believe I won’t be able to see it!”


“Alright, no fighting during meal times!” Seeing the two about to raise their fists, Yu Tong said coldly and instantly, the two bickering pairs shut their mouths.

During the heated argument, Yu, with his extremely slow eating speed, had finished his breakfast. He took out his notebook and wrote a few neat words before pa.s.sing it to Yu Xia.

“Can we borrow detailed pictures of the corpse?”

He knew that Yu Yin only wanted to see how He Mu Yan died.

Yu Xia finished reading then glanced at Yu. He softened his tone, “If it is just pictures then it is fine. I can borrow them from my colleagues after work for the both of you to see. That is enough, isn’t it?” The last sentence was directed at Yu Yin.

“Humph” Yu Yin huffed and turned his head.

Seeing the two with similar childish temper, Yu Tong shook his head.

The child is his but why is the character more like Xia?

As expected, proper upbringing is very important.

“Tong, I still have duties, I’ll leave first.” Due to the previous argument causing some delay, Yu Xia wolfed down his food, grabbed his bag and dashed towards the door. “These days there are more incidents, I don’t know if I will be able to come back on time today.”

“Did you remember to bring your lunchbox?” Not forgetting to remind the other party, Yu Tong asked the same question that he did on a daily basis.

“I did la!”

After he replied, Yu Xia immediately dashed for his motorbike.

A few minutes later, Yu Tong began to clean up the table.

“Dad, I’m heading to the Hospital today.” Helping to clean the table, Yu Yin organized his thoughts before speaking.


Yu Tong tilted his head and paused in thoughts, “That means you won’t be home today. In that case, I shall bring Little Yu to work with me ba.”

“Eh?” Momentarily stunned, not expecting Yu Tong to say something like that, Yu Yin quickly turned to look at the small back of the child who was bringing the plates into the kitchen.

“Bring, bring him to work? Won’t that be inconvenient for you while you work?” Although his dad has already transferred to admin duties, to bring someone along while he work must be troublesome. Not to mention, the police station is not a place where people can randomly use as a childcare centre…

Confused as he looked at his own son, Yu Tong asked: “I thought you did not like Little Yu following behind you?” Especially during the day when Little Yu was adopted into the family, Yu Yin protested so strongly against it. Therefore, Yu Tong was still under the impression that Yu Yin was still bitter about having Little Yu around.

“Of, Of course I don’t like it la!” Startled for a moment, Yu Yin immediately huffed.

“Then if I bring Little Yu to work, doesn’t that work in your favor?” Seeing his son reacting so strongly, Yu Tong felt that there was something weird.

“Alright then, you take him out ba.” Yu Yin shrugged, appearing unconcerned.

He is really not concerned. Although he does not dislike Yu now, he also did not like Yu so much to the extent of wanting Yu to follow behind him everywhere. With dad taking Yu along, it makes it easier to Yu Yin to do what he wants leh!

Looking at him strangely, Yu Tong nodded his head: “En.”

With that, morning pa.s.sed peacefully.

After the peaceful morning, the few members of the Yu Family dispersed to do their own activities.

“Little Yu, are you ready?” As the last people to leave the house, Yu Tong looked over to the child who was still in the house and asked. After which, he walked to the garage and start up his beloved car.

Just after the CD was inserted into the car stereo, the door to the pa.s.senger seat was pulled open.

“Did you lock the door?” Looking at the youth who was putting a few books into the car, Yu Tong asked out of habit. The other party, too, nodded his head. “It’s these books again. Such difficult books, do you really understand the content?” Looking at the original books1 placed next to the seat, Yu Tong was slightly baffled.

Little Yu nodded his head and fastened his seatbelt.

“That’s good, if I need help next time, I can look for you. Ah Yin’s language is just pa.s.sable… I really hope he doesn’t get expelled this semester ah.” Thinking of the warning letter for skipping that he received previously, Yu Tong had a feeling that this semester would be another ’gone case’.

Blinking his eyes as he looked at Yu Tong, Yu did not make any move to voice an opinion. After a while, he turned his sight back, picking up his notebook which he used to communicate, and began to flip through it.

The car slowly drove out of the garage. Pushing the side mirror, Yu Tong expertly drove the car out onto the road. As their house is outside the city area and their work location is within the city area, it is necessary for them to spend some traveling time. In addition, both Yu Xia and him belong to different unit, therefore they left the house at different timings in the morning.

A crystal music2 played soothingly in the car.

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Flipping the pages, Yu picked up a slip of note and read it carefully. Slightly raising his eyebrow, Yu placed the slip of paper back into his notebook and tilted his head into deep thoughts.

Not long into the ride, Yu Tong’s phone rang.

“h.e.l.lo? I am Yu Tong.” Switching on the wireless receiver, Yu Tong responded quickly. From the other side of the phone came the voice of his colleague, asking Yu Tong to detour to another location to carry out an errand before coming to the office.

Yu turned his head, watching as Yu Tong spoke on the wireless receiver until the other party hangs up.

Switching back to the music, Yu Tong turned the steering wheel: “Little Yu, we are heading to another location first. There is a last minute errand.”

Nodding his head, not showing any opinion, Yu picked up a thick book and placed it on his lap. He then began to flip the pages.

“If you read like that you will become near-sighted la, don’t read on the car.” Freeing a hand, Yu Tong reached over and closed the book. As he spoke, he stretched his free hand into his briefcase to look for something. “That…” Just as he was about to say something, Yu Tong paused and pulled out a silver colored item.

Yu pushed himself forward to take a look.

“That’s strange, when did I put this in the bag? I have not been on the front lines for a long time. Xia probably took the wrong bag again.” Looking at the little thing in his hands, Yu Tong lightly tossed it a few times: “That’s right, Little Yu, why don’t you carry this thing ba?” With that, he pa.s.sed the item over to Yu.

Taking over the item, Yu pondered slightly before putting it into his pocket.

“What is that slip of paper that you were looking at just now?” Randomly starting a topic, Yu Tong asked.

Just as he finished asking, he saw the pa.s.senger next to him suddenly picked up the notebook and curled up, just like a cat which got its tail stepped on. His reluctance was apparent.

“Ok, I won’t ask.” Quickly rea.s.suring the other party, Yu Tong gave a gentle smile.

Turning his body to look out the window at the pa.s.sing scenery, Yu squinted his eyes to look at the driver who is concentrating on the road, before flipping open his notebook to read the slip of paper again.

It was an address.

An address that he memorized from a certain someone

1 Original books: Basically referring to books in their original language that is not written in the native language used in Taiwan.

2 Crystal music (original text: 水晶音乐) are songs played on a crystal piano but many songs sold under the category of crystal music are actually the sound of gla.s.s knocking.

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