The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 5.2

Late afternoon, Yu Yin left the Hospital.

Ah Guan was still the same, under observation and unable to have visitors. However, the Head nurse was kind enough to reveal some of the situation to Yu Yin, seeing that he is also a relevant person of the case. After which, Yu Yin went to have his bandage changed, causing some delay in leaving the Hospital.

Today is a, the number of people in the Hospital is also more than usual, mostly are here to visit their family. The number of taxis coming in and out of the Hospital is also more than usual.

From afar, Yu Yin spotted a familiar looking taxi parked outside the walls.

“Sir, do you need a taxi?” As soon as Yu Yin came close to the taxi, a young taxi driver immediately came to greet him. After recognizing Yu Yin, the young taxi driver paused in his steps. “Young man oh, such a coincidence eh!”

He is the same, blond taxi driver that Lin Yu Da called as his replacement to send Yu Yin and his brother home the other night. Just as the young taxi driver recognized Yu Yin, Yu Yin also recognized the young taxi driver.

“h.e.l.lo.” Nodding his head, Yu Yin leaned against the taxi window and started to converse with the young taxi driver. “That’s right, how is Mr Lin after that incident?”

Due to the fact that the taxi company that Lin Yu Da is under has transferred him to a private Hospital for treatment and he also forgot to ask his second dad which Hospital Lin Yu Da is transferred to, he is left with no news after the transfer.

“Old Lin ah… Aye, he is very bad now, his face, hands, and upper body suffers from severe burns… The doctor said that the burns are too serious and if there is an infection, he may have to amputate his arms. Luckily, he covered his face quickly thus his eyes are fine. Otherwise, the latter half of his life would be hard.”

Speaking of the incident of that night, the young taxi driver shook his head and sighed. “Previously, someone was generous and booked the entire taxi, and Old Lin earned a few thousand dollars. He even gave us all a treat to supper, Old Lin is really a good person ah, who would have thought that things would turn out this way.”

Truly a good person…

Yu Yin couldn’t help but let out a sigh: “If it is convenient for you, can you tell me which Hospital is Mr Lin in, as well as his ward number? In any case, it was a form of fate that we met, I want to go visit him.” Moreover, Yu Yin also had some questions that he wanted to ask.

“Sure, of course I can.” The young taxi driver answered easily. He went back to his taxi and pulled out a few pieces of paper before pa.s.sing it over to Yu Yin. “Old Lin is not feeling very well nowadays, if you have some time, go and have a chat with him ba. Recently, he had a big fight with his kid. Then he was having a cold war with his kid and had not been going home that often. Being alone is also quite lonely.”

Nodding his head, Yu Yin stuffed the pieces of papers in his pocket.

“I’ll go over in a while. Thank you la!”

“You’re welcome la”

Bidding goodbye to the young taxi driver, Yu Yin looked left and right before taking out the name card of the adult arcade. Since he is already nearby, he decided to take a look at Ah Guan’s work location.

Somehow he felt that this trip is necessary.

The address on the name card is only five-minutes away from the Hospital, so after crossing a few streets, he saw the rather big adult arcade in front of him.

A black automatic door was used for the front door, but in front of the door stood two muscular men in suits. Whoever came up to the door had to have their identification card checked by the men in suits. Moreover, not everyone was allowed to enter. There are still some people who were rejected entry after being checked.

Yu Yin stood at a corner and observed the place for a while before he gathered up his courage to walk up to the doors. As expected, after a few steps, he was halted by the two men.

“Little kid, you look new oh. Are you of legal age yet?” One of them asked.

“I’m already in university le, you think if I’m of legal age or not?” Yu Yin smiled cheekily, not a little scared. “You need to check my identification card?”

“Those below eighteen cannot enter this place, you need to take out your identification card,” said the man while stretching his hand out towards Yu Yin.

Yu Yin took out his driver license from his wallet and handed it over. The man looked at the card before handing it back to Yu Yin. “What are you here for?”

“Of course… it’s to relax. Also, someone introduced me to this place.” Taking out the name card with w.a.n.g Hong’s name, Yu Yin pa.s.sed it over.

Upon seeing the name card, both men immediately had a big change in att.i.tude. “It’s the boss who recommended you ah, please come in.”

The sudden politeness caused Yu Yin to be a little stunned. However, he did not mind. After taking his item back, he walked straight to the automatic door.

The black gla.s.s door opened and a wave of cold air with a ting of sweetness. .h.i.t Yu Yin. Yu Yin frowned and subconsciously raised a hand to cover his nose. After a.s.suring that the smell is gone, only then did Yu Yin put down his hand.

Digital music traveled into Yu Yin’s ears, noisy and loud, the entire adult arcade seemed to shake from the loud music.

Yu Yin now regretted not bringing ear buds in with him.

Looking left and right, Yu Yin found a place where he could exchange coins to be used in the arcade. Not really intending to come and play, Yu Yin grabbed a few hundred dollars from his pocket and walked towards the counter. After a moment, he got a few coins from the counter and walked down the hallway between the different arcade games.

This place is filled with all sorts of arcade games, starting from some normal games, to battling games and dancing games, and the sorts…If this is such an innocent place, there would be no need for checks to be made at the front. With that thought, he used the same name card to question a few ’addicted’ customers before walking past a few walls. Before his eyes were machines that were full of gambling and s.e.xual contents.

Yu Yin believed that if he called his second dad right now, his second dad would definitely bring a group of people to take this place down.

Looking around, Yu Yin sat down at an empty machine. Instantly, a worker came up to him, “Sir, is this your first time? Do you need any service?”

Towards unfamiliar customers, they would obviously be wary.

“No need, these things I have already played it so many times that I am very familiar with it.” Yu Yin randomly made up a lie then proceeded to put a coin into the machine.

Thanks to his second dad often taking down places like these, Yu Yin used to sneak out to play at such places. Hence, he is rather familiar with it.

“Alright, if you have any requests, please inform any of the workers.” The worker said politely and left.

Looking at the flickering screen before him, Yu Yin sighed.

He did come in, but what should he do? He did not have a reason. He did not even know what he came in for.

“Hey, you new here ah?” At the gambling machine next to him, the middle-aged man who was initially concentrating on his game turned over and asked.

Yu Yin glanced at the man, his body was full of the smell of smoke, immediately leaving an unpleasant impression on Yu Yin: “Yea ah, curious ma, so I came to play.”

He pretended to focus on his game and not long after, he won. At the bottom of the machine came out tickets for him to exchange for actual money.

“You played quite well.” The middle-aged man looked at Yu Yin’s screen for a moment before adding, “But ah, I recommend you to change a machine.”

Burrowing his brows, Yu Yin looked left and right, there are empty seats around, but he could not understand why the middle-aged man would say something like that. “I am playing quite well, and my luck is quite good now, don’t be jealous of me oh.” As he said, Yu Yin won another round of cards.

“Aye, I’m saying this for your own good eh!” The middle-aged man raised his voice, abandoning his match to turn to speak to Yu Yin, “Those who come here often all knows, the machine you are using has problems! No one wants to even touch it!”


“Yeah ah, there are often glitches during the game, or the machine will not pay out the rewards. Many people suffered great losses and are very upset!” Looking at Yu Yin’s screen, the middle-aged man waved his hand: “It was still alright a while ago, there were no such problems, but ever since the girl that often comes here to play stopped coming, the machine started acting up. The boss also got the mechanics to check the machine many times but they just could not fix it and they could not figure out the reason either.”

“Girl?” Yu Yin was momentarily stunned, seeming to have caught on to something, he quickly asked “What kind of girl?” The middle-aged man tossed a weird glance at Yu Yin: “Ah, just a girl that is around your age, with long black hair and was quite elegant. She used to come very often, heard is to wait for her boyfriend to knock off from work so she pa.s.sed her time by playing the machines here. Not knowing when, she stopped coming.”

Long black hair?

“Do you know her name ah?” Yu Yin quickly probed.

“Name?” His entire face bunched up as he went into deep thoughts: “…I never really pay attention leh… You ask me so suddenly I also cannot really remember…”

“Is her name ’Jing’?”

Hearing the name from Yu Yin’s mouth, the middle-aged man clapped his hands: “Yea la! Her name is Ah Jing, Lin Xiu Jing (林秀静). Last time when I sat next to her, I would also talk to her la.”

Lin Xiu Jing…

Yu Yin frowned, is she the ’Jing’ that Ah Guan and He Mu Yan mentioned?

Will it be such a coincidence ma…?

“Uncle, thank you.” With a random excuse, Yu Yin pa.s.sed most of his coins over to the middle-aged man. Yu Yin stared at his screen and fell into deep thoughts.

If that ’Jing’ is Lin Xiu Jing, then that long haired lady that he saw last night…

As he was halfway through his thought, Yu Yin felt his scalp began to numb.

Right at that instance, a glitch occurred and the card game on the screen suddenly faded to black.

A blurred face flashed across the screen.

Not lasting more than a second.

A pale face with blurred features, but Yu Yin saw the eyes glaring at him in that instance before it disappeared.

After which the screen was back to normal, and a new round of card game began.

This time, w.a.n.g Hong’s appearance was reflected on the screen.

“Ah Guan’s friend? What are you doing here?”

Wearing a wireless earpiece in his ear, w.a.n.g Hong was standing right behind Yu Yin. It was obvious that he noticed Yu Yin for quite a while as there was not a hint of surprise in his tone. He just simply asked a question.

Yu Yin concluded that it must be the two men in suits that reported to w.a.n.g Hong after Yu Yin showed them w.a.n.g Hong’s name card.

Yu Yin stood up, raising a coin and revealed a slight smile: “Nothing much, because I saw He Mu Yan’s incident last night and Ah Guan is still in a bad state, so I decided to come take a look. I didn’t see you around so I decided to try out the machines lo.” Turning his head, he reached out to the coupons that are to be used to exchange for the rewards, there were quite a few coupons, enough to cover his expenses here.

w.a.n.g Hong lifted his lips into a businessman smile: “If you wanted to come, you should have told me beforehand to that I can show you around to some of the more interesting machines we have, these machines are not fun at all. There are some new machines that just came in recently, I just put it up for trial, and I heard it is pretty good.”

“It’s alright, I’m about done.” Yu Yin returned a smile, half-leaning on the machine, he added: “Oh did you know that He Mu Yan asked Ah Guan for my address? Yesterday he called and said that he wanted to look for me at night but he did not show up in the end. Only when I saw the news then I found out that he died. I wonder why he is looking for me.”

There was a second where Yu Yin saw a weird look in w.a.n.g Hong’s eyes, but w.a.n.g Hong hid it very well, his smile was still in place and Yu Yin could not pick out any suspicious actions. “I didn’t know of this matter, but Ah Guan and Ah Mu are quite close, maybe Ah Guan wants to introduce Ah Mu to you.”

“Like that ah” Yu Yin nodded his head, “I understand, He Mu Yan seems like a good guy, it’s such a pity that he committed suicide at such a young age.”

w.a.n.g Hong just smiled.

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