The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 7.2


Jolting awake, Yu Yin could feel his whole face was covered in cold sweat.

His surrounding was silent, just as it was before he slept, he was in his room.

“What a strange dream…” Still shaken by the dream, he wiped the cold sweat from his face before getting up to check the clock.

It is already 6 a.m., weak rays of light were pa.s.sing through his window, into his room.

When he woke up, Yu Yin noticed that the brat that should have been sleeping next to him was missing. He changed his clothes and went down to the living room. Only then, did he hear the noises from the kitchen.


As he walked into the kitchen, he noticed Yu was standing in the spot which should have been meant for his dad, expertly preparing breakfast. “Why are you the one making breakfast? Where is dad?”

Yu stopped his movements and pa.s.sed a piece of paper over to Yu Yin.

On the paper was a row of numbers, it was an unknown telephone number.

“Whose house number is this?” Yu Yin walked out of the kitchen in confusion while holding that piece of paper. Sitting down on the sofa in the living room, he dialed the unknown number using the house phone and waited for the call to connect. In a few seconds, someone picked up the phone, “h.e.l.lo, I am Yu Yin. Is someone looking for me?”

There was a pause on the other side. Yu Yin could hear a conversation going on in the back before the phone was pa.s.sed to another person.

“h.e.l.lo, the student that got mauled?”

“Brother Yan (严老大)?” Yu Yin did not expect the call to be connected to Yan Si, so he was stunned, “You were looking for me?”

“Yea ah, I called earlier but the person who picked up the phone did not speak. I guessed it must have been your younger brother, so I got him to note down the number first and get you to call back when you are free.” Yan SI’s side was rather noisy. Occasionally he could hear many people talking. Yan Si had no choice but to increase his volume. “I just wanted to tell you, last night we spent the whole night comparing the data of the girl Lin Xiu Jing. All the primary investigations are a match. We have notified her family to come down to do further comparison.”

“Everything is a match?” Yu Yin suddenly felt his head going numb, “Then, how long will it take to determine if she is actually the one?”

“Eh… This would determine how cooperative her family is. If we can get the samples today, the report should be out pretty soon.”

There was a pause from the other side. The sound of someone tapping on the keyboard could be heard, it could be seen that the other party is fairly busy. “Oh, that’s right. Your dad and second dad want me to let you know that they have another case to investigate tonight, so they are not going home tonight. Is your phone shut off? We could not get through.”

“Oh, my phone is spoilt. Thanks for letting me know ah.” Yu Yin glanced at his damaged phone. He should get it repaired today.

“That’s all for now, I’m still busy. Bye, bye.”


After hanging up the phone, Yu, who was busy in the kitchen, walked out with a tray. After glancing at Yu Yin, he put the tray on the table and split the food into two portions.

“Eh… You also can cook ah.” Looking at the minced pork congee with preserved egg, Yu Yin lost to the delicious smell of the food in an instant.

Who would have known that this brat had such a skill? All along, this family depended on his dad to cook. Yu Yin and his second dad are two standard ’kitchen-idiot’, other than simple sunny-side-up egg and instant noodles, their specialty is to burn down the kitchen. Thus, every time his dad is not home, they would have to eat out. There are no other words to describe those times other than pitiful.

The corner of Yu’s lips moved, but he did not smile. He just sat on the opposite side of the sofa and silently began to eat his breakfast.

As he ate his porridge, Yu Yin recalled the incident last night.

Why did that ’thing’ tell him not to interrupt? It couldn’t be that she really wanted to kill everyone then she would be satisfied? In that case, who will be next?

Just as he was pondering through the next possible candidate, something was placed before him.

Raising his head, Yu Yin saw the notebook that he threw into the trashcan. Not knowing when it was retrieved, and it was even cleaned up, not a speck of dirt was left. “Why did you pick this back?” Yu Yin asked, confused as he looked at the other party who pushed the notebook towards him.

Flipping open the notebook, the red words from yesterday was still there.

Seeing those words, Yu Yin felt a shiver down his spine.

That incident was really not a dream. To think that he thought after waking up this morning, there should be nothing left. As expected, reality cannot be fooled over by self-hypnosis.

Reaching out to flip to the next page, Yu nodded his head.

It was a new page that should have been empty, but it was now filled with words. Yu Yin looked up at Yu, those words were written by Yu.

The top of the page was filled with the names of the related parties. Yu sorted out all of Yu Yin’s messy notes from the previous page, including the time and place where their incident happened, and their final words.

“You woke up early in the morning to sort these things out?” Yu was slightly stunned. To think that Yu would be so concerned.

He scanned through the notes again, his sight landed on the two words ’Li Yu’, who was currently missing.

Currently, all the people that were killed were all part of w.a.n.g Hong’s gang. Yu Yin began to worry that ’Li Yu’ would be the next target.

Just as he was deep in thoughts, Yu took a pencil and wrote on the side of the notebook, “The path to the hospital from the adult arcade?”

“The path…” As if suddenly recalling something, Yu Yin jumped up from his seat. “That’s right! The adult arcade is only five minutes away! And Lin Yu Da is a fixed driver around the Hospital!” Yu Yin knew that fixed drivers would usually wait at their designated spot during certain fixed timings, for customers to come around.


If that is the case……

Yu Yin developed a suspicion that sent shivers through him.

“Yu, after we finish eating, let’s go visit Lin Yu Da.”

At nine, after taking his phone to the phone repair shop, Yu Yin and Yu followed the address given by the young taxi driver and came to a hospital located in another district.

It is a small hospital, focusing on taking care of its patients rather than focusing on giving out treatment.

“He is in the special ward on the sixth floor…” Looking at the ward number written on the piece of paper, Yu Yin found a lift and they took it up to the sixth floor.

Lin Yu Da…

If he is not mistaken, this person should be a key person to this case.

Stopping outside ward room 608, Yu Yin took a deep breath and knocked on the door. After which, he pushed the door open and entered.

It was a room meant for two patients, but one of the bed was empty. On the other bed sat a person.

“You are…”

That person’s entire upper body and head was wrapped in bandage and wound dressing, his voice was still weak, seeming to not have recovered. Next to him was an unopened compression garment pressure suit. There were also some fruits and biscuits placed in the room. As such, it could be deduced that someone came to visit him regularly.

“h.e.l.lo, uncle” Yu Yin placed the fruit basket that he brought along on top of the drawer. “Do you still remember us? The one that went to buy fried chicken in the middle of the night?” Yu Yin pushed Yu forward a little before speaking.

“Oh, oh, that pair of brothers.” Lin Yu Da stood up. After a moment of consideration, Yu Yin went up to support him. “How did you guys know I was transferred here?”

After ensuring that Lin Yu Da was steady on his feet, Yu Yin gave him a smile, “We met the young driver that sent us back the other time and asked him. We were worried about uncle’s injuries and wanted to visit. However, we did not know where you transferred to, so…”

“You two are too kind” Lin Yu Da smiled, “It’s nice that you came, you didn’t have to bring a fruit basket la.”

“This is a must la.”

Sitting down on the empty bed, Yu Yin looked around the room. The overall feel of the room is pretty good, and it is very quiet. “Uncle, your taxi company is not bad eh, they found such a great place for you.”

“Aye… This is only temporary. Afterwards, who knows how I am supposed to make a living. Looking rather depressed, Lin Yu Da sighed, “Now that things turned out this way, who would dare to take my taxi again?”

Yu sat next to Yu Yin, swinging his legs. He had no intention to join in the conversation.

“Uncle, you don’t have to be too upset la, the heaven would always leave a path for us to take, right? Isn’t there some foundations that help out those in need? You can ask them for help, I’m sure they will help you to fit back into your job, so you don’t have to be too depressed.” Yu Yin said, walking up to Lin Yu Da and patted his shoulder in a comforting manner. “Besides, uncle is such a nice person, I believe no matter where you go, you will fit in just right.”

Lin Yu Da shook his head but did not say anything.

After all, getting scalded is not an injury that one can fully recover from. Many people lost their confidence after they were scarred, making it difficult for them to return to their original lives.

Yu Yin did not want to force the other party to agree with him, so he did not continue further. Right now, Lin Yu Da needs time to adjust to his situation.

After a moment of silence, Lin Yu Da spoke up, “That’s right, do you want to eat some sugar-glazed biscuits? I have a lot of them here, don’t be shy and help yourselves.” As he spoke, he brought out a ’hill’ of sugar-glazed biscuits.

“Uncle is really generous eh, last time I spoke to the other driver, he also said that you treated them to supper before.”

Yu Yin took a packet of chocolate b.a.l.l.s and opened it up. The three of them began to share the food.

“That’s right, it was so rare that someone booked the taxi for a few hours trip, to and fro was almost a million dollars since it was the middle of the night. It was quite a big customer.” At the mention of that event, Lin Yu Da was happier and obviously less depressed. “After that, it was about 3 or 4 in the morning. Rather than supper, you could say that I treated them to some soybean and sesame seed cakes, it was more like breakfast.”

“Eh? There are still people who book taxis in the middle of the night oh?” Yu Yin asked curiously, “I thought everyone did not like to spend so much money to take taxi lo.”

“Haha, I thought so too.” Eating a chocolate ball, Lin Yu Da nodded his head, “But the other party specially came to the hospital to call a taxi. They say there are not many taxis in the middle of the night and they paid extra. Otherwise, I usually don’t like to go up the mountain path in the middle of the night. It feels weird.”

“They went to the hospital to call for a taxi?”

“Yea, they probably stayed nearby. They carried a big black bag, like those rubbish bag. It seems to contain some chicken meat or something, saying that they want to deliver it to their relatives who lived on the mountain.” Lin Yu Da poured the rest of the chocolate b.a.l.l.s into Yu’s hands as he continued talking, “They probably just slaughtered it. They said their relative would come down the mountain at 6 in the morning so they had to rush over in the middle of the night. From what I heard, they were going to hold some celebration ceremony and requires a lot of chicken meat to make sesame oil chicken. Blood was seeping through bag. I told them to wrap it a few more times but in the end, the back of my trunk was still soaked with blood. If it was not for the money, I would have asked them for an extra cleaning fee lo!”

Recalling that event, Lin Yu Da huffed, but he did not notice Yu Yin’s facial expression changed.

“You, how did you know it was chicken meat?” Yu Yin felt goose b.u.mps all over his body and a gust of cold air blew past the sole of his feet.

“Oh, because I asked them what was inside. One of the youth even took out a bag of chicken meat for me to see, asking if I want to bring some back. They said they slaughtered a lot.”

’ke-dong’ the chocolate ball fell from Yu Yin’s hands onto the ground, making a soft noise.

He knows…

He figured it out now….

“The one that called for the taxi… does uncle still remember them?” Yu Yin, in his shock, asked.

“Yea, of course, I do. Both of them are young men, one dyed his hair green and the other dyed his hair red. One look could tell they are not good children.”

Lin Yu Da’s voice sounded far away.

Yu Yin felt his head ringing, ’weng, weng, weng’

“Uncle, I suddenly remembered that we have something to do, we’ll visit you again tomorrow oh!” With that, he grabbed onto Yu, who was squatting down and picking up the chocolate ball and dashed out of the hospital ward.

He figured it out!

Inside that bag is not some chicken meat!

Looking left and right, Yu Yin grabbed Yu and dashed to the public phone booth. After putting in a coin, he madly dialed his second dad’s number.

Not waiting for the other party to speak up, Yu Yin yelled into the phone, “Second dad! Hurry and send someone to the hospital to note down what Lin Yu Da said! I discovered…”

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