The Yu Brother's Case Book

Volume 1 Chapter 8.1

Yu Yin felt a shiver down his spine, this time something seems to be off! “Yu, let’s go back now.” With that, he pulled Yu’s hand and quickly made their way back down the way they came from.

The wild plants moved with the wind as if to cover their trail.

He increased his pace, not caring if the person behind him could catch up, to the extent that he was close to running. However, due to the ma.s.sive amount of wild plants hindering their way, the two brothers stumbled along the way. In a haste to leave the mountain, Yu Yin did not care about the consequences. Using his hands to push the wild plants apart, the wild plants left many cuts on his arms but Yu Yin ignored the pulsing pain that was being formed on his arms.

He knows this situation.

He met these situations a few times before, sudden gust of wind, rising gooseb.u.mps, and the feeling of something not right, this is the standard scenario for the appearance of a ’good brother’!

Yu, who was being dragged along, held on tightly to Yu Yin. Although he did not understand why they are running as if something is chasing them, he did his best to catch up, pushing aside the wild plants as he ran forward.

After a good few minutes, Yu Yin suddenly came to a stop.

Behind him, Yu panted softly as he also came to a stop.

Yu Yin felt gooseb.u.mps all over his body.

In front of him, he saw the entrance of the trail that leads up the mountain.

The signs of wild plants being plucked when the two brothers first arrived were still there. The wide opening from the patch that was flattened seemed to be mocking them.

The wind blew loudly as if it was echoing in an empty house.

“You can’t see that thing, can you?” Yu Yin turned around, looking at the clueless Yu. Although he was confused, Yu could guess what Yu Yin was talking about. Thus he shook his head. “If you feel uncomfortable later, close your eyes. Don’t look at anything and don’t listen to anything.”

The pair of purple eyes stared at him for a moment before Yu nodded his head.

“Good kid.” Yu Yin took out his wallet from his back pocket, fishing out the safety amulet that his dad got for him and hung it over Yu’s neck. “If anything happens to you, dad and second dad will kill me. So be a good boy and don’t move carelessly.” If those ’things’ are here for fun, it should leave very soon.

That is based on his past experience, but he has yet to meet the very ’fierce’ ones.

Yu, who wanted to take off the safety amulet, saw that Yu Yin was so serious, did not dare to make any careless movements. Instead, he used his right hand to grab on tightly to the back of Yu Yin’s shirt.

The wind suddenly stopped.

The surrounding wild plants kept on moving, adding on to the cold, eerie aura. Between the slits, not a single sound could be heard apart for their own breathing.

Yu Yin pulled Yu to his side, fully alert as he observed his surroundings.

Then, the wild plants on their right moved.

’Sha, sha’ something seemed to be moving towards them.

What is it?

Yu Yin pulled Yu and slowly retreated.

In that instance, something green shot out from the gra.s.s patch. Yu Yin did not have time to react when that green thing shot out, aiming at his knees.

A snake.

A long green snake opened its mouth wide, ’si, si’, its sound tore through the silence. Pure white teeth seeming to bite down on Yu Yin anytime soon.

Next to him, Yu reacted faster than Yu Yin, releasing his grip on Yu Yin’s shirt, he stretched out his hand and caught the seven-inch snake. With a tug, the entire snake was pulled out of the wild plants. The snake was almost the length of half a Yu’s height!

“Yu! Be careful!” After suffering from a shock, Yu Yin immediately came to his senses and was going to help Yu. However, he missed a step and stumbled. The surrounding mud sank in, “Ah!”

A hand was holding onto his feet.

Then it pulled downwards, harshly.

They got tangled up with a ghost!

That was Yu Yin’s only thought as he was falling to the ground. Then he looked up and saw the look of utter shock and helplessness on Yu’s face. The past few days, he only saw Yu’s poker face, who would have thought that he was capable of such an expression.

Behind Yu, there was a shadow.

A very familiar shadow.

“Ah Guan…?”

With that, he fell down and knocked into something, falling unconscious.

His surrounding fell into an endless darkness.

“Miss Lin… Get me… Tranquilizer…”

There was a commotion.

As if many people were talking.

“… Bandages…”

His head was very painful as if it was about to blow apart.

Just as all those noises merged together, he felt something gently grabbing his feet, then an icy cold feeling spread up his body, causing him to shiver.

He was not sure if he opened his eyes, but in that instant, a pair of eyes suddenly appeared before his, glaring intently into his eyes.

“Don’t disturb me!”

A girl’s high-pitch voice screamed.

Amidst a cry of agony, a group of guys laughed wantonly.

She was begging them to let her go. They only laughed, grabbing onto her four limbs as they dragged her into a dark area. In order to prevent her screams from getting out, they stuffed her mouth with a cloth and taped it up. She couldn’t even let out the sound of her cries.

That scene was so realistic, almost as if it was happening before his own eyes.

Someone saw it happen but did not stop it.

Then, closing the door, hugging his head as he ran away from the scene.

The girl was crying while the guys were laughing.

All the sounds merged together, resounding in Yu Yin’s mind.

Then all of a sudden, it stopped.

The mewling cries of the leopard cat began to resound in his ears. Soft and shrill, far then near, almost as if it was right next to his ear.

The girl stopped breathing.

“Stop it!”

All the images disappeared the moment he let out a struggled cry. A blinding white light pierced into his eyes, then many faces entered his sight. Due to his sudden yell, everyone stopped what they were doing.

Amongst all the faces, there was one that was familiar.

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