The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 6.3

Yu nodded his head and followed behind Yu Yin as they walked down the stairs.

Yu Yin continued to ponder about the connection between those people as he walked down the stairs.

Wait… That voice just now, didn’t it sound like Zhao Yu Heng?

“Shouldn’t Zhao Yu Heng be working at the arcade now? Why would he suddenly come to the hospital…?

Just as Yu Yin was guessing the reason for his sudden visit, a black shadow ran pa.s.sed his leg.

That leopard cat jumped over his leg, on the ground floor, it turned around and stared at Yu Yin. Its sharp eyes seemed to warn Yu Yin not to poke his nose into where it didn’t belong. It all happened in a second, and the leopard cat immediately disappeared to the right side.

His instinct told him that something is about to happen again. Yu Yin no longer walked slowly down the stairs. He jumped onto the railing and slid down to the ground floor, jumping onto the ground, chasing after the leopard cat.

The right side leads to the hospital’s entrance. Yu Yin ran out of the hospital and saw Zhu Yi, who had just left a few moments ago.

That leopard cat swayed its tail as it slowly followed Zhu Yi. Suddenly, it turned around and glared at Yu Yin, causing Yu Yin to feel gooseb.u.mps all over his body. Something is about to happen!

“Ah Yi, wait!” Without thinking, and not even caring about the reaction the leopard cat would have, Yu Yin shouted.

Taking a few steps, Zhu Yi stopped outside the hospital entrance. Confused, he turned around and asked, “Is there something you need?”

At that moment, from outside the hospital walls came a loud screeching sound of the brakes.

Just one step away, a cement truck screeched by, sliding a few hundred meters before stopping.

Just one more step.

Zhu Yi turned as white as sheets as he watched the scene before him. If Yu Yin did not call out to him just now, maybe the cement truck would not have just skidded a few hundred meters, it would also be dragging his corpse.

That leopard cat roared angrily towards Yu Yin.

“Are you alright?”

Yu Yin quickly ran up to Zhu Yi and asked. If he had called out a second later, there could possibly be a dead man before him. He looked around and found that the leopard cat was already gone.

“I-I’m fine” Zhu Yi was pale from shock, after a while then he regained his composure. On the outside, there was already an audience gathered outside to observe the cement truck accident.

The cement truck skidded a good distance away from the hospital’s wall, leaving a scarily long trail on the ground. From this, one could see how shocking the situation was.

“”Did you do something bad?” Yu Yin frowned. Since the leopard cat got its aim on Zhu Yi, there is definitely something wrong.

Is it also related to Lin Xiu Jing?

Yu Yin suddenly had a feeling that there was not much time left.

What does it mean? For the leopard cat to appear…

Zhu Yi was stunned before he quickly shook his head. “What do you mean? I was almost knocked down by the truck, yet you asked such a question!” After regaining his composure, Zhu Yi raised his guard and was not as friendly as before.

“Let me tell you, He Mu Yan came to look for me. He told me something… relating to Lin Xiu Jing” Yu Yin decided to test Zhu Yi, “It couldn’t be that you don’t know about it ba?”

“He, What did he say?” Zhu Yi was obviously agitated. “Ah Mu that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He’s already dead yet he still wants to drag us down with him! He should just go and die alone!”

Zhu Yi must know something!

“What do you mean by that?” Yu Yin demanded, “You are also involved in Lin Xiu Jing’s incident, aren’t you? You better say the truth now, otherwise, you won’t even know how you are going to die!” Seeming to have caught on to a clue, Yu Yin felt a shiver down his back.

“Annoying leh, Jing had nothing to do with me! I don’t know anything!” Zhu Yi instantly denied and snapped, “Stop saying such nonsensical stuff, go away!”

“You are lying!” Yu Yin quickly grabbed the other’s shoulder, “Do you know that this incident is no longer as simple as you think? If you don’t say the truth now, you might…”

“If you don’t want to get mauled then stop poking your nose into where it doesn’t belong!” Shaking off his hand, Zhu Yi glared at Yu Yin furiously and spat, “You better watch out!” before walking away.


Just as he was about to call out to the other party, Yu Yin felt a sharp pain in his calf. Looking down, he saw the leopard cat biting down on his calf, its sharp teeth piercing through his jeans.

“Go away la!” Instantly shaking the leopard cat off, Yu Yin wanted to chase after Zhu Yi. However, after one step, he stopped.

Just at that instance, a sharp scream came from the outside of the hospital wall.

“Be careful!”

“Get out of the way ah…!”

Time seemed to slow down as the scene played out before him.

He saw Zhu Yi, who just walked out of the hospital, standing there stunned. His eyes were wide open as if he saw something extremely horrifying.

At that moment, a giant shadow rammed into Zhu Yi. To Yu Yin, who was watching everything in slow motion, that scene was as clear as day.

That cement truck, which was supposed to have stopped, slid backward and ran over Zhu Yi. Zhu Yi’s body was dragged under the truck, splattering like some cheap fruit that got ran over. Unable to stop the cement truck, it continued to drag the human body along the road until it finally crashed into the hospital wall.

After the loud crash, the hospital wall had a huge hole. All around was splatters of blood, sprayed around like a blossoming flower. Many did not dare to watch. Zhu Yi, who was knocked over, laid on the ground. His lower half was completely mashed up, other than the flowing blood and some pieces of body parts, other scary solids flowed out along with the blood.

Blood was flowing everywhere.

Yu Yin felt his entire person freeze up.

No matter what he did, it was unavoidable.

That is why he felt that this incident is not as simple as it looked.

Zhu Yi’s body was trembling, his eyes wide open, staring at the sky.

“Hold on, there will be people coming to help you immediately!” Yu Yin ran over to Zhu Yi, and out of consideration, covered his jacket over the mashed up lower half of Zhu Yi’s body to prevent anymore shattered pieces from piercing into his body.

His eyes were open, and his pupils slowly widened.

All around him were people screaming, “He needs emergency help, hurry!”

He opened his mouth and a large amount of blood began to flow out, shakily, he weakly spoke, “Jing… Jing… really… I didn’t kill her…”

After that, Zhu Yi froze.

Just like that, with his eyes wide open, unmoving.

The light in his eyes faded away and there was no more reaction from him.

Yu Yin pressed the side of his neck, there was no more pulse. Even his breathing stopped.

Subconsciously, Yu Yin lifted his head. In the audience surrounding them, he saw a lady with long hair. Her black hair covered her face and the clothes on her body were old and tattered, mixed with stains of mud and blood.

She slowly raised her head. Her face was as white as bleach, even her veins were crystal clear. Her eyes were greyish-white, slightly popping out. On her skin were full of injuries that were badly decayed that blood stopped flowing out.

The leopard cat walked to and fro next to her legs, its mewling sounds were extremely piercing despite the commotion from the surrounding audiences.

That greyish-white eyes met Yu Yin’s.

Then she smiled, it is her victory.

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